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I kicked a hammer.

I kicked a hammer.

No, that’s not a euphemism. I really did kick a hammer, back in October. I was stupidly not wearing shoes while hanging shelves in the girls’ room and I had tools all over the floor and boom, kicked a hammer. It was my left foot, my big toe, the same foot in which I suffered… KEEP READING »

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I take pictures.

  • She's been asking for days for me to get out the play makeup. I relented. She's a bit heavy-handed with the blue shadow. But I like it.
  • Favorite meal-time activity: shredding paper towels. But hey, he's quiet.
  • Fun holiday activity of cutting paper snowflakes with the girls involved a meltdown from Maggie & Audrey cutting her lip with scissors & everyone being sent to bed early. Literally, tears and blood were shed. Over paper snowflakes. It looked a lot more fu
  • First time getting 100% on spelling, reading, & grammar, all in the same week. #mombrag

I read books.

A Savage Wilde: The Trail

I pin things.