Audrey turns 5!

Audrey is FIVE!

September 14, 2015

Hanging out with these loons today ❤😂

yellow car

July 28, 2015

Super proud of himself.

Zachary snippets

July 24, 2015

our little gymnasts

our little gymnasts

June 22, 2015


Nonsense & Procrastination

question / answer #3

question / answer #3

April 7, 2006

favortweets! round #3

favortweets! round #3

July 29, 2009

favortweets! round #6

favortweets! round #6

September 3, 2009


weekly winners, volume 27

September 20, 2009


  • Sweater season!👍 Girls' night out with the neighbors!👍 Realized that my cute brown boots just are not working with my old lady foot anymore & I have to wear flats instead 👎 (I'll have dessert tonight to fix my broken heart.)
  • When you walk through the dark dining room and your own Halloween decorations give you a heart attack 🎃👻
  • Took 2 days off from working out & it feels like SO LONG! Guess that means this is a real habit now. Huh. (Also, season 4, final 2 episodes, Gilmore Girls fans! BEST ONES!) (that's my laundry room contents to the right, on a table. It might finally get redone next week & I can move everything back upstairs!!!!)
  • Nobody has ever said the word
  • Haaaaa I'm happy to report that she does NOT still nurse 17 times in 24 hours. (OMG THAT WAS DARK TIMES FOR ME.)
  • Naptime has been a huge ridiculous NOPE from Zach lately. Siiiiigh
  • Acorn-hunting & spooky Halloween-decoration scoping on our walk this morning. It is a gorgeous fall day outside!
  • This boy is my favorite boy. Came & got me from the kitchen.
  • He grabbed my hand & dragged me to the fridge to get the ice pack. For his train. That crashed. And apparently had a boo-boo. 😂😂😂
  • Oh, I miss these faces. @aprilbapryll @twoadults @michellenrb26 @hillarycopsey @sarabelleplaine
  • Cheers with Auntie Kate 😂😂
  • Hanging with Aunt Kate today!

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