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Audrey snippets

Audrey snippets

It’s been a long while since I posted about Audrey, the poor, overlooked middle child (she’s really NOT overlooked in our house, not by a longshot!) You guys, she is awesome. She’s coming up on 4 1/2 years old. She’s so grown up! even her pants don’t fit anymore She’s beautiful, smart, still has 27… KEEP READING »

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I take pictures.

  • We have finally reached the point where they play in the snow for longer than it took to get them dressed. :thumbsup::two_hearts::thumbsup:
  • Fell asleep in the car at 12:30, transferred to his bed, just woke up. Now he's eating cheese. He's basically living my dream life.
  • His favorite
  • As we inch closer to 2, Zach has taken his tantrum game up a notch. They last LONG & he chases me around, yelling & wailing. This time it was because I wouldn't let him bring Audrey's monkey downstairs, the one she suddenly is unable to sleep without, & I

I read books.

A Savage Wilde: The Trail

I pin things.