Audrey turns 5!

Audrey is FIVE!

September 14, 2015

Hanging out with these loons today ❤😂

yellow car

July 28, 2015

Super proud of himself.

Zachary snippets

July 24, 2015

our little gymnasts

our little gymnasts

June 22, 2015


Nonsense & Procrastination

password issue update

password issue update

September 15, 2005

css mania

css mania

April 25, 2006


  • No school tomorrow, so Maggie made this sign & hung it on her bed 😂😂😂 She apparently doesn't want me taking pictures of her sleeping in tomorrow morning!
  • Someone stole my boot.
  • The first night in weeks that we've all been at home, no activities or sports, everyone is basically healthy, so WRESTLE MANIA IN THE PLAYROOM (while I sit on the couch & watch because nope.)
  • It took SO MUCH convincing & thinking about it, but Zach finally let the dental hygienist clean his teeth. First dental visit success! (Maggie & Audrey also went, but they're professionals now. They wouldn't even let me watch.)
  • She finally made it to her first game after being sick for the first two! Lucky number 7!
  • She was still super chubby, but you can still see how swollen her right jaw was :(
  • Posterior tibial tendonitis confirmed, but x-rays also show a bone cyst, so the dr wants to schedule an MRI to get a better picture of everything to make sure nothing else is going on. The boot is helping the pain go away, very slowly, so at least there's that. My goal is to be boot-free by the time we go to the beach at the end of June. I already did one beach trip with a boot I DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN THANKS 😡😡
  • I'm out of the house, with makeup on & real clothes! First time in a week! And my nails are fancy.
  • Ha!
  • Ugh, May 4yrs ago was a pretty crappy month. We spent most of it fighting an infection in Audrey's lymph gland. Multiple overnight stays in the hospital, ridiculous amounts of oral & iv antibiotics, and eventually surgery to clean it out/biopsy. There were days when I was petrified something was seriously wrong. But everything was fine & she healed & we are so so thankful.
  • Finally fever-free after 24hrs. Poor kid was WIPED.
  • He calls it a

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