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about the queen

Hi, I’m Jen. Or Jennifer. Or Hey You With The Computer Permanently Attached To Your Fingers! Any of those will work. I’m a 30-something mother and wife living near Pittsburgh. I spend my days balancing motherhood and my web design business.

I have been blogging since 2000. My first blog was at and then I moved over here because it was time for something new. The name ‘Jayesel’ is just my initials spelled out: JAY, ES, EL. (Lots of people have asked me about that!)


Princess #1

Maggie (short for ‘Margaret’) was born March 28, 2007. She’s a green-eyed, blonde-haired goofball. Smarter than her parents. She’s in first grade this year and has turned into a pretty cool Big Kid. Her favorite things are: Taylor Swift, drawing, gymnastics, and playing Candy Crush.


Princess #2

Audrey was born September 14, 2010. She has blue eyes and about 97 pounds of hair. She’s a full-blown preschooler now, and wild as can be. Her favorite things are: watching movies, eating snacks, and following her big sister around the house.


Jester Jr.

Zachary was born April 4, 2013. The final baby for our family, and he is a DELIGHT. Always smiling and happy and trying to eat things he shouldn’t. His favorite things are: screeching at the top of his lungs for fun, veggie straw snacks, his big sisters, and making a mess.

Jester Sr.

Otherwise known as The Husband or Daddy. His name is Dan, and we’ve been married since 2002. We met when we were 17 and working at Wendy’s (I know. SWOON.) He’s a computer programmer/IT manager and his favorite things are driving me insane by leaving his socks in little rolled up balls for the washing machine and hanging out with the kids. He is a very very good father and a fantastic husband and friend.