About The Queen

Hi, I’m Jen. Or Jennifer. Or Hey You With The Computer Permanently Attached To Your Fingers! Any of those will work. I’m a 30-something mother and wife living near Pittsburgh. I like cheese, binge-watching television shows, doing my nails, and travel. I dislike drama, mushrooms, static-y hair, and pinch-y pants.

The Blog

I have been blogging since 2000. My first blog was at muted.com and then I moved over here in 2005 because it was time for something new. I still have the archives up because I save everything. The name of this blog – ‘Jayesel’ – is just my initials spelled out: JAY, ES, EL. Anytime I’ve been asked “What is your blog about?”, I struggle to find a solid answer. It’s just me, my life, my kids, recipes, whatever. I’m not a lifestyle blogger, not a food blogger, not a home improvement blogger, not even really a very good ‘mommyblogger’. I write about what’s on my mind, funny things that have happened, sometimes I review products… I’m kind of all over the place. My brand is Random Crap Spewed Onto The Screen. Welcome to my madness!


Dan and I met in high school while working at Wendy’s (ROMANTIC) and went to college together. We got married in 2002. Maggie was born in 2007, Audrey in 2010, and Zachary in 2013. Our house is loud, messy, and complete.

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I fell into web design in college, as a hobby. I taught myself HTML and CSS and all that geeky stuff. In the meantime, I graduated with a BS in biology and worked for a few years as a lab tech in a lung cancer research lab at the University of Pittsburgh. In 2004, I decided to start freelancing as a website designer, and 10 years later, I’m still going strong. It’s pretty much the perfect job: I love the work, and being self-employed gives me flexibility to be at home with the kids a couple of days each week but also have something of my own.

I have two ‘divisions’ of my webdesign company. Inksplash Designs is the business-oriented end, and Dress My Blog focuses on personal WordPress blog design. So, if you’re in the market for a website, I’m your girl.

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