what’s the haps? and other random stuff

Well! A lot of things have been going on since I last wrote anything of substance here. All good things (mostly) but pretty much every day, I think I WILL BLOG TODAY ABOUT [insert interesting topic here]! and then by the end of the day, it hasn’t happened yet and the kids are in bed and I could blog then but my soul, it is TIRED. Ready for staring at the tv, maybe eating a snack, then going to bed. ZONK.

So! Things! That have been happening!

I started physical therapy last Friday for diastastis recti. It’s true what they say: kids ruin everything. Thankfully my case isn’t too severe, but enough that my OB thought it was best for me to see a therapist and get some advice on proper exercises. Today was my third session and I might be crazy, but I swear I’m seeing results already after just a week. The 45-minute sessions are INTENSE (sweating! during an ab workout! who knew!) and I’m exhausted after but it also feels great to work those muscles and know I’m working the RIGHT ones. Months of doing crunches made the wrong muscles strong and left some others very weak, so we’re working to get things more balanced in there. I also learned that my pelvis is shifted, which might be just my body’s natural structure, might be from three pregnancies/births, or might also be from wearing a boot for 6 weeks last summer. Who really knows. I’m a hot mess. But we’re gonna fix it ALL.

Related to that: I’ve also started paying the eff attention to what I’m shoving into my facehole. I did really well late last fall/early winter with cutting back on carby things and I lost 10+ pounds almost immediately. Got back into some old pants again! Then Birthday Season hit and there were cakes and treats and then Easter with all the ham and cheesy delicious side dishes… I totally fell off the wagon. So this week I’ve been picking myself back up off the floor from my carb-coma and eating simpler. I’m still having bread sometimes and hell if I’m giving up chocolate, but I’m trying to eat smaller portions and log my food in My Fitness Pal on my phone. I’ve also been giving our scales the side-eye because apparently Dan and I each gained 10 pounds in the same 1-week period. IMPOSSIBLE, seriously. Thought the scale was broken (it was actually then saying I was 97lbs for about a day which haaaaa no), so I bought a new one. Then both of them were giving us numbers 10ish pounds above where we thought we were. So I don’t even know. Perhaps we live in a gravitational anomaly? Or maybe the scale was wrong all those months then suddenly jumped back to normal? The weird thing is that I’m fitting into clothes that I didn’t fit into before so… I don’t know. That’s most important, I guess. So I’m tracking my measurements too because our scales are wacky.

In other health-related news, Zach had a visit at the allergist a couple of weeks ago and it was confirmed that yes, he does have an egg allergy. Everything else was clear (nuts, dairy, wheat, soy) so that was a relief. He seems to only have issues with eggs if they’re uncooked (like in his birthday cake icing, whoooops sorry dude) or straight-up. So scrambled eggs? No. Baked goods with eggs? Totally fine. It’s likely he’ll grow out of it too, so fingers crossed.

Being held down was his least favorite part. #7 &#8 look Not Good (I don't know what they are yet!)
He was more bothered by being held down than the actual scratch test.

Work is going well. Steadily busy, and last week I even attended a business networking lunch for local moms and while I was SO NERVOUS that I forgot to say my business name during my 30-second introduction, I’m glad I went. Everyone was so friendly and it was great to hear different stories about moms and their businesses. I even landed a new client from it already! HUZZAH.

Headed to a women's business lunch event. Feeling unsure. Also taking a selfie before I leave probably negates any Profeshunal-ism. Oh well.
Professional Selfie.

The kids have been their usual ridiculous selves. The weather has warmed up a few times (then it gets cold and rainy and gross again in between) so we’ve had some water table playtime, bike riding, playing with giant beach balls in the yard. Those -5 degree days back in February are allllmost a distant memory. Almost.

Water table daaaaaay!!!


80 degrees today. Back in February when it was negative 12 degrees for the 57th day in a row, it felt like this would never happen again ever. We are sweaty & it feels DELICIOUS.

Heart-shaped pb&j on the deck for lunch!

Zach got hand foot and mouth disease last week. At least we’re pretty sure. He never had any spots on his hands or feet, and nothing visible in his mouth. But it was going around the daycare and he had a fever for a day or so, plus MISERY and WOE every time I put him down and dared to walk away for 20 seconds. Plus a runny nose and a gross cough and he had some really rough bedtimes (VERY unlike him, he is a Magical Baby usually) That lasted about 4 days which was super fun. It also coincided with Mother’s Day and also Dan leaving for a work trip to FRANCE so things last weekend were a little stressy. But Sunday was a pretty great day considering I was alone with 3 kids, 1 who was getting over being sick, while my husband toured Paris and went to the Louvre and didn’t have to wipe any butts. In fact, the whole week was pretty good and the kids were well-behaved and everyone slept ALL NIGHT LONG but I’m also pretty glad that he is currently on a plane over the Atlantic and will be home by bedtime tonight HALLELUJAH WOOOOHOOO

Speaking of Mother’s Day, he had a dozen roses delivered before he left (I think he was hoping it would be after he was gone, but it didn’t matter) and then on Monday, 6 giant chocolate-covered strawberries appeared on the doorstep. Well done, sir.

Well-played, husband who is getting on a plane headed for Europe in 5 hours.

Giant chocolate-covered strawberries just got delivered! DINNER IS SERVED. Thank you, Dan!!! (one got a bit smushed so guess I'll have to eat it now OH DARN)

My babies. They make my days crazier and messier and infinitely more amazing.
all mah baybeeees

How about some pictures?


Water table shenanigans

Very full swingset
very full swingset

"Mommy! Take a pitch-er of me with my twofy!" (trophy is from gym bus at daycare!)
Gymagic Bus trophy from daycare OMG SHE LOVES GYM BUS DAY AT SCHOOL

Rockin' Friday night at Build-a-Bear with Daisy scouts!
Build-a-Bear with Maggie’s Daisy scout troop

This boy. I'm nearly defenseless. Don't tell him. (Baby in a BELT. So ridiculous.)
baby in a belt

So now you’re all caught up! Mostly! Happy Weekend!


  1. Melissa

    May 16, 2014 6:28 pm

    Whew! It’s been the same around here lately… hectic with end-of-the-school-year activities, school friend birthday parties, etc., and I feel like I need a three-day weekend with NO ONE HERE to catch up on house stuff and just breeeeathe… heh.

    So glad to hear the PT is helping!! That’s awesome!! And yeah, your body may very well be changing size/shape/composition already, no matter what any scale says. You’re gorgeous to the rest of the world, FWIW, but I know what it’s like to deal with physical AND mental bumps in the road to getting healthy and *feeling* better… so three cheers for taking care of yourself and making progress!

    Glad Zach’s allergy is just the egg whites–still frustrating, but fingers crossed he’ll grow out of it. Also VERY VERY RELIEVED that you didn’t need any doctor visits this week and things went smoothly while Dan was gone. Your kids are super awesome (and adorable as always :). But I’m still excited for your sake that he’s coming home tonight, HOORAAAAAY!!! Hope you guys have a great weekend! :)

  2. Janet

    May 16, 2014 10:01 pm

    I had all these little mini comments I wanted to leave as I was reading and then I saw the chocolate covered strawberries and my brain short-circuited because they look SO GOOD and WANT PLEASE. My husband did nothing for MD so I bought myself a present, wheeeee!

    Your kids are so darn cute!

  3. Erica

    May 17, 2014 5:49 pm

    Never give up chocolate!

  4. K

    May 22, 2014 2:59 pm

    Audrey is getting so long and lean!

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