7 quick takes: paint, lone wolves, germs, and unauthorized haircuts

1. Hey so remember when Audrey was sick? Guess who started with The Stomach Fun two nights later? ME! Motherhood: Where Immune Systems Cry For Mercy On A Weekly Basis. I was down for about 24 hours and the worst part was that after the first 8 or so, I felt so much better and thought I was done. And then… well, I wasn’t. I’m just thankful it all happened on a day when everyone was scheduled for daycare because there is no way I could be a parent in that situation. Dan picked the kids up and sent me upstairs and I didn’t see anyone until morning when I woke up feeling human again.

Barfing makes me cry. True story.

2. But I would not be deterred from my weekend plans! The girls and I had tickets for Disney On Ice and I was SO bummed when it looked like we might not be going but everyone stayed healthy and we had such a great night. Audrey was hilarious, clapping so enthusiastically after every musical number and squealing with delight when all of the princesses were on the ice (except for Rapunzel and the girls from Frozen, WTH?? Get with the program and know your audience, DISNEY!) We were there with Maggie’s Daisy troop, so she had a great time giggling with her friends and being silly and eating too much popcorn.

Disney on Ice with my girls (& Maggie's Daisy troop!)


3. I finally- after almost three years- painted the butlers’ pantry and now the patched flood-wall is covered up and oh, I am so so happy.

The Flood (July 2011)
Uh. Not good. (Girls' tub upstairs)Tub leak is stopped (we think) but needs repaired and also THIS. ACCCKKKK.

The Before
pantry beforepantry before
pantry beforepantry before

The After
pantry afterpantry after
pantry afterpantry after
Still with crap all over the counters and a cabinet door that isn’t closed all the way, what?

Next up is the kitchen, but we’re having our handy contractor neighbor guys do some heavy-duty work in there over this weekend first. Stay tuned for that fun update!

4. Dan has been in Louisville, Kentucky all week so along with what seems like 90% of my friends, I was a Lone Wolf with the kids. (We really need a Mom Commune where we can all get together when our husbands are out of town. Having another adult-person around is THE BOMB.) Unfortunately, this is starting to become our norm after years of him hardly ever needing to travel for work. And I’m not going to say that I am getting used to it, but I’ll admit that it’s not as hard as it was before. Partly because the kids are getting older (especially Zach), partly because I totally sent them to daycare an extra day this week because DUH, and partly because HEY, NO BARFING IN THE EYES THIS TRIP YAY! (every work trip/Lone Wolf experience will be forever compared to the hell that was last December’s trip. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE.) Even though we’re all getting used to his trips, I have trouble relaxing after bedtime without Dan here. So between falling asleep later than normal and Zach deciding to party at 4am a few mornings this week, I am pretty wiped out today. But Dan is on his plane home now so wooooohoooo!

5. Audrey cut her hair at daycare on Monday. I got a call about it first, so we knew to expect… something when we picked her up. But it really wasn’t bad at all (not the awful picture I was seeing in my head!) You can hardly see it when her hair is down, possibly because she has so darn MUCH HAIR. I’m just glad we didn’t have to chop it all off to even it out! We had a talk about scissors and her preschool teacher had a talk with her and the whole class about scissors and yay, my kid is The Bad Example, Don’t be like Audrey!

"Mommy, are you mad?" No, kid. I'm not mad. Just glad it's not that bad. JUST DON'T DO IT AGAIN!!

I feel like we’ve gotten away easy with the haircutting milestone, assuming this is the only time she does it. Maggie did it once, but it was in a similar spot and wasn’t catastrophic. Honestly, I was just glad that the phone call from daycare was about her hair and not a fever or barf. PERSPECTIVE.

6. I started a bullet journal.

For lists and things. And hopefully keeping my head from spinning off on a daily basis. #bulletjournal

I’m not 100% sure how I’m going to adapt this system to my needs, but I’m really excited about it. I’ve been feeling very scattered and disorganized lately (mostly because I’ve been scattered and disorganized lately) and was thinking about how I need a new notebook or something to keep track of stuff. My post-it system of scribbles was obviously failing. I will still live and die by my Google Calendar and the lovely reminders it sends me, at least for a while. But I love having a nice, neat place in which to write things and organize my thoughts. Nowadays, my journal-y thoughts are less about that cute boy in English class and more hey, don’t forget to wash the girls’ sheets this weekend!

My life is lame, but I have a pretty purple notebook so there.

7. It was 71 degrees on Tuesday. Yesterday it was minus something. I don’t even know. But we played outside a lot the first few days of the week and it was delightful. Bring it on, Spring. We are so ready for you.

Sweet ride

Little rider

Lunch al fresco
I actually sweat a little bit in the sunshine and IT FELT SO GOOD.

Happy weekend, everybody!


  1. Jane

    March 15, 2014 8:41 am

    I used to keep a “bullet journal” before I had a smart phone. And I just pulled it out and thinking I should try it again. I had no idea it was a concept. I thought it was just my book of lists. :) But it was fun to look through. I found my list of things I needed to do before “the baby” (Maria) arrived.

  2. Lea

    March 15, 2014 8:59 pm

    I’ve been doing a much less fancy version of the bullet journal for a few years now. I use a small to medium size spiral notebook, and I keep my ongoing list of things I need to do and start over every month or two. Or I’ll use a page to write down plans for a parties or holidays, or to remind me what to pack for trips. It’s super handy! I’m a total list person who loves organization, so it’s very helpful. I hope you love your new bullet journal!

  3. HereWeGoAJen

    March 15, 2014 9:12 pm

    I got a note from Elizabeth’s school this week that we all needed to talk to our kids about what they put in their mouths because a kid swallowed a penny this week. Hair, pennies, these kids will be the death of us.

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