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warming up our coffee corner (giveaway)

I’ve been slooooowly making my way through the huge list of house projects I’ve curated over the past couple of years (ridiculous how things come to halt just because you have a BABY, right???) Since January, I became BFFs with our paper shredder and finished purging our office of many many folders of useless paper, organized some junk drawers, cleaned out some kitchen cabinets, and emptied my closet of maternity clothes.

Then I moved on to some actual home improvement projects: first up, our kitchen. I painted the walk-through pantry/hallway area (it’s called a butler’s pantry which makes me feel super fancy and also slightly ridiculous because if this house has a butler, IT IS ME and that’s not at all fancy.) and took care of the wall and ceiling damage left from The Great Tub Leakage Of 2011. I still have to paint the main kitchen area to match, but I’ve taken a time out on that because we’re in the midst of Birthday Season and we have parties every other day now, and I’m pretty sure our guests don’t want spackle in their party food.

But the pantry, it is DONE and it is GLORIOUS. I love the rich green paint color and now I’m just trying to figure out little ways to dress up that corner of the house. It doesn’t get much “public” traffic, but we use it a lot. It’s where the laundry room is located, and it’s also where my lover the Keurig sits. So I’d like to add a few things to make it fun and fancy in the mornings when I’m all bleary-eyed, waiting the whole 30 seconds for my coffee to brew.

pantry after

Cozy Wall Art offered me a chance to try one of their vinyl wall decals. Normally I’m not a wall decal kinda girl because I typically think of them for kids’ rooms and not Grown-Up Spaces like the kitchen or living areas, but I saw a swirly mug decal on their website and thought it would be perfect for our little coffee corner.

I ordered mine in a custom size so that it would fit in the spot between the cabinets and the doorway. Applying it was ridiculously easy, especially considering how NERVOUS I was when I got started. I thought for sure I’d mess it up and need a new one, but I didn’t.

Cozy Wall Art giveaway

Cozy Wall Art giveaway Cozy Wall Art giveaway

(make sure you’re classy like me and use a fancy tool for this part, like your Costco membership card.)
Cozy Wall Art giveaway

And then… deep breath… pull off the backing!

Cozy Wall Art giveaway

A bit cutesy, but I kinda dig it.

Cozy Wall Art giveaway

I’m also hosting a giveaway from Cozy Wall Art! The winner will receive a free decal of their choice (including free shipping). It’s a value of up to $85, depending on the decal selected. To enter, visit the Cozy Wall Art website and find a decal you’d like to see in your house! Then come back here and leave a comment, telling me your favorite.

Entries will be open until 12am EST on Friday, April 11, 2014 and a random winner will be selected from the comments.

Disclaimer: I was provided with the products and compensated for my time in researching and preparing for this post. But my opinions are my own, and I would never recommend a product I wouldn’t purchase with my own money.


  1. Jesabes

    Yours looks great, Jen! I like the Weathered Grid Iron Accent from their site.

    Mar 31 12:56 pm

  2. Carmen

    It’s time to redecorate Lexi’s room, so I’ve been debating what to do for quite a while. She’d like either the “Cherry Blossoms in Vase” and the “Eclectic Trio of Birds”. My favourite is probably the “Cherry Blossom Triptych” but I’d have a heck of a time choosing a colour.

    Mar 31 1:08 pm

  3. redpenmamapgh

    I love all the wine themed ones, but I would choose one of the cherry blossom triptychs for my room. As a matter of fact, if I don’t win this giveaway, I may go buy the mountain and cherry blossom triptych anyway. We SO need to redecorate our bedroom. This would be my starting point!

    Mar 31 1:11 pm

  4. Jenn

    Your non-butler butler kitchen/nook is adorable, and I think the coffee cup decal suits it well! :) I bake cookies a lot, and would LOVE to have this in our kitchen:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. :)

    Mar 31 1:27 pm

  5. suz

    i’m torn between the cherry blossom triptych (for me) and the ABC blocks (for A)

    Mar 31 2:48 pm

  6. Emily

    My boys would love the dinosaur group in their room.

    Mar 31 8:22 pm

  7. Lea

    My first thought was the wine one because….well, duh. But I also really like the rose swirl!

    Mar 31 8:27 pm

  8. whitkae

    I LOVE the airplane wall decal!! It would look awesome in an office, living room or even bedroom. Or the polka dot splatter above the tub in my bathroom!! So awesome!!

    Mar 31 8:37 pm

  9. Debra Lee

    I love the Triangles Single Size Wall Pattern Decals!

    Apr 1 12:35 am

  10. Cari

    I love that! It looks great!

    I dig the Owl Family one, though I have no clue where I’d put it in our house.

    Apr 1 10:32 am

  11. Curly Girl

    The ‘Creativity is Contagious’ decal would be perfect for our playroom!

    Apr 1 5:08 pm

  12. Tara

    Eriana would go CRAZY for the prima ballerina.

    Apr 2 1:32 am

  13. Hmmm…it’s hard to decide! I think I’d go with one of the wine themed ones. Maybe. I like your coffee one too!

    Apr 2 4:33 am

  14. Andi

    I loooove their elephants and I really dig your coffee cup!!!

    Apr 2 11:47 am

  15. Anitha Kuppuswamy

    My favorite is Owl Family Wall Decal!!!

    Apr 2 4:25 pm

  16. Corrie

    Our new house is a lot bigger than our old house. I’m overwhelmed by the spaces and then I get overwhelmed at stores by what to buy. The whole having a baby two months into the new house kind of side-tracked me. I’m slowly getting back into it but I’m still all ADHD about decorating. I like funky, eclectic stuff. I love the Damask #3 decal. I also like the paint color in the example. I’m thinking master bed or bath!

    Apr 2 9:33 pm

  17. Shannon

    I love the dinosaur ones for my boys.

    Apr 3 4:14 pm

  18. S Sowell

    Would LOVE the cherry blossoms!

    Apr 3 4:31 pm

  19. Beth

    So I went to the site very selfishly, thinking of maybe my bedroom… but I totally fell in love with the adorable little dinosaurs. I have been thinking of redoing Luke’s room a bit from “gender neutral baby” to something more in keeping with his personality… and stompy, noisy dinos might be it. ;)

    Apr 3 4:32 pm

  20. latanya

    I like the Rose Swirl Iron Accent Wall Decal

    Apr 6 7:45 pm

  21. Michelle

    Ooh, anything cherry blossom or the mixed font alphabet. Love!

    Apr 9 11:20 am

  22. Loye

    Hi Jen! I read jayesel every day but this is the first time I’ve commented. I love your decal, especially for where it’s located. At the site, I LOVE the Oval Framed Cherry Blossom Branch. We have basically zero wall decorations in our master bedroom and it would be perfect. Have fun with the contest!

    Apr 9 7:26 pm

  23. Erica

    I think we’re a Polka Dot Splatter kind of house.

    Apr 10 9:26 am