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A few others have done this little day-snippet post and I thought I’d join in! I’ve done them a few times through the years, the last one this summer (OMG BABIES ARE HARD WORK), and it’s always interesting for me to see my days written out. And I love reading about other people’s days because I’m nosey. heh.

This was yesterday, Monday. (I had planned to take pictures of things through the day but totally forgot after the morning. So use your imagination later in the day. heh.)

4:00am – Dan wakes up to leave for airport. Headed to Toronto. Early.

4:15am – I can hear Zach stirring in his crib, I ignore him, he goes back to sleep. Best baby ever.

4:50am – I’ve been dozing while Dan showers and packs his last minute stuff, I whisper goodbye as he goes downstairs (I think? I was sleepy.) then I hear the garage door. Goodbye, my partner in crime!

6:15am – My alarm goes off, I hit snooze with some level of irritation.

6:20am – Zach is awake so I may as well get up now. I go in and he’s super happy, as always. I change him and give him his morning bottle. Then I bring him into our room and plop him in the exersaucer while I shower. Daniel Tiger keeps him company.

6:30am-7:00am – I shower, get dressed, slap on some makeup. Audrey is now laying in our bed watching Daniel Tiger, too.

lazy morning while Mama gets ready

Convincing myself I’m ready for the day. Fake/pained smile.

7:00am – Time to wake Maggie (she growls at me). I help Audrey get dressed, brush teeth, etc. I gather up nighttime bottles and other paraphernalia that needs to make its way downstairs and Audrey, Zach, and I all head to the kitchen. Maggie dresses herself and comes down in a few minutes. Self-sufficiency FTW.

7:15am-7:45am – I manage to get breakfast for everyone and everyone eats in a rather calm and non-meltdowny manner. Thumbs up.


7:45am-8:30am – I pack Zach’s diaper bag, Zach’s and Audrey’s lunches, make sure Maggie has lunch money, remind Maggie that it’s crazy sock day, change Zach’s diaper, run back up the stairs 50 times to get things I forgot, get sweaty, then load everyone in the car for the bus stop. (Every morning I tell myself YOU SHOULD PACK STUFF AT NIGHT but every night I’m just TOO DAMNED TIRED so I don’t. Vicious cycle.)

8:40am – Maggie’s bus comes, then we head for daycare.

8:50am-9:00am – We drop Zach in his room first, and I chat a bit about his latest stuff with the teacher (he’s not super interested in bottles lately but not very good with a cup yet, and he’s not napping well during the day, etc YAY BABIES AND THEIR MYSTERIOUS WAYS) Then I walk Audrey to her room, chat with her teacher about her sass and how she’s doing. Dan has been doing most of the drops/pickups lately so I feel a little out of the loop! It’s nice to touch base with the teachers there.

9:10am – I stop and pick up milk on the way home.

9:20am – I finally sit down for work. Turn on my laptop. Takes a million years because it’s getting old and tired. I catch up on email, place a huge Diapers.com order (possibly last formula order ever WHOA THAT’S CRAZYPANTS), then dive into work.

11:00am – I’m starving and at a good stopping place before getting moving on a new project, so LUNCH. And Downton Abbey from last night because I fell asleep at 9:30. heh.

11:20am-3:10pm – I work while finishing Downton Abbey, then turn on my music and get a big chunk of work done on a new site. WordPress and I wrestle a bit and I have to stop before figuring out a solution. WEDNESDAY, THEN. Grrrr.

3:10pm-3:30pm – I get dressed (I wear yoga pants while working because HELLO, YES.), pack Maggie’s gymnastics leotard and a snack, then head to school to pick her up.

3:30pm-4:00pm – I get Maggie and her friend/neighbor from school and drive them to gymnastics (they’re in the same class!) We are early so I have time to swing by my accountant’s office and drop off our tax prep stuff. Yay, errands!

4:15pm-5:15pm – Gymnastics. Maggie is still too afraid to do her pullover on the bars, even with gentle encouragement by her awesome teacher and offers of ice cream by me. Oh, well. She DOES get to ring the bell during class though because she did a kickover with just one mat under her feet! So she was excited.

5:15pm-5:45pm – I rush Maggie to get dressed so we can haul buns to daycare to get Audrey and Zach. It’s not far but it’s rush hour and SO MUCH TRAFFIC UGH. Takes forever.

5:45pm – Zach sees me from down the hall where his teacher is holding him in the doorway and he starts waving his arms and squealing. Best. We gather all his stuff, get Audrey from the big kid room (she’s wearing pants from the daycare, 2 pee accidents today, UUUGGGHH), and I wrangle everyone and all their things back into the car. Looks like everyone had a good day at daycare other than the pee accidents (I’m pretty sure she was Holding Other Things In, which is the only time she ever has pee accidents. Potty training is a slow and irritating process, my friends. SIGH.)

6:00pm – HOME. Hustle everyone upstairs, drop all the bags in the basement, I’ll get them later. First priority is FOOD. I make grilled cheese and tomato soup while the girls watch Cinderella (Maggie’s pick) and Zach crawls around getting into stuff.

6:30pm – I’m about to sit down and start eating when the doorbell rings. GRANDMA IS HEEEERE!! I forgot she was stopping to drop off lasagna for dinner tomorrow night! Everyone rejoices, especially me, because she ends up staying through bedtime and she’s my hero.

6:30pm-8:00pm – It’s the evening mishmash of dinner, cleaning up, loading the dishwasher, homework with Maggie, unpacking everybody’s bags from school, etc. while my mom puts Zach to bed. Audrey does some Exciting Things in the bathroom so we all celebrate and make a big fuss. Then we hang out a little on the couch until it’s time for the girls to go to bed. I wash my face while my mom reads the girls a book (Fox in Socks, poor Grandma!)

8:15pm – Girls in bed, chat with my mom in the kitchen for a few minutes, then she leaves.

8:30pm – I head up to bed with the Kindle Fire and my phone: I have a date with Veronica Mars and Candy Crush. Dan texts me and asks if I’m still awake: I say yes, but I can’t talk on the phone because my voice is still toast. (I had a cold over the weekend- feeling tons better but my voice is croaky and it hurts to talk after a long day.) He says Toronto is good, I’ll talk to him tomorrow, probably.

10:30pm – Two episodes of Veronica Mars and I’m fading fast, so I turn off the Kindle Fire and get out my old school Kindle to read for a few minutes. Dozing off again so it’s sleepytime for me.


  1. K

    February 25, 2014 12:31 pm

    Oh my gosh it is like we lead similar lives.

    We’re having tomato soup and grilled cheese tonight, too. : )

    • Jen

      February 25, 2014 12:48 pm

      WE DO. I read yours and was like HELLO, MY LIFE! heh. Though I’d imagine most mothers with small kids and a job have pretty similar days. Rinse, repeat, collapse in an exhausted heap.

  2. HereWeGoAJen

    February 25, 2014 1:44 pm

    I love reading these because I am nosy too. So much fun!

  3. redpenmamapgh

    February 25, 2014 2:11 pm

    Getting things ready the night before becomes easier when the children can help. Trust me. It will save your sanity when it starts to happen … for you, probably another two years? Flora and Kate are 9 and 7, and still give me some pushback on it (especially packing their own lunches). You can make it, mama!

  4. Lea

    February 27, 2014 3:27 pm

    I love reading about other people’s days, so thanks for the peek! Very busy! I feel like most of my days are so busy with managing 3 kids and that’s without working like you do, but this takes it up a few notches for sure!

  5. april

    February 28, 2014 8:13 pm

    I’m so behind on Downton Abbey it’s disgraceful.

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