7 quick takes: the OMG LIFE ATTACKED ME edition

1. Hi! Remember me? I was doing so good at writing regularly in January and it was wonderful. I blogged 10 times! I was enjoying myself! I love blogging! And then something happened during these last two weeks and BOOM. February is halfway over. HOW??

2. Actually I know how. Dan went out of town for almost a week. When that happens, I mentally have to just STOP EVERYTHING EXTRA because after the last time he was gone for more than a night or two, I am paranoid and just go into Survival Mode. My kids aren’t even BAD or hard to deal with, really. Especially when they’re at school or daycare for part of the time. But the nights… oh, the nights. When Audrey just HINTED that her belly hurt one night before bed, I panicked and brought the barf bucket into the hallway for the night JUST IN CASE. Thank goodness it was nothing and we all made it through the week healthy and in pretty good spirits.

Where did Dan go, you ask? Specifically, he went to Florida. More specifically, he went to a sales conference in Orlando and got to visit Universal Studios for a private party and got to ride roller coasters and other fun rides. In the sunshine. Wanna know what we did here at home?

I shoveled half of it with a desperation only a mother who needs to take her kids to daycare could have. Then my new favorite neighbor came and cleared the rest with a snowblower. (We have one but, uh, I have no idea how to use it. So! Today's workout: CO
I shoveled a lot of that. My new favorite neighbor cleared the rest with his snowblower.

We got snowed on. I’m glad he had a great time on his trip. SIGH.

3. It hasn’t been all unfairness around here, though. The week after he went on his trip, I got a fun night out with my mom, mother-in-law, and some other lovely ladies for dinner and a show! We saw Wicked. It was my first time seeing it- heck, my first time seeing any big fancy show in the city and it was delightful. I had a cocktail, ate some beignets at dinner (took me back in tiiiime), and thoroughly enjoyed the show.


Beignets and sorbet. Hello.

Almost showtime!

4. Zach turned 10 months old.

10 months old today.

Words cannot express how freaking awesome he is. He’s the absolute best baby. I know I’m biased, but seriously. He’s a dirty, stinky, slimy mess all the time and he poops more than any baby I’ve ever known, but he is SO! HAPPY! ALL! THE! TIME! He’s so PLEASANT. He reminds me of Alec Baldwin’s Enthusiastic Guy on Friends. He’s starting to wave and say “Hiiiiiiii!” and “Mamamamama” when he sees me. He gets into everything he can find and eats old food off the floor (Confession: I don’t sweep as often as I should, ahem). He folds himself in half to sleep and the only time he gets semi-cranky is when he’s sleepy.

Someone only napped for 40 minutes at daycare today. Can you tell?
40 minutes of napping at daycare. It shows.

Otherwise, this is him.

Wiggly baby selfie. 20 second snuggle after his bottle before he practically jumps off my lap & is back to destroying my house.

Everybody needs a Zachy in their life.

5. Work has been picking up since the holidays, which is a large part of why things have felt so crazy around here. I had gotten used to just a moderate list of clients to manage and then suddenly people came out of hiding and want WEBSITES!!!1!!1! Which is obviously a good thing but my brain is woefully out of practice and it’s still playing catch up. The good news is that I’ve learned more about WordPress Custom Post Types in the last week than I ever thought possible so wheeeeeeee! *faceplant*

6. I also spent about 8 total hours holed up in our office over the last couple of weekends, purging and cleaning out old files. And shredding paper OMG THE SHREDDING! It took forever because our paper shredder is a cheapie so the motor kept overheating so I’d have to wait until it cooled down, etc. But! Everything is GONE. Electric bills from 5 years ago? SHREDDED.

Why is shredding old files so darn satisfying? This is what passes for excitement around here on weekends.

I also found some old college papers and exams and lab reports and WHY I was saving them, I have no idea. Also floppy disks. ?? It was probably more thrilling than it should have been to get that all done. It has been on my list for over a year. I feel LIGHTER. Be gone, papers!

7. Other random things: Maggie is toothless in the front now.

She lost her tooth at school today and IT IS THE BEST DAY OF HER LIFE! A mini-treasure chest for her tooth in the nurse's office!

Audrey and I played Pretty Pretty Princess.

We've reached the point where naps are not always happening & they mess with bedtime, so the fight isn't worth it. So instead, while Zach is napping, we play a game.

Zach fell asleep in his high chair during lunch.

Someone had a busy morning playing with Daddy & didn't quite make it through lunch.

Maggie is now a teenager.

I'm essentially a spectator of first grade math homework. She's better at it than I am.

I was a Valentine’s party parent for Maggie’s class yesterday.

With my sweet Valentine at her school party :)

How is life with you?


  1. Michelle M

    February 14, 2014 5:41 pm

    Hey Jen – We HAVE to get our boys together sometime – I swear they’re the same person 2 (?) months apart!!! Samuel is also SO HAPPY ALL THE TIME – except for when he gets a little squeaky when he’s tired – and even then he’s pretty easy to distract into happiness again until he falls asleep. Nonstop smiles and loves saying “hi” and recently “mamamamama.” :) He even has the same cute “I’m a great catch” onesie Zach is wearing above! ;) I feel like I’m reading stories about Samuel almost every time you write about Zach, haha!

    Someday when we get back to PA our boys can be good buddies. :) We’re both blessed to have a Zachy and Samuel in our lives!

  2. K

    February 15, 2014 12:51 pm

    “The front window.” HAAA! I love that. And she *does* look like a teenager.

    I wouldn’t mind an on-loan Zachy.

  3. Erin G

    February 15, 2014 11:08 pm

    Heeeeey you are so pretty! Which is not what I wanted to comment but then I glanced at your pics again and YOU SO ARE.

    Anyway first – I am impressed with that shoveling. I can only shovel like three shovelfuls and I am OVER IT, and I quit. It is mostly optional here, since everything stays closed til the snow melts, for the most part. So whatever you shoveled, out of sheer necessity, is super impressive to me.

    Second – I now need to go shred some things because your purge looks AWESOME. Love me a good purge.

    • Jen

      February 16, 2014 2:32 pm

      That was the first time I’d ever shoveled snow because I’m a spoiled girl. HA. We have a snowblower (but I have no idea how to use it!) and Dan always handles it. It definitely wasn’t an easy job!! But I counted it as my workout for the next three days. WIN!

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