yesterday, today, tomorrow

Stole this post idea from K, who I believe stole it from April. Bloggers are SO unoriginal! heh. I may make this a regular writing prompt for myself because it’s simple and it will force me to just WRITE, you know?

Yesterday I…

  • worked at home in SILENCE, ALONE. School was finally back in session after two snow days in a row for ridiculously cold temperatures. There was a 2 hour delay but Dan took Audrey and Zach to daycare and I got Maggie on the bus at 10:30 and then it was ALL ME WOOOOO!
  • exercised for the first time since before Halloween. I KNOW. Remember my whole long post about my body and making exercise a priority? Well life attacked us all right after that with illness after illness and my plans went straight out the window. I’m finally trying to refocus. My body is not happy. My body can get over it.
  • was the guest reader for Maggie’s class in the afternoon. She chose three books for me to read: Frog and Toad, Silverlicious, and Jamie’s Little Problem, which I wrote in 8th grade. That was pretty fun.

Today I…

  • took Zach to his 9 month well-visit. FINALLY hit 15 pounds, the little wee dude. The doctor agrees he’s just small and isn’t worried that he’s so low on the charts. He’s strong as heck, eats a ton, and is busy as can be. He even impressed her with his cruising abilities and got mad when she wouldn’t let him touch her laptop. One shot and a toe prick for a hemoglobin test- he barely cried. He gets more upset when I take things away from him.
  • met Dan for lunch after Zach’s appointment because as of Monday, he works 10 minutes from our house. He’s still in the same job as the last 5 years, but they moved from downtown (45-60 minute commute, plus paying for parking) to a building near us. We got so used to his commute, it really wasn’t a big deal, but WOW is this different. And awesome. Audrey loved it when he walked in!
  • finally organized my necklaces! It seems silly but this is one of those Stupid Tasks that I’ve needed to do FOREVER because I couldn’t fit my necklaces in my jewelry box anymore and they were a tangled, jumbled mess. Seriously. This is the before:

    And now it looks like this:

    Hey @twoadults! My necklaces have a new home! A cheapie curtain rod & shower curtain hooks. BOOM.

    All it took was a $3 curtain rod and some shower curtain hooks. This is LIFE-CHANGING. (and don’t think I came up with this genius idea myself. Pinterest, of course!) My earrings are next.

Tomorrow I…

  • will hopefully have the house to myself again for work. Yes. Good. Yes.
  • need to pay bills, get my tax stuff organized, and call the car place to make an appointment to get my side mirror repaired. It’s been shattered since last spring (thanks, stupid truck who nearly ran me off the road and made me sideswipe another car!) and I’ve tried TWICE to get it fixed and had to cancel the appointments both times because the kids were sick. So I’m almost afraid to make the appointment again. But it’s a nice dealership with free wifi and donuts, so it’s not a bad place to hang out for a few hours and work.
  • will probably go to bed early and wear earplugs all night because Zach has had a rough week with sleep and oh man, I need it. It’s Dan’s turn.


  1. K

    January 10, 2014 9:48 am

    I can’t stop staring at your lovingly organized necklaces. It’s a thing of beauty. And I for real thought you came up with that idea yourself.

    The dealership where I take my car has a big ass tv and warm cookies and a super nice restroom and cushy couches and I almost never want to leave. Ever.

    • Jen

      January 10, 2014 10:18 am

      I have also paused a few times walking past my closet, just to gaze at the beauty. I can’t WAIT for the rest of the stuff to be delivered for my earring plan. JUST WAIT, LADY. EPIC. ha

      I’m half-tempted to break my car on purpose every couple of weeks, just so I can spend time with the free donuts.

  2. april

    January 10, 2014 11:06 am

    I got it from someone else too! I like it too, I need to remember to do it when I can’t make myself blog. Love the necklace idea! Hope you get some sleep!

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