yesterday, today, tomorrow

Yesterday I…

  • had a snow day with all three kids at home. The morning was a little crazy, because everyone was FIGHTING. The girls with each other! Zach and naps! Me and 5 giant piles of laundry! But we powered through and the afternoon was better: Maggie played at a neighbor’s house while Zach and Audrey napped.
  • played XBox for a whole hour in the quiet while the kids slept/were at the neighbor’s. Do you know how GUILTY and SPOILED that made me feel? It was pretty awesome. I should have done a billion other things but man, it was nice to just ignore crap for a little while.
  • got in bed and as I was deciding what time to set on my alarm, I completely blanked on what day it was. Wednesday? Monday? It took me entirely too long to remember. My brain needs help.

Today I…

  • have ANOTHER SNOW DAY at home, but only Maggie is here. Audrey and Zach are at daycare while I work. Thank goodness daycare never closes! HA. HOPING SCHOOL IS BACK TOMORROW BECAUSE OH MY GOSH. This is getting super old. Even Maggie is getting annoyed and bored and just wants to be back in school.

    Change of plans! Playdate with neighbors! Too cold for the bus stop but she can walk up the street to play with her friends! ;)
    Bundled up for her trek up the hill to play with the neighbors. In sunglasses, of course.

  • could not believe how HAPPY and EXCITED Zach was about everything this morning. He gave me KISSES. That kid is just the best right now.

    Slimy-faced closeup

    (It’s probably helping his case that he’s been doing That Thing That Babies Start To Do At Night Eventually That Tricks People Into Having More Kids. And he’s been at it for over a week straight now.) (But don’t worry, I won’t be tricked again. Three is enough. ha.)

  • had a lunch date with Maggie and Dan, then Maggie and I went grocery shopping. It was a nice way to break up the day, actually.
  • did yoga in the morning and it felt so good. My back and hips have been very Old Ladyish lately, and the stretching feels amazing. My next workout will probably be Tae Bo and I’m kind of dreading it already. That crap is INTENSE.

Tomorrow I…

  • will be home with the kids (hopefully just TWO OF THEM because SCHOOL!)
  • am going to see Wicked with my mom and MIL and my sister’s MIL and I am SO EXCITED. I’ve never seen it, plus we’re going to dinner first and it’s not going to be insanely cold so it should be a lovely night in the city.
  • probably will not do much other than wrangle the kids then skip out the door to the show. Aw, yeah.


  1. K

    January 29, 2014 6:51 pm

    I have been packing up Ezra to the school-age room at his old preschool/daycare (the school were Iris goes). It’s perfect because he gets to do fun things like swimming and field trips and see his old friends and not get squirrely at home.


    • Jen

      January 30, 2014 9:34 am

      Such a great idea! So far I’ve been able to keep her occupied and I’ve been saved a few times by neighbors inviting her to play. Even for just an hour or two, it helps to break up the days a little bit. Spring is going to be VERY MUCH WELCOME THIS YEAR, oh my goodness.

  2. Dave (ScrumpyDaddy)

    January 31, 2014 6:42 pm

    Yes, school is good! Let’s stay in school the rest of the days, yes?

    Maggie and Zach are both adorable. And both growing up so much, so fast.

    What Yoga do you do at home? We were going to look for videos and recommendations this weekend; do you like what you have/use?

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