yesterday, today, tomorrow

I’m totally making this type of post a weekly thing because WOOHOO EASY AND INFORMATIVE!

Yesterday I…

  • worked my tail off. A client from years ago was having a minor/major crisis with a hacker so I spent the large part of the afternoon rebuilding the site. Plus other work things and by dinnertime, my brain was fried. I’m finding that I’m slightly out of practice with the heavy duty coding and programming! But I’ll get my brain back in shape soon! I hope!
  • did yoga before starting to work in the morning.
  • took a break in the middle of the day to have a meeting to plan the Valentine’s Day party for Maggie’s class. I’m the head party planner for this one! The initial meeting setup etc was boring and kinda hand-wringy for various PTO-Rule reasons, but now that we’re moving onto the crafty and game part of the planning, I’m excited.
  • was in the sheets by 8:30pm and did nothing but play Candy Crush and beat a level I was stuck on for about two weeks while random primetime tv was on in the background. I was getting a sore throat so I sucked on some zinc lozenges and said some Hail Marys and passed out before 10pm. PARTY ANIMAL.

Today I…

  • WORKED AGAIN! Normally I do every other day (I find the kids are better with daycare if it’s not multiple days in a row, they get worn out and grumpy) but there’s no school tomorrow for Maggie so I switched things up. I also kicked some butt with work stuff, finished rebuilding the site from yesterday and took care of other miscellaneous things that have been hanging out on my To Do List for a while.
  • am making tacos for dinner. TACO THURSDAY!
  • woke up without a sore throat! Still a little scratchy, but I’m hoping it’s just winter dry air and no major germs lurking around. I deny the germs their request to take up residence. Sorry, germs *eats more zinc*
  • got simultaneously grossed out and amused by Maggie’s loose tooth. She looks like Nanny McPhee and we both giggled for a full five minutes at this picture.
    It's Nanny McPhee! Maggie & I cannot stop laughing. Pretty sure the Tooth Fairy will be visiting us this weekend!

Tomorrow I…

  • will have all three kidlets here with me all day. I’m going to try to fold a few loads of laundry but other than that, I won’t be setting any productivity goals for the day. Lessons learned, and all that.
  • hope the girls don’t fight all day. SIGH.
  • might get to see my sister and nephew if they decide to come over for a playdate (everything with kids is tentative, so we’ll see what happens!)
  • plan to make something for dinner in the crockpot. Lazy day.


  1. K

    January 17, 2014 5:03 pm

    That Nanny McPhee comparison is HILARIOUS. Haaaaaaaa.

    I just looked at it again and laughed some more.

  2. CraftyHope

    January 22, 2014 9:39 am

    Oh, I really love this style of post. I’m actually at a loss for what to put on my blog this week and this just might be perfect!

    Anyway, you are so productive! Here’s hoping your day with the kids went well. Oh, and the Nanny McPhee resemblance is uncanny! ;) Thanks for the smile and the inspiration!

  3. Erin G

    January 22, 2014 3:06 pm

    Okay the Nanny McPhee thing is still hilarious, a week later (so behind on blog reading!) and also I am totally making your/April’s yesterday/today/tomorrow thing a Thing for me too. SO.

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