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HAAAAA. Remember when I thought the week before Thanksgiving was sucky with Sickness around our house? Spoiler alert: IT GOT WORSE.

We had a relatively quiet Thanksgiving weekend, thank goodness. A mellow dinner with Dan’s family, then dessert with my family at my parents’ house.






Apple, pumpkin, pecan, or chocolate cream? The correct answer is YES.

Then I spent the weekend decorating the house for Christmas, and the girls helped decorate the tree. There was even some outside snow-playing!





This Friday is WAY better than last Friday.

More decking the halls...

Decking the halls...

Monday morning, Dan left in the wee hours for the airport, headed to Montreal, Canada for a few days. Obviously I was a little anxious, being Lone Wolf for three nights with the kids. But usually the only time I really notice a difference is between 5-8pm, since I’m on my own with the three of them in the mornings before school and work anyway. So I was good. I could do this.

Except Zach started with a fever at daycare on Monday. And Audrey was acting a little off that night too with a low fever. So I decided to take them both the pediatrician in the morning (thank GOODNESS for walk-in hours!). Sure enough, Zach had a double ear infection. He’d also lost a few ounces since the last visit two weeks before when he had thrush/stomach bug.

Poor dude has lost 2oz in the last 2 weeks & scored himself a double ear infection. YAY WINTER!
Super Miserable Baby

Audrey was given the All Clear on her sinuses and ears, so we figured it was just a weird cold or virus or something. Tuesday night was quite possibly the most horrible night we’ve had in years. Zach hardly slept because his ears hurt, and every time I got him to sleep in my arms, he’d wake up and wail if I moved. Eventually around 3am, I had the brilliant idea of putting him in the bouncy seat (which I ALMOST gave back to my sister a few weeks ago because we hardly use it anymore SO GLAD I KEPT IT) and he fell asleep for a few hours. But, you know, 4 hours of broken sleep after crying in the dark because your baby won’t stop yelling in your face is not a very restful night.

I actually sent everyone to daycare on Wednesday because Zach was pretty happy in the morning and his fever was down and he’d been on antibiotics for 24 hours. And Audrey seemed better too! Okay! Yay! Back to normal! Except when I picked them up that afternoon, Audrey was sobbing and they said she had a rough day (not like her at all). She refused dinner and only wanted to lay on the couch. And she felt very warm. I took her temp and it said… 106. ONE OH SIX YOU GUYS. I immediately started panicking and tried to give her some motrin for the fever, which resulted in her running away from me and then I caught her and put her on the couch and she was crying and coughing and then gagged and barfed all over her face. While laying down. It got in her EYES.

I took her up to the tub and left Maggie in charge of Zach (who was eating in his high chair) and let me just take a minute to say MAGGIE WAS AWESOME. She kept feeding him puffs and when he got bored with that, she found her cell phone (not activated, just an old one we have so she can play games, etc) and played him some kid’s music from YouTube. How amazing is she???!

Back to Audrey. After a few minutes in the tub washing barf from her hair (YUM), her temp came down to 100 so I felt I could relax a little. I still wasn’t sure what was even WRONG with her, but the barf freaked me out so I set her up in our Sick Room with the bucket and she fell asleep.

Dan got home from the airport around midnight and God bless him, he got up with Zach and let me sleep a little. I still woke up and checked on Audrey a few times, but WOW was it nice to have backup again.

Morning came, and I woke up with Maggie standing next to me in the dark, whispering, “Mommy, my eye is all crusty.” OMG WHAT. I got up and looked at it in the light and… oh, hello, pinkeye! No school for you! Since we were going to be taking her to the doctor anyway, I thought maybe I should take a closer look at Audrey before we left and maybe have her looked at again too because WHAT WAS THIS MYSTERY FEVER? A flashlight and about 3 seconds looking in her throat answered that question: strep.

At this point, I was actually LAUGHING. Because COME ON. REALLY? We took Zach to daycare (because he was probably safer from germs there than at our disgusting, germ-ridden house) and took the girls to the doctor. Drops for Maggie, amoxicillin for Audrey, maybe we should have grabbed some vodka for US???

Since then, it’s been a few quiet days of naps and doling out medicine and more naps and more medicine. Maggie’s eye was completely clear the following day, so she was able to go to school (I was shocked at how fast it improved! Yay medicine!) but Audrey was still spiking fevers until Friday night. Yesterday was the first day that everyone seemed normal again, just tired and wiped out.

Zachary is back to his old tricks and then some.

The sucky part is that we had some really fun plans for this weekend and those were all cancelled. Friday night was supposed to be pizza and movie night with neighbors (Maggie & I ended up going to that, at least!) and last night, I was planning to host a cookie swap party. But obviously I couldn’t invite people over to my house, partly because GERMS! UNCLEAN UNCLEAN! and also because Friday morning, I looked around my house and wanted to cry and laugh at the same time.

In case you thought I was exaggerating. I'll just sit here and drink more coffee & hope it all goes away. Ha.
This is only about half of the disaster. No cell phone photo collage can portray it accurately.

So let’s recap these last couple of weeks, shall we?

1. Stomach bugs for all 5 of us before Thanksgiving.

2. Zach had a cold and thrush at the same time.

3. Zach gets an ear infection.*

4. Maggie gets pinkeye.*

5. Audrey gets strep.*

(*All while Dan is out of town!)

Amazingly, at least so far, Dan and I are okay. I’ve had a low-grade headache for a few days, but I do feel better today after a couple of good sleeps. The house is almost put back together, nine loads of laundry have been done, and I *think* everyone will be good for daycare and school tomorrow.


not pictured: 2 bottles of amoxicillin in the fridge, plus Maggie’s eye drops


  1. april

    December 9, 2013 9:01 am

    Dear God. I hope you are now set for germs for the next 10 years.

  2. bessie.viola

    December 9, 2013 10:28 am

    Oh for all that is holy… that is terrible and ridiculous and horrifying. You poor thing! I’m glad that everyone is on the mend. Hopefully that means you’re free and clear for the rest of the winter!

    I will make no more complaints about the solitary bottle of amoxicillin in my fridge (Luke) and the every-four-hours breathing treatments (Luke again).

  3. Dave (Scrumpy Daddy)

    December 9, 2013 10:56 am

    Sigh. Oh, Jen. We have had weeks like this, so I understand. Just survive. (As you have done.) You will eventually get enough sleep and return to some semblance of normalcy at some point. I’m amazed you could gather the wherewithal to compose this post!

    Take care, all of you. I hope you all can get some sleep this week.

  4. K

    December 9, 2013 2:20 pm

    I still laugh at Katrina’s tweet about you guys wearing signs that say, “The Lykers are UNCLEAN.”

    (I laugh because I love you.)

    (We have fourth bedroom if you ever want to run away from home.)

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