remember when our baby had a gross cold, thrush, then started barfing?

Oh, the last six days in our house have been DOOZIES, let me tell you. (And let me warn you, this is a gross story. You’re welcome for the birth control, my child-free friends!)

I was getting over my post-trip-to-Florida cold when Zach started coughing and snotting everywhere. Sorry, buddy! Didn’t mean to share my germs! Then Tuesday afternoon, I noticed his tongue looked weird. Like… white patches, rashy-looking, very odd. I wiped it off but the white was still there. And there were also spots on his lips, just inside his mouth. CRAP. Thrush. So I made an appointment for the next day with the pediatrician to get things checked out and get a prescription.

That night around midnight, Audrey woke up and said her belly felt yucky. PANIC PANIC PANIC. I set her up in the office on our Barf Station Air Mattress with a bucket nearby (she went back to sleep and was quiet the rest of the night. WHEW.) But as I was dealing with her, Dan came down the hall carrying a naked Zach. Apparently he had barfed all over his crib and everything was soaked. We chalked it up to cough-barf, cleaned him up, changed the sheets, and put him back to bed.

I took Audrey to daycare Wednesday morning, cancelled my car appointment, and came home with Zach. The daycare told us that it was probably a good thing he wasn’t staying because they had a stomach bug going around the infant room. Wow, good thing! (FORESHADOWING.) He was pretty fussy all day, took some short naps, ate a little bit, but he didn’t seem to have much of an appetite. I figured his mouth was probably bothering him and he had so much snot coming out of his nose, it was no wonder he wasn’t hungry.

At the doctor that afternoon, I tried giving him a bottle and he barfed all over me for probably the third time that day. It always accompanied a coughing fit from his cold, so: COUGH-BARF! GROSS! But whatever, just wipe it up! We saw the pediatrician, thrush was confirmed, and we were on our way with a prescription for an oral antifungal. Fungus Mouth! That’s my baby!

Saddest sick baby in all the land. Doing okay, slept most of the day, wakes to moan & drink Pedialyte & have noxious gas. No puke since this morning. Wet diapers. One tiny smile. Still snotty, thrush looks better already. Send prayers that the puke germs
Such a hot mess.

By this point, I was about done with the whiny baby thing. He’d been whining in my face for 48 hours, wiping various bodily fluids on me, and I was just SO OVER IT. I picked the girls up from school and we came home for the night.

This is where a lot of the details in my brain get mixed up, so I’ll just summarize everything from Thursday morning until Friday night: more barf from Zach, with the sudden realization that OOOH WAIT I BET HE HAS THAT STOMACH VIRUS FROM DAYCARE OMG CRAAAAAAPPP. I bleached everything I could in the house, including all the toys on the floor of the playroom that he’d been touching with his barfy mouth, but it was probably too late by then but I did it anyway. Pedialyte for Zach, because he couldn’t keep formula down and DEHYDRATION!!!??! By the next morning, he was much better, but then Audrey started barfing in the morning. Dan was headed out the door for a Big Important Work Thing that he’d prepped for all day Thursday, but a frantic text from me as I dry-heaved over the toilet brought him home for the day. I was in bed until… well, basically until Saturday morning. I remember very little from Friday other than naps and helping with Audrey when Dan was dealing with Zach, just trying to hold it together as I held the bucket in front of Audrey’s face. It was not a good day.

Saturday night it was Maggie’s turn. As Dan was helping her, I went to get Zach and realized he was wet. Like… very wet, everywhere except it wasn’t a normal substance of wet and it was stinky and gross and in his HAIR and THAT onesie was a goner. Zach into the tub at 1am, Maggie with a bucket, I’m still weak and woozy and OMG EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE.

Saturday was… better. Maggie slept all night, I was able to eat a little breakfast, Audrey was bouncing around like a goofball, and even Zach was happily playing on the floor for small chunks of time. Slooooowly since Saturday, we’ve all recovered. I think. Maggie is home from school today after overdoing it yesterday and not taking a nap when we told her she probably should, so by 5pm last night, she was asleep for the night. She still claimed to feel “yucky” this morning, so I kept her home (I think her issue is that she always REFUSES to eat after a stomach bug, so it takes her THAT much longer to feel better again. As opposed to Audrey, who begs and cries for goldfish crackers 3 seconds after throwing up, so I’m guaranteed to be cleaning up orange cracker barf within an hour.) (KIDS, MAN.)

Someone's still not 100% so one more day of rest at home, plus water & snacks. I should just leave that air mattress inflated until May, shouldn't I? Uuuggghh
Our Sick Person Station. QUARANTINE ZONE.

I had to cancel my car appointment AGAIN TODAY, and I’m pretty sure the car dealership thinks I’m a lunatic. I didn’t even reschedule it. My side mirror has been smashed for 8 months, what’s a few more weeks? GAH.

Zach is also back at daycare today, still with a little bit of thrush but the medicine is doing its thing. The doctor said it’s also a matter of his immune system catching up after being sick and getting all of his insides back in balance. He’s so wee and tiny and everything his little body has been through in the last week? It might take a while. His cold seemed better today, too. So fingers crossed he’s on the mend for good.

Fancy new shirt from the 6 month bin!

I’ve done a lot of laundry in the last three days.


  1. Roberta

    November 25, 2013 1:14 pm

    Oh lady. So, so, SO dreadful. I hate barf more than anything. And the poor, poor, baby. It’s worst with the babies, because you can’t do much for them, and they’re so sick, and they don’t know why, and, ugh. I’m glad everyone is feeling better. Full body condoms for the rest of the winter, yes?

  2. Tracy

    November 25, 2013 1:23 pm

    I am glad everyone is on the mend and that Dan never got it! Thank God for great husbands who put their family first.

  3. Mel

    November 25, 2013 1:27 pm

    Stomach bugs are the thing that always made me so afraid of parenthood. I hope Dan has been lucky this far and hasn’t come down with it!

  4. Kate

    November 25, 2013 3:27 pm

    Who is this boy child you are posting pictures of? Didn’t you just have a baby, like, yesterday? In all seriousness, I’m SO sorry to hear all of this, ugh, I hate this part of the season. Glad everyone is on the mend; hoping you get a nice break from sickness for awhile. And also? Zach is getting so big!

  5. Janette

    November 26, 2013 9:26 pm

    Oi. I’m so glad everyone in your house seems to be getting over it. We went through something similar a few weeks ago. Cleaning barf and smelling smells when you’re sick yourself is just the worst.

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