eight weeks down

So! Here we are! Eight weeks into the school year, eight weeks on this side of maternity leave, eight weeks of lunches packed and homework done and bottles filled and diaper bags stocked and tantrums over what dress we want to wear to daycare today! (see if you can take a guess on that last one. GO AHEAD. GUESS.)

Three kids and a job and a house and a husband? It is no freaking joke, man. To quote my lovely friend K, by the end of most days, my noodle is COOKED. There is ALWAYS something that needs to be dealt with, laundry or dinner or a face wiped or an email written or a fight broken up. I’m finally feeling somewhat settled into a routine, and by routine I mean that VERY LOOSELY, because if you’ve ever made any sort of plan with a few kids involved, everything is Tentative Until You Get There Because What If Someone Pukes Or Has A Meltdown Or Forgets Their Coat?

Some updates on the kids!

Maggie. This kid, you guys. She has got to be the easiest 6 year old on the PLANET. Sometimes I forget she’s even in the house if she’s here without Audrey (otherwise they are usually fighting over a My Little Pony or what they’re going to watch on tv) She gets herself dressed in the morning in some amazingly stylish outfits. I’m not even joking or being sarcastic, either. The girl KNOWS FASHION, suddenly. She’s more fashionable and better at accessorizing than I am.


She could get herself breakfast if I’d let her use the toaster oven (no) or pour herself milk (no). She recently decided that she wants to grow out her bangs and does her hair all by herself every morning. She’s kicking BUTT in first grade, nearly 100% in every subject, and she just mastered the third grade level sight words sheet (PARENT BRAG ALERT) She’s reading everything she sees and rarely needs help with any words anymore. When she comes home from school, I get her a snack and she watches some tv and then wanders off to draw or read a book or play with the baby or asks to go outside and find some friends to play with. SHe lost her first two teeth this summer and now her two top front teeth are loose. She’s still doing great and loving gymnastics, and we also just signed up for Girl Scouts so she’ll be starting her Daisy troop in a few weeks (she wants to know when their first hike is. Apparently to her Girl Scouts = hiking. ha) She is right at that age between little kid and big kid, playing with Barbies and dolls but also listening to music on her headphones and talking to me about makeup. I love this age. If I could freeze her right now? I’d be so tempted to do it (but I’m also SO excited to see how she grows up, so I’d probably talk myself out of it.)


Maggie's school picture came today. YOU GUYS. First grade. She looks 15.

Audrey. HEYYYYY GUESS WHO IS THREE NOW AND WANTS THE WORLD TO KNOW AND ALSO TO FEEL HER RAGE AND ANGUISH? I’ve said MANY times that three was my least favorite age with Maggie and I am not ashamed to say it again now, the 2nd time around: THREE BLOWS SOMETIMES. But also? This kid owns me.

She found Maggie's lipgloss & said she was putting "lipgloss" on her "lips". Last week it was "mipgloss" on her "mips". I'm gonna go cry now.

She is our “passionate” child, meaning that at any given moment, she is the sweetest, most affectionate child you’ve ever met, or she demonstrates the most ridiculous display of stubbornness and face-melting tantrums you’ve ever seen. She is incredibly snuggly and loves to hug and give kisses. She also loves to point in my face and yell NO! She went back to “school” after taking the summer off, and now she’s in the young preschool room (dang September birthday messes up her whole school progression). They do circle time and sing songs and have lessons and snacks, and then in the afternoon, they take naps and play outside and make a mess with toys. She loves it. She might complain in the morning that she’s tired and doesn’t want to go, but as soon as she gets there, she runs off and barely gives me a backwards glance when I say goodbye. She insists on doing her “homework” when Maggie is doing hers, so Dan goes through the letter flashcards we have and I’d say she knows about 80% of all the lower and uppercase letters now. And she’s THRILLED about it (having a big sister who sets such a great example with school stuff? It’s pretty awesome.) She is also 90% potty trained now, which was something that- as predicted- she decided all on her own that she wanted to do. After several failed attempts to push her over the past few months, she asked for underpants one morning about a month ago and I’ve only cleaned up a few puddles since then. She still uses a pacifier at naptime and bedtime and she totally sneaks it during the day when we’re not looking like it’s drugs or something, but honestly she sleeps so well and her speech is fantastic and she still TAKES NAPS so I’m not ready to mess with that just yet.

She is so very much straddling the fence between toddler & big kid right now.

She is obsessed with wearing Maggie’s dresses (the long ones because they “spin good”, she says) She actually said to Dan one night “I wanna wear dis dwess because it makes Maggie mad.” So… that pretty much sums up Audrey at Age Three right there. I love her and I hope she keeps her stubborn spunkyness her whole life.

Audrey's school picture. Age 3. My baby girl.

Zach. He turned 6 months old while I was in Charleston.

6 months old

He also got his first tooth that day, and his second popped through the gums last week. My newborn baby. He has TWO TEETH. And he’s CRAWLING. And TRYING TO STAND.


He is probably the ideal Third/Last Baby. He is by far my easiest baby (though I think sometimes that I can’t accurately judge how “easy” Maggie was since she was my first baby so everything was a Really! Big! Deal! and I was probably a bit of a headcase back then.) (Like I’m not a headcase now. ha!) He sleeps fairly well (though like all babies he has his Nights Of Misery) and is content to just watch the girls play or eat or dance around the living room. While I was in Charleston, he came down with his first Man Cold and proceeded to whine in my face and use me as his own personal tissue for 4 days straight. That was a less than fun punishment for going out of town with friends, let me tell you! But, when his head isn’t stuffed with snot and he doesn’t have a fever, he smiles almost constantly.

Smiles mixed with whiny coughing this morning. Progress!


Brought the piano up from the basement yesterday. He LOVES IT.

Boy cousins. These two are gonna get into so much trouble together...

He’s my wee little peanut baby: at his 6 month checkup, he weighed 13 pounds 6 ounces, which probably explains why he is crawling so early and trying to pull himself to stand and give his mama a heart attack. He has no weight to haul around! He has some yummy thigh rolls, for sure, but he’s still wearing 3-6 month clothes. He started on solid food a few weeks ago and now he’s a pro at purees and is even getting pretty good at shoveling puffs into his mouth with his little hand. He loves puffs. And yogurt melts. And green beans. And apples. And basically anything we can put on a spoon for him. So, maybe he’ll chub up. Maybe not.

He's now a Professional Sitting Baby.

Either way, he’s perfect and I love him to bits.

Updates on me: I’m getting back into the world of work slowly but surely. The first few weeks were slow, but I was okay with that. I had time to BREATHE for once and that was nice. But in the last couple of weeks, I’ve had some new job requests come in and while that DOES put a damper on my laying on the floor and soaking up the silence while the kids are at school routine, it’s nice to have a positive cashflow again. (and hey! If you need a website or a blog or something? Hit me up! Tell your friends!)

I have more to say on the Me Subject, but as usual I spent ALL MY TIME ON THE KIDS and now have no blogging time left for myself. THIS IS A THEME TO MY LIFE. But whatever. They’re adorable and worth every moment of frustration and every sigh of exhaustion.

Excuse me, I mustache you a question.Think he's hot stuff, sitting in a high chair


  1. Grandma

    October 23, 2013 8:26 pm

    Yes they are!

  2. K

    October 24, 2013 9:38 am

    The fam!

    I love them so.

  3. Melissa

    October 26, 2013 9:21 am

    Your kids are awesome. And you guys are going to have so much fun as they grow up. :)

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