7 quick takes: kind of a big week of change around here

1. We all survived our first week of school! It was around Thursday when The Wall hit the girls, with spectacular meltdowns and whining and drama. As expected, really. But Maggie LOVES first grade and her teacher is so sweet and she had her first (practice) test on Friday in spelling/vocab and she rocked it. Audrey did great at daycare in her new room (the “young preschool room”) and Zach had a few rough patches with napping the first day at daycare, but by Friday, he did great and Dan said Zach was getting lots of snuggles and playtime when he picked him up. I was pretty wiped out myself by Friday because if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that Jen likes her Routine and even though our Routine for the summer was not so much a routine and more Mayhem And Whining And Playgrounds, this week was very different and that’s tiring, yo. But we made it. WHEW.

2. It turns out that Zach is now a belly-sleeper. He napped for TWO HOURS at daycare on Wednesday and I haven’t been able to get him to sleep longer than 45 minutes during the day in almost two months. So I had to ask HOW THEY DID IT. His teacher said she swaddled him because he wouldn’t settle down! Normally I would have said OKAY THEN LET’S DO THAT! even though he haaaated it when he was first born. But I remember that around 4/5 months with Audrey, we had to start swaddle-weaning her because she was rolling so swaddling him NOW seems silly. That night, he rolled onto his belly in the middle of the night and when I put his pacifier back in, he zonked out and then slept until 7:30am.

Belly-sleeping has increased his naps from 20-30 minutes to 1.5-2hrs. GAME CHANGER.

So now I flip his butt over on this belly because DUDE. He sleeps. A couple of 90-minute or two hour naps this weekend? I’m a convert. Even if I do sneak in and make sure he’s still breathing okay (he is a champ at holding his head up and fake-crawling/scooting, so I know he’s okay.) (But still. BACK TO SLEEP. BACK TO SLEEEEEP. It’s so pounded into our brains in the hospital when they’re newborns that it’s really hard to make that transition, you know?)

3. As of Thursday, Audrey is now wearing underwear unless she’s asleep and all I will say is that it’s less miserable than I anticipated. #nojinx

Just came up to me out of the blue: "Mommy can I give you a kiss?" She's a charmer. It's dangerous.

4. My foot is finally feeling almost 100% all the time. Eeeeevvvery once in a while it will start to get sore, usually if I forget to put on shoes or my comfy, cushy flip flops around the house and I walk on the hardwood floors in bare feet for too long. But I’ve been slowly working my way up with exercise and walking. I’ve done yoga a few times in the past two weeks, and almost every day, I’ve walked about a mile through our neighborhood. Nothing crazy yet because I’m super paranoid, but I already feel so much stronger and I can see some changes in my body. Nobody else can probably see them, but *I* can and it makes me so happy to feel closer to NORMAL again. I’ve only lost a few pounds but I’m trying not to stress about that and just focus on moving more, eating less, and maybe someday soon, fitting into some of my old clothes.

5. Speaking of clothes, I spent four hours on Wednesday while everyone was at school and daycare and went through my entire closet. THE WHOLE THING. I tried on almost everything, and what I didn’t try on, I at least looked at/sorted. I have two giant bags of maternity clothes to donate, three bags of regular clothes to donate (after my mom goes through them!), a bag of maternity stuff for my sister, and two huge bins of Motivation Clothes that are currently too small but I love them and DAMMIT I’m gonna wear them again someday. I even vacuumed out my closet while it was empty because OMG IT WAS SUPER GROSS IN THERE. It was such a huge project and I was insanely sweaty when it was all over, but it felt so good to get done and I keep going and just staring at my nice, clean closet. IT FEELS LIGHTER.

6. Can I just be honest for a minute and say that having four hours to do ANYTHING right now feels amazing and helps make me more patient with the kids? I thrive on getting stuff done. I just do. That’s my thing. Being home with three small kids for five months made it IMPOSSIBLE to do anything for more than ten minutes at a time. Even my showers were interrupted most of the time. ONE DAY I HAD TO POOP FOR FOUR HOURS AND COULDN’T FIND TIME. What kind of ridiculous work environment is THAT?? So while I’m still low on the workload for my “real” job, I’m trying to take at least a few hours each day that I’m home alone to catch up on the stupid projects around the house that have been driving me bananas. A few things on my list? Finish making Zach’s curtains for his room. Organize and purge my spice cabinet in the kitchen, and also the pantry with canned goods, etc. Finish organizing/purging the office upstairs (I got about 90% done with this last winter and then was too pregnant and huge to do the rest and/or care about it much). The first thing on my list was my closet and I got that done and all day Thursday, I just felt like I could focus on the kids SO MUCH BETTER. Having some time to myself to do… whatever, even if it’s chores and weird/boring stuff? It makes me a better mom. Truth.

Tuesday afternoon

7. Speaking of time to myself? GUESS WHAT IS IN LESS THAN FIVE WEEKS??? I cannot wait. CANNOT WAIT.

What’s new and random with you?


  1. Melissa

    September 2, 2013 8:34 pm

    Sounds like all the kids are doing Big Exciting New Things! Yay :) And– (*sideways glance*) (*whispers*) –yaaaay for sleeeeep! (Matthew is a tummy sleeper too.)

    I’m SO glad your foot is better and you are able to walk without pain! I know it’s hard not to dive back into activities 110%, but you’re doing it the right way–gradually. And you’ll still get back in those smaller clothes before you know it. :)

    Hope you have a blast at the Blathering! :) I can’t wait to hear where 2014 will be! I’m registering as soon as it’s available, and it’s a year away but I’m already dancing at the thought of A TRIP. KID-FREE. FOR MULTIPLE DAYS. !!!

    Things are semi-improved over here (no all-day fighting at least) since Oliver went back to school, but even just with two kids all day, #6 is basically still my life. :/ I’m GREATLY looking forward to G sorting out his job situation so I can go back to work a couple days per week… because it was the same for me, too–I was a much better mom when the kids & I had a little time apart. After 1yr+9mo, I’m SO READY. lol

  2. K

    September 3, 2013 3:13 pm


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