summer is exhausting

We’re halfway through Week Three of summer and I think we’re all finally getting kinda sorta used to our new routine. Which is basically: there isn’t one. After a long school year of very strict scheduling for all of us, it was hard on to suddenly have all this FREEDOM! Especially for the girls, who were used to having school/daycare teachers telling them specifically HOW to play and WHAT to do and I’m here all: GO PLAY. THE END. WHY ARE YOU STILL STARING AT ME, KID.

The first two days of our summer vacation were… not good, I’ll just say that. But once I lowered my expectations for my own productivity (Hi, Jen, you have a newborn baby in the house plus two other children, you’re probably not gonna plow through that To Do List very quickly.) and stopped the insanity of potty training Audrey (HAAAAAA WHAT THE HELL WAS I EVEN THINKING DOING THAT NOW.), things got better. It’s like I’ve never parented before! Except I haven’t, really. I have never done THIS. I’ve never parented three kids alone, five days a week, for three months. So, it’s new for everybody. We’re figuring it out. And I’m trying to maintain my sanity while listening to the girls argue over who is allowed to breathe what air in which room of the house or who had what toy first and OMG STOP IT.

The first two weeks were kind of random with different things thrown into our schedule: air duct cleaning at the house! How exciting! Doctor appointments, grocery shopping, going to the playground for a picnic lunch, mini-golf, an anniversary date for us (ELEVEN YEARS WOOOO!) There were also a lot of days and evenings spent hanging in the yard, riding bikes, eating ice cream cones, etc etc, insert your favorite summer cliche here.

Kicking off summer!

Big girl, wearing underpants & riding the tricycle all by herself.

I could hear the arguing before it even started. #serenityNOW
This was at Zach’s 2 month checkup. The enthusiasm was off the charts.

Smiling baby in the Moby for the first time! Guess that means he likes it!
Happy wrapped up baby!

We toasted 11 years with chips full of guacamole. Figured that was appropriate.
Our night out. We toasted our 11 years of marriage with guacamole instead of alcohol because neither one of us really drink anymore. #oldpeople

While Dan's inside giving Cranky McCrankerson a bath, we're having a Girls' Only Ice Cream Party.

No training wheels. Petrified. Excited. #dontletgodaddy!

Crossing off some summer fun

Pitcher's form. Bike helmet optional.

But this weekend, we kicked things into HIGH GEAR and went to a carnival and ate funnel cake. BECAUSE IT’S SUMMER, YO.

Carnival queen


A very happy girl!

Leaving the carnival last night #latergram
It’s almost as if they LIKE each other or something.

This week has been a little more scheduled with Maggie’s art camp every morning (verdict: she seems to really love it) However, the thing I didn’t think about when I signed her up was that it’s about 25 minutes away and lasts for 2 hours. Coming home after we drop her off seems kind of silly. So I’m left with 2 hours and 2 small humans to deal with out in public. ACK. POOR PLANNING, JEN. But we’ve done okay so far. Monday we went grocery shopping, yesterday we went to Target, and today we went to the mall play area so Audrey could run around like a nut.

Chatting on her new cell phone she picked out from earning all of chore chart points!

Mall playground while Maggie's at art camp!

We’ll probably hit up another playground outside tomorrow and then… maybe head back to the mall on Friday? Audrey loves the mall. We bought soap at Bath and Body Works and she was pretty thrilled with the whole experience.

And finally FINALLY it felt like summer weather this week, so I broke out the pool. This pool is the most awesome of blow-up pools. My kid-self is jealous.

Hello, summer!

And then of course there were squirt guns and a sprinkler and… things got a little crazy.



warming up

poor Daddy (no, he loves it)

get him!

going after Daddy


drowned rat

In the next few weeks: Girls’ Night Out for meeeeee, a trip to Idlewild, maybe a campout in the yard, Fourth of July celebrations, the Taylor Swift concert (for Maggie and me!), and then our beach trip.

I’m gonna need a nap.


  1. K

    June 19, 2013 8:29 pm

    Well child visits aren’t for everyone, it seems (haaaaaaa at their expressions).

  2. Dave (Scrumpy Daddy)

    June 20, 2013 11:54 am

    What a fabulous amount of great pictures, representing the fabulous amount of stuff you guys have been up to! Regarding the pool – isn’t that the truth! We have a similar, albeit slightly smaller, pool like that, and it is awesome. We, too, no longer drink much – you wouldn’t expect it by the inventory in the house!, but we have lots because we just never use it up, for the most part. I recently got into drinking some craft beers, but before 2012, I didn’t like beer, so it still isn’t much.

    There are too many awesome pictures of the kids to single out any of them. Great stuff!

    It’s a whole new adventure with all of them home with you all day, isn’t it? I have barely been exposed to it at all, but Rachel is taking on that task this summer, too – bless her! And you!

    Keep on having good times! Yay, summer!

  3. Sara Ann

    July 10, 2013 11:54 am

    Hahaha…. the secret to happiness is low expectations, for sure! I can’t believe we’re in the thick of summer and I’m still trying to make a set schedule. I recognize the play place at Ross Park mall, one of my son’s favorites. Idlewild is on our summer bucket list, too! :)

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