7 quick takes: the OMG WHERE DID MAY GO? edition

1. Um. Hi. It’s June. I’m… not entirely sure how that happened without me realizing it. Actually, that’s a lie. I know exactly what distracted me. Their names are Maggie, Audrey, and Zach. Three kids, man. That first month after having a baby, you kind of run on adrenaline and things are rather euphoric and exciting. That second month? Things get REAL. Real Hard, Real Exhausting, Real Ridiculous. I blinked and here we are. June.

2. Speaking of June, it’s officially summer vacation! Or at least, that’s what we’ve been told. Poor Maggie made it all the way through her first year of school without missing a single day! We were thrilled! And then she spent Thursday and Friday (the last day of school) puking and moaning and in general misery. What a bummer, right? Poor kid. And I’ve spent the last 4 days running around the house with a spray bottle of bleach, a roll of paper towels, and a box of disposable rubber gloves wiping down every surface I possibly can. I’ve done more laundry than I’ve ever done in my LIFE. I set her up in the office on an air mattress so she was away from the rest of us as much as possible. And I’ve prayed. I’m not joking. I do NOT want this sickness to spread. We already did that in December and oh man, it sucked. And now with a newborn baby in the house? GOOD GRIEF. I’m not sure exactly when I’ll feel safe from this one and when I’ll stop spraying the toilets five times a day with bleach, but it’s not today, I’ll tell you that one. (FINGERS ARE CROSSED, MAN.)

3. The baby is pretty freaking awesome. I mean, he’s a BABY, so obviously I’m exhausted most of the time and he eats a lot etc etc. But as long as his belly is full and he’s not sleepy, he’s a delight. He’s so happy! He smiles! And coos! Mostly at the octopus on his playmat, but sometimes at me.

Trying to not be offended that the octopus gets better smiles & coos than I do.

I’m remembering how ridiculously fussy Audrey was in those early months before we realized she had reflux and when I compare the two of them it’s like NIGHT AND DAY. Zach has had a few fussy days here and there- though I wouldn’t even say ‘fussy’. Maybe ‘restless’ is a better word? Because it lasts like 20 minutes as opposed to NINE HOURS OF SCREAMING, so you know. It’s kind of a lot easier to deal with.

Someone asked me last week if Zach is sleeping through the night yet, and I wanted to laugh and also punch this person in the face. Because no. No he’s not. Do people just forget what babies are like? It must be that. He is (was) 7 weeks old. He usually eats just inside of every 2 hours. So no, he’s not sleeping through the night yet. (But… I’m cautiously optimistic that we maybe possibly are headed in the right direction these last few days and that’s all I’ll say. SSSSSHHH.)

4. We’re going to the beach in 6 weeks. Pros: We’ll be at the beach in an awesome house with some awesome people. We have a DVD player in the van with 2 screens for the drive (which we’re splitting into 2 days and staying at a hotel overnight halfway because dude. Newborn baby. 10 hour drive. No.) Audrey has never been to the beach so I am SO EXCITED to see her reaction. Con: bathing suit 3 months postpartum. OY.

5. Tomorrow is our first official day of Summer Vacation, and my first day at home for an entire day alone with all three kids. Maggie has been at school for part of the day since the baby was born, and Audrey was still going to daycare a few days a week. But now they’re both done with that until the end of August and I feel… ill-prepared for this. But we’ll figure out our new routine, I guess. I have some vague ideas of things we can do to fill the time but as much as I complained about (and hated!) the morning rush and school pickup and all of that? At least it gave our days some structure! The total openness of a lot of our days is a little scary. But later in June, Maggie will be going to art camp for a week and then gymnastics starts up again so that might help. Just… pray they don’t tie me to chair in the corner by Thursday. Or that I don’t tie THEM to chairs by Thursday.

6 & 7. Some pictures from the last few weeks because I’m tired and I’ve run out of words!

Peeked in on my way to bed. My heart is now a puddle on the floor of their room.

He grew an extra chin. Just in case.

I have a feeling these two will be conspiring against me in a year or so. #trouble

Future volleyball star

Watching Word World. In flip flops, sunglasses, a backpack, & pajamas. Of course.


3 days ago we were wearing coats.

Big girl swing!


Their turn for yoga (I kicked them out while I did it for FIGHTING OVER THE MATS OMG WE HAVE ONE FOR EVERYBODY!)


  1. Melissa (formerly Betty and Boo Chronicles)

    June 2, 2013 8:21 pm

    Aww … my kids had that octopus. Immediately takes me back to their newborn days!

    I’m woefully behind on my blog reading and hence, extending congratulations to you. That Zach is a cutie!

  2. Janet

    June 3, 2013 8:04 am

    Time flies when you’re not sleeping! I have to also laugh at people who ask if babies are sleeping through then night when they are still SO TINY. It’s like these people live on a totally different planet. Oh well. You have some cute kiddos! xoxo

  3. Melissa

    June 3, 2013 1:36 pm

    I have mixed feelings about summer vacation with three kids, heh. Not looking forward to breaking up fights between Oliver and Andrew. BUT– last year was a miserable blur of house showings and last month of pregnancy, then newborn baby and more house showings… so this year will be an improvement no matter what!

    You have a beautiful family and I admire you so much as a down-to-earth mom friend, seriously–inspires me to keep my sense of humor! Hopefully you’ll mostly enjoy these days before you have to go back to work again. And the beach should be fun, yay! :)

  4. Michelle

    June 3, 2013 2:56 pm

    I love your kids.

  5. K

    June 4, 2013 11:44 am

    Oh those pictures! I love them all.

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