spending time with my pocket friends in New Orleans

I’ve been putting off this recap post for a few days because really, how do I sum up such a unique and ridiculous and awesome experience appropriately? And how do I even EXPLAIN it to people who don’t understand what would possess me to fly 1000 miles to spend the weekend with people I barely know- half of them I’ve never even met in person? (last year I flew even further and I’d only ever met ONE of them in person for like 2 minutes!)

The Blathering

When I got to Austin last year, I was nervous. Like I said, I only knew one person. I “knew” about half of the rest of them. We always had the most obnoxious and hilarious and sometimes serious and helpful conversations on Twitter. But would seeing them all in the same room be the same? Would talking to their faces instead of their tiny square icons be as much fun?

And of course it was. It was fantastic. Weird, at first. But fantastic.

This year in New Orleans, I was much more relaxed upon arrival. I was SO EXCITED to meet K and Sara, the two of my three roommates I had yet to meet in person (Katie and I were roommates last year) so at first, I just focused on that. The four of us had planned on a dinner out together Thursday night before the craziness started the following day, and I think that was the most excellent idea EVER (Thank you KATIE!) because it really gave us a chance to catch up and chat without pressure and distractions.

After dinner, we were all wiped out from the day of travel so we headed back to the hotel and were in bed at a reasonable hour (so mature of us!) This also meant that we were up and ready to go pretty early Friday morning, and somehow four women in a hotel room with one bathroom got showered, dressed, put on makeup and fixed our hair in under an hour. I was impressed, you guys. Very impressed. Who says mothers don’t possess superpowers?

The next two days were a blur of food and laughter and hugs and walking and fake cocktails for me and snapping pictures.

Shirley Temple. #hardcore

Taking a break before brunch


The Blathering

The Blathering
It’s what we do, okay?

The Blathering

The Blathering

The Blathering

The Blathering

The Blathering

The Blathering

The Blathering

The Blathering

The Blathering

The Blathering

Room service cheeseburgers at 11pm with @TwoAdults. I have found my Food Kindred Spirit. #theblathering
K and I were hungry Friday night when we came back to the hotel room, so we ordered room service cheeseburgers and ate them in bed. What?

Me & the belly are ready for one last day in NOLA. Also: beignets.

Whoa, mama.

The Blathering

The Blathering

The Blathering

The Blathering

Eating these outside on a windy day. Dangerous!

Mocktail time

Chilling till dinner

The Blathering

(Sorry, that’s a lot of pictures, I know. ha)

I’ve read a few posts from other attendees and there seems to be a common thread through them all: there was just NOT ENOUGH TIME. Not enough time to meet everyone we wanted to meet, hug everyone we wanted to hug, stalk everyone we wanted to stalk (what?) I learned that last year for sure, mostly because I was a total chicken about walking up to people and saying HI! I’M A HUGE FAN AND ZOMG I LOVE YOUR HAIR AND YOU’RE SO FUNNY AND CUTE!!!! This year I felt more comfortable (slightly) and I was proud of myself for being brave enough to talk to a few people I probably wouldn’t have approached last year. That being said, there is a LONG list of people I wish I could have spent an entire day with in the city, just walking and chatting and stopping for a beignet together. (IDEA! Individual Blatherings with each and every one of you! GENIUS!)

My takeaway from this year’s trip to New Orleans (besides a few extra pounds from the food and some very achy feet from all the walking!) is that despite my protests to the contrary for years, I DO in fact like hanging out with girls!! In high school, I seemed to always have better friendships with boys and I had very little patience for the pettiness and silliness that girls seem to create (not that I wasn’t sometimes part of it too, I mean COME ON, IT WAS HIGH SCHOOL!) And through college, I kept my circle of girlfriends small and simple, opting out of sororities and large groups of ladies. To me, that meant Instant Drama and Shenanigans and I just did not have the energy for it. But here, for the second year in a row, I witnessed 50-60 women from varying backgrounds and life stages and ages and religions get together in pinchy shoes and fancy dresses and from what I could tell, everyone had a fabulous time and there was no drama. At least not at my table :)

So thank you. All of you. Even the ones I only waved to or smiled at as I hurried past you toward the food or the bathroom (hey, I’m 19 weeks pregnant, I pee a lot!) Thank you for a wonderful trip and for going from being my pocket friends to my real friends. And thank you for getting me. Thank you for being my people.

(And I have to give Dan props for taking such great care of the girls while I was gone. I came home to a pretty clean house, and apparently he curled Maggie’s hair one morning before school AND trimmed Audrey’s bangs. All while I was shoving food in my face with my friends and sleeping in. I love him.)


  1. Melissa

    November 14, 2012 8:02 pm

    THIS. Your recap here pretty much sums up why I want to go.

    Fingers crossed the timing works out so I can make it next year!! And I hope you might be able to go again (depending on that baby boy of yours, etc), and possibly Andrea, too… and about fifty others I can think of, lol…

    Pocket friends are awesome. Glad you had a great time! And YAY for the pregnant lady getting yummy food and extra sleep!

  2. Hillary

    November 14, 2012 8:07 pm

    I really hope you can come to Charleston next year. I have so enjoyed getting to know you and would love to hang out again. Plus, Charleston really is lovely, one of my very favorite cities.

    • Jen

      November 14, 2012 8:23 pm

      I’ve been to Charleston twice and LOVED it. I would absolutely love to be there! We’ll see where things are this summer and if there are spots left! (that’s my one fear, waiting too long to decide then it being full!)

  3. Ashley // Our Little Apartment

    November 14, 2012 8:08 pm

    I am just SO BUMMED that I didn’t get to see more of you, Jen. You are beyond cute. (I mean, I thought you’d be cute, but I was UNPREPARED for the level of cute you brought.)

  4. K

    November 14, 2012 8:14 pm

    Like I mentioned earlier this week, I for real missed you on Monday night. Turns out I like to TALK A LOT while laying in bed and you were you perfect for that.


  5. Tracy

    November 14, 2012 8:16 pm

    Yay for pocket friends!!!

  6. Jesabes

    November 14, 2012 8:36 pm

    I’m so bummed it’s over. I miss you guys.

    (Also, I was looking at these pictures thinking, huh, these look familiar. Then I realized, duh, Flickr. I’m slow on the uptake this week.)

  7. Erica

    November 14, 2012 10:13 pm

    Wow! Your husband curls and cuts hair! I am so. Glad I got to talk to you a bit.

  8. Susie

    November 15, 2012 5:50 pm

    I’m so glad we got to talk at dinner on Saturday! I might have to eat Wendy’s for dinner in honor of you and Dan.

  9. Sarah in Ottawa

    November 17, 2012 9:24 pm

    Jen, I was the same way in high school and University, with lots of laid-back guy friends and a few girlfriends. And it continues to blow my mind that this many women continually get together with SO MUCH goodwill and NO DRAMA. It is so amazing.

    The pictures are gorgeous, and I was so happy to see you again this year. Good luck with boy-baby!!

  10. Arwen

    November 17, 2012 11:57 pm

    Jen, your photos are beautiful. As are you – you might be the prettiest pregnant lady I’ve ever seen.

    I’m so glad I got to sit next to you Saturday night; it was wonderful getting to know you a little better. I hope for more chances in the future!

  11. CharlieSue

    November 21, 2012 5:27 pm

    I CANNOT WAIT for Charleston. You were such a delight (let’s coordinate airport arrival again) and although we didn’t get to spend much more time together over the weekend, I enjoyed you SO SO VERY VERY MUCH.

    (And your photos are beautiful.)

    (And I was sad I missed the cheeseburgers.)

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