the last summer comes to an end

Oh hi! It’s been a while! Two weeks or something crazy like that! I’m still here, just… oh you guys. These past few months have just been SILLY.

When I first wrote this post back in June about all the fun things we were going to do this summer, I guess I should have included a few lines about spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME at the doctor and worrying about various health-related things over the next couple of months. Because seriously? Overall? Even though we did manage to squeeze in a few fun summer activities? This summer kind of sucked.

Let’s review, shall we?

1. We spent a large portion of May in the hospital with Audrey and her Neck Thing. Lots of worry and stress and scary thoughts in our heads, then she had surgery. It all ended well, and she’s doing great now- no more Bandaid, even!- but still. That certainly kicked off the summer in a crazy way.

2. A few days after getting home from the hospital with her, I found out I was pregnant and… we all know how that ended. I feel like all of June was wrapped up in me sitting on the couch, praying and hoping and hurting.

Good things in June: We did manage to go to a local carnival and the girls had a blast. So there’s that!

4. July wasn’t too terrible, though we did have an incident that involved some medical intervention for Maggie and I’m sure you’d rather not hear about it. Let’s just say many many trips to the bathroom were involved and also Miralax (THANK YOU MIRALAX!) It’s all over now so hooray for that, but a good part of July was spent worrying about another person’s poo. Ahem.

Good things in July: We took the girls to Idlewild and had an amazing, 12-hour day of fun and ZERO tears/meltdowns. And ice cream. Total win. I also threw my little sister a baby shower. And, you know, nobody ACTUALLY ended up at the hospital, so *throws confetti*

5. August. August has been… less than ideal for the last month of summer vacation, I’m not gonna lie. Somewhere around the beginning of the month, a plague fell upon our house that led to a nasty cough for Audrey (we thought croup, but the doctor said no, just laryngo-somethingorother. Either way: gross and fevery, poor kid) Then Maggie had a fever for a couple of days, threw up once (?), then also developed some cold-like loveliness. Then it was MY turn! Sore throat! Cough! Head full of snot! All the while it has been sunny and beautiful outside and we’re all stuck inside surrounded by used tissues and cough drops.

But the kicker came last Friday morning, when Maggie woke up at 5am, sobbing about an earache. She is almost 5 1/2 and has only had 2 ear infections in her life, so we knew this was a big deal. I kept her home from daycare and tried to work a little before taking her to the doctor, where an ear infection was confirmed. By the time we got home from the appointment with antibiotics in hand, she was wailing and screaming about her ear hurting. I’ll be honest, at first I really thought she was just being Dramatic Maggie who gets a papercut and acts like her arm has been severed. But after hour number four of the wailing and two fitful naps, I was really starting to worry. The doctor called in another script for numbing eardrops, but Dan wouldn’t have those home for a few more hours. All I could do was hold her while she sobbed from the pain and dose her with Motrin and Tylenol when I could.

Somewhere around 5 that evening, she calmed down and things seemed suddenly better. Yay Motrin! we thought. Then that night at bedtime, I noticed some dried blood and other delightful stuff on her ear and… OH. EARDRUM RUPTURE. RIGHT. (She’s been fine since Friday night pain-wise, we got some additional antibiotic drops and things seem to be going just fine now.) (BUT STILL. EARDRUM RUPTURE. WHAT THE HECK, MAN.)

So. That’s been our summer. We did manage to squeeze in a few swimming trips here and there, but other than that, I did a terrible job completing our Laundry List of Summer Things We Want To Do. We didn’t make it to Moraine, or the Children’s Museum, and we only went mini-golfing once. However, we did have quite a few pajama days… even though they were forced, they totally count, right?

I realize this post sounds like a total downer and that’s a little unlike me… it’s not like the WHOLE summer sucked, really. The middle was pretty fun! It’s just the beginning and the end that were kind of lame-o. But, whatever. We’re looking ahead now to Maggie starting kindergarten in 6 days and Audrey starting a new daycare a week after that (oh yeah! That’s a whole other post!) And then Audrey’s 2nd birthday is just a couple of weeks after THAT. Then Halloween, which is my FAVORITE. And then I head to New Orleans for The Blathering!

Here’s to the fall!

Last night of summer "gynapstics"

(This picture is unrelated to anything else, but WHEN DID SHE GET SO TALL AND SKINNY??)


  1. Tracy

    August 21, 2012 8:33 am

    Here is to a happy, healthy and fun filled fall!
    Also, Maggie, so cute and tall and skinny and omg kdg?!

  2. bluzdude

    August 21, 2012 1:06 pm

    Aw, poor Maggie. Earaches are the worst.

  3. Melissa

    August 21, 2012 2:30 pm

    I’m sorry this summer was a bummer for you guys. Better times are ahead! xo

    P.S. I love Halloween too. I miss dressing up! lol

  4. red pen mama

    August 22, 2012 9:21 am

    Let’s face it, I think a lot of parenthood could be summed up by “worrying about another person’s poo.”

    you’ve had a rough summer, no doubt. I’m glad you did squeeze in a little fun, and that you’re entering autumn with a good spirit and in good health!

    And tell me about the tall, skinny children. Lordy, my kids are all legs!

    • Jen

      August 22, 2012 10:35 am

      ha! So true. Although I thought we were mostly done worry about our 5 year olds poo. But apparently that never goes away???!! :)

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