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recipe: chicken cheesesteak sandwiches

This recipe is one of my FAVORITES. It’s easy and simple as far as ingredients go, and it’s so so so delicious. A twist on the traditional cheesesteak sandwich, it uses chicken instead of steak. And you could really customize it by adding different things if you’d like- mushrooms, for example, or hot sauce, or tomatoes, or or or…!

Basically, it’s the perfect sandwich. Serve with fries or soup or a nice green salad.

recipe: chicken cheesesteak sandwiches

recipe: chicken cheesesteak sandwiches

recipe: chicken cheesesteak sandwiches


  1. My lazy-ish, summer friendly way? Throw frozen chicken breasts and a bag of frozen, sliced peppers and onions (Hanover brand, I think) into the crock pot for a couple hours. Drain, slice chicken. Toss with oil/seasoning/whatever, put on rolls, top with cheese, then toss under the broiler.

    Either way, good stuff. :)

    Jul 24 4:15 pm

    • Jen

      ooh I like this idea! I want to make out with my crockpot almost daily, so this is definitely something I’d like to try!

      Jul 25 8:51 am