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recipe: sweet & sour pasta salad

How about a yummy summer recipe to start off the week? Sweet and sour pasta salad! My mom makes this all the time for picnics and parties and it’s one of my favorites. She brought it recently to a family thing and I realized I never shared it here and that’s just a travesty. And it’s perfect now that the weather is getting warmer- goes great as a quick side dish for burgers or grilled chicken or even for a light lunch (you could probably throw in some shredded cooked chicken or something and it would be delicious!)



  1. Dave (Scrumpy Daddy)


    And, Yay!, you don’t like olives, either. (All the adult women in my family, including my wife & in-laws like olives. Out of the men, only my brother-in-law does, so it always seemed so gender-biased to me! Ha!)

    Thanks for the recipe!

    Jun 11 9:45 am

  2. Really simple but really tasty, looking for ideas to take on a picnic and this is perfect, thank you.

    Jun 28 7:03 am