Maggie snippets

Her little sister is becoming a Full Force in the house and loves to mess up whatever Maggie is doing. She also loves to climb on Maggie, knock her over, give her hugs and kisses, eat her crayons, rip up her papers, knock over her block towers, and basically just be wherever Maggie is at all times. Audrey went through a phase a few weeks ago of hair-pulling. Not out of anger or rage, just EXCITEMENT. She was just so so happy to be with Maggie that she would grab onto her hair and put her full weight into hanging on and OW. I can’t imagine how much that hurt.

And what did Maggie do? Nothing. Or rather, nothing in retaliation. She just said “ow ow ow AUD-ER-EEEEEEEEE!” (She turns her name into three syllables when she’s annoyed or mad at her. heh) and calmly waited for assistance from us or for Audrey to let go. The patience she shows towards her little sister is amazing. And we have told her so. It wasn’t an easy transition for her, having a little sister (the first 6 months or so were VERY DRAMA-FILLED, though it was all directed towards us, never the baby, thankfully) We’re just super proud of how understanding she is when Audrey gets all up in her business and she keeps her cool.

I could… probably learn a lesson or two from my four-year-old. heh.

Audrey was napping and I was in my bedroom, putting laundry away (AN ENDLESS, THANKLESS TASK IF EVER THERE WAS ONE.) Maggie was also in the room with me, milling about on the bed, singing songs and doing the random things that preschoolers do. After a while, I heard her talking quietly, sitting in a pile of blankets on the floor. It sounded like she was telling a story. Then I realized she had found the teeny-tiny copy of the New Testament that had been Dan’s mother’s (which we came across when his grandmother passed away and we were cleaning out her house) and she was making up her own Jesus stories.

“So Maggie, how was school? What did you learn about today?”

“We learned about SPACE!”

“Oh, cool! What kind of things did you learn about space?”



“Did you know that they think Pongo isn’t a planet anymore?”

“…do you mean Pluto?”

“Oh yeah! ha! Pluto!”

(another pause)

“Did you know that Pluto is the name of one of the dogs in One Dalmation Dog.” [translation: 101 Dalmations]

“Um… no I think you mean Pongo is the name of the dog in One Dalmation Dog.”

“Oh. Yeah. ha.”

Audrey is writhing around the floor, having a whine-fest over something, but we have no idea what.

“Audrey, are you break fighting dancing??”

(We ask Audrey all the time if she’s break dance fighting. ha)


  1. Jesabes

    March 8, 2012 11:42 am

    Re: laundry being a thankless task. My husband HATES laundry. It drives him crazy, so he’s trained everyone in our house to be constantly thankful for it (I guess so I won’t feel unappreciated and stop doing it?). Every time he gets the kids dressed or in PJs, he says isn’t it SO NICE your mommy washed this for you? Don’t you have a GREAT mommy? If Margaret catches me putting away laundry she gushes THANK YOU, THANK YOU, MOMMY. You WASHED my CLOTHES, that is SO NICE!

  2. PinkieBling

    March 8, 2012 12:53 pm

    Jen, that is awesome. What a good big sister! Pongo and Pluto, heh. She’s darling.

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