leap year of yore

I kind of wish I had done this little project again THIS leap year, but honestly, it would have been mostly pictures of me in my cubicle at work doing Nerdy Things That Made My Head Hurt A Little Bit, so really not that interesting. But I went back in my Flickr archives to 2008, when I participated in a photo project that challenged us to take one picture every hour on Leap Day in order to chronicle what we did with our extra day that year.

Two words: BABY MAGGIE.

8:30 AM (also... Day 26)
(She was 11 months old.)

9:30 AM
My old computer! Who died a tragic, early death by way of a twice-fried graphics card!

12 PM

1 PM

2:30 PM
SNOW. Apparently enough that I skidded and slid and ended up canceling a work thing.

3:30 PM

7 PM

7:30 PM
Fast forward a few hours… Daddy and Maggie playtime. I CAN’T TAKE IT! GAH!

9:30 PM
And then we watched 24.

This leap year was not a whole lot different: no snow, but work stuff and sitting on the couch watching tv for a bit after dinner and playtime and putting the girls to bed. But of course, this playtime involved TWO kids. So it was… louder, basically.

What did you do on your Extra Day this year?


  1. Becca

    March 1, 2012 3:44 pm

    I was thinking of this project a few days ago, but I hadn’t remembered it being on leap day. So I went to look up mine and sure enough, leap day. heh. It would be a cute tradition to do, if I could remember it.

  2. Laura

    March 2, 2012 6:03 pm

    Wow I totally forgot I did this too, and I also didn’t remember it was on Leap Day. My life was quite different that day!

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