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So! We’re home from our trip! The girls and Grandma survived each other for 8 whole days, and we had a ridiculously awesome time. We missed them so much, of course, and 90% of our conversations centered around them, but it was still such a fantastic break from the Everyday Stuff.

And yes, I have a bazillion pictures and a bunch of stories to share! But today was spent catching up on email (OH MY GAWD THE EMAIL!) and trying to adjust to being back in a world that doesn’t include breakfast buffets and a need to wear flip flops.

A few crappy phone pics until I get a chance to write more!

Just about ready to set sail! IT'S 49 DEGRESS WTF FLORIDA??!! :)
It was 40 degrees when we left the port in Florida. WHAT. ??

Whoa fancy!

Cococay Bahamas. My view while I ran on the top deck.
I ran on the track one morning. This was my view.

Water so blue, it looks fake.

The Promenade. Shops and food and shops and food. And some more food.

Great way to end the day.

Berrymisu. The food was so pretty. And delicious.


Island mentality

St. Thomas

Mini golf on the ocean

St Maarten


  1. Gosh, that looks wonderful!

    Feb 21 8:44 am

  2. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. so amazing.

    Feb 21 8:45 am

  3. That looks amazing. Can’t wait to hear more!

    Feb 21 10:22 am

  4. The third to the last pic? Of the harbor at St. Thome from the top of the tramp? That Carnival boat was mine!

    Feb 21 9:50 pm

  5. How did you get these up so fast? I am just now getting over here to READ IT and this isn’t even the most recent post! DAMN YOU ARE GOOD AT COMING HOME FROM VACATION.

    Feb 22 12:33 am

    • Jen

      oh these are just my phone pics, easy to post :) I still have a BAJILLION other pictures to go through and a super long (only special to me!) post to write… my goal is by Monday. I CAN DO THIS. LOL

      Feb 22 8:45 pm

  6. I hope you had a great time!!!!

    Feb 23 5:30 pm