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Mission: No More Moustache, Please.

My Teenage Self would be horrified to know I now have to concern myself with FACIAL HAIR, but it’s true. Getting older, hormones, having children-my body has changed, that’s a fact. I mean, I don’t have a full-on beard or anything, but I do have some unsightly hair on my upper lip from time to time. While it’s not particularly noticeable to most people, *I* notice it, and it makes me a bit self-conscious, especially in the sunlight. EEK!

Every couple of months, I’ll schedule an appointment to have it waxed. I tried waxing it once myself, and it was not very successful. I ended up with a still hairy, red upper lip, and I maybe cried a little bit because OUCH. So now I pay someone to rip my upper lip hair out by the roots with hot wax. Sounds fun, right? Being a lady is SO GLAMOROUS, you guys.

I had a chance this week to try a new product, thanks to Olay Skin Care and BlogHer.

New Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo is a uniquely formulated two-step system designed to gently, yet effectively remove unwanted facial hair, leaving skin smooth, conditioned, and visibly hair free. This gentle hair removal system contains a Skin Guarding Balm, applied before the removal cream, that hydrates the skin to minimize irritation, redness, and other tell-tale signs associated with hair removal creams.

I was very excited at the prospect of finding an alternative to waxing because, let’s face it, it hurts. And if I can do it at home in less than ten minutes? Even better; with two small children, a busy husband, and a business to run, it’s not always easy for me to find the time to hit the salon.

The verdict based on my experience? You guys, it’s LOVELY! The product is easy to use. Two simple steps: apply the balm, then apply the removal cream. Wait a bit (check Twitter, read Facebook!) then wipe it off. It doesn’t have a strong odor like a lot of other hair removal products, just a light, pleasant smell like hand lotion. And it worked!

I had quite a bit of hair on my upper lip, and when I wiped off the removal cream, the hair went with it. There were a few stray hairs left behind, but I think that’s because I erred on the side of caution and stopped after 6 minutes, when the recommended time is 6-8 minutes. I was worried that since I’d never tried it before, it might irritate my skin if I went too long. But I had absolutely no redness or sensitivity, so I’d be comfortable leaving it on a minute or so longer next time.

So! No more moustache! Hooray for that! I feel SO much better having the hair gone, and it didn’t cost me a trip to the salon and the pain of waxing. Fabulous.

To make things even more awesome, one of my readers will be receiving a $50 gift card from the folks at BlogHer and Olay!

To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me about what inspires you to express your inner beauty and how do you express it?


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  1. Candace

    That’s a rough question for someone with low self esteem.. Haha. I think what inspires me to express my inner beauty is my children. I try to be positive and show self respect and respect of others around my girls so they can grow up respecting themselves and others around them, regardless of what someone looks like.

    P.s. my beard needs this stuff. Bad. Like, bearded lady bad.

    Jan 3 12:19 pm

  2. This does seem like a pretty handy product. Waxing is painful and expensive!

    How do I express my inner beauty? Hmmm. I try to do nice things for other people. Does that count?

    Jan 3 12:19 pm

  3. Melissa

    I’ve used a similar hair removal product for many years, even pre-kids (thanks to my Italian genes), so I’ll have to try this one!

    My mom inspires me to express my inner beauty. She is the definition of kindness, and I couldn’t be more proud or grateful for her example.

    Jan 3 1:18 pm

  4. Seeing inner beauty in others reminds me that, oh yeah, I might want to show some myself!

    Jan 3 2:45 pm

  5. Alison

    I tried bleaching, waxing, tweezing and I even went as far as to have Very expensive laser removal (removal, ha!)…

    …and you know what? The method that works best and is the cheapest…shaving.

    It takes 15 seconds at the most, in the shower every morning. If you’re particularly hairy and get five o’clock stubble, just shave it again. You can do it dry, no big deal.

    I’m telling you ladies, shaving is LIBERATING!

    Jan 3 3:37 pm

  6. cw

    My daughter inspires me because she sees beauty in everything. I express this inner beauty by smiling (at everyone)

    Jan 3 6:44 pm

  7. steph

    nature inspires me – and i express it by using natural beauty products!

    Jan 3 10:39 pm

  8. Laser, laser, laser! Well, maybe. I had a great deal–my dermatologist was just beginning to offer it in office, so it was rock bottom pricing. It’s working really well on one body part and questionably well on the other. Hmmph.

    As for inner beauty? I don’t dance. I never dance, but damn if Hannah and I don’t dance like crazy to the Beatles. Those are beautiful moments to me, and I feel so very alive during them.

    Jan 3 11:47 pm

  9. My daughters inspire me to express my inner beauty. I want them to know that real beauty lies in in treating others well, expressing our emotions constructively, and never hiding our talents.

    Jan 4 11:20 am

  10. Deb Anderson

    I love a fresh dewy complexion and try to achieve it using microdermabrasion and chemical peel.

    Jan 4 7:25 pm

  11. Susan Smith

    My family inspires me and I express it buy being kind and smiling,

    Jan 4 7:35 pm

  12. Sunshine

    This product is fascinating! With my Italian heritage, I have been dealing with facial hair for a long time.
    My inner beauty? I try to be kind and teach my daughter to do the same.

    Jan 5 9:37 am

  13. I use moisturizer and a smile!

    thanks for a chance to win!
    And, have a GREAT day!

    Jan 5 11:42 am

  14. Mel

    I just saw a commercial for this and wondered about it so the timing of your post was perfect.

    As to my inner beauty, I’m in the process of trying to figure that out. For now my mantra is “I choose to be happy” and it’s working a little.

    Jan 5 2:19 pm

  15. Karina Lee

    i accent my smile with lipgloss

    Jan 5 6:40 pm

  16. Great to know it works so well. I’m gonna have to try this product!

    Simplicity inspires my inner beauty. I try to keep my beauty routine to very basic steps and it works well. I don’t feel overwhelm and I’m able to keep them consistence. How do I express it? IT’s basically the thumb of rule in everything I do on a daily basis. :)

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

    Jan 5 11:39 pm

  17. I tweeted about this giveaway:!/uTry_it/status/155146768349278208

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

    Jan 5 11:41 pm

  18. I try to bathe everyday. Yup! It makes the people that are around me happier! ;)

    Jan 6 2:01 pm

  19. My inner beauty comes from having a positive attitude..
    approaching life with the same..
    and expressing everything i say or do with the same approach. from my surroundings,the environment, and life itself , each was a heavenly creation.
    I try to use all five of my God given senses for the ability to appreciate his artistically created masterpieces.
    To be so blessed..this is what inspires my inner beauty to shine!

    Jan 7 1:19 am

  20. WinterSundays

    What inspires me to express my inner beauty is gratitude and generosity. I try to be actively grateful for my blessings and generous with others. Seems to produce good karma and that makes me happy!

    Jan 8 3:52 am

  21. anna pry

    my daughters inspire me to express my inner beauty which i do by eating healthy and exercising to stay strong

    Jan 9 12:44 am

  22. Jessie C.

    My beauty routine is quite simple. I avoid complicated process and am all for multi-purposed products. I like easy and simple. Less is more helps me express and ispire my inner beauty.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

    Jan 9 2:00 am

  23. Christina Tong

    My inner beauty is inspired by being peaceful, I always feel happy and try not to worry even though we sometimes may face difficulties and I smile all the time that express it naturally.


    Jan 9 2:07 am

  24. Christina Tong

    I tweeted about this giveaway:!/ctong2/status/156271437945122817


    Jan 9 2:10 am

  25. The amazing women in my life inspire me to show my inner beauty. I know so many truly beautiful women!

    Jan 9 1:33 pm

  26. Wehaf

    I try to focus on what I do, rather than how I look. So maybe my body isn’t perfect, but it is strong – that’s beautiful, and it makes me happy.

    Jan 9 10:37 pm

  27. Debra F

    I try to let my inner beauty shine by not covering myself with too much makeup, and also simplifying my accessories. When I look more natural, I feel more like my true self.

    Jan 15 2:39 pm

  28. Tina M

    My hubby inspires me . I express this inner beauty by nice to others

    Jan 15 10:47 pm

  29. My children inspire me to express my inner beauty (AWWWWW!) and I try to show it by being gentle with them and gracious with others. I’m … not always 100% successful.

    Jan 17 8:22 am

  30. my mom inspires my inner beauty. she isn’t here, but her example stuck with me.
    and a smile is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear!

    Jan 17 8:44 am

  31. Deborah Heidl

    I have been getting my upper lip area waxed for about 10 years now … doing that every 8 weeks. I would like to have a product that I can do from home myself and be able to do it more often if needed.

    Jan 17 10:32 am

  32. Melanie

    My baby inspires me to express my inner beauty, so I try to keep my skin looking happy and fresh.

    Jan 18 5:08 pm

  33. sy

    I want to look healthy, I start with my skin by putting on a lot of lotion. thanks for the review and giveaway!
    songyueyu at gmail

    Jan 21 12:15 am

  34. I re-tweeted! I’m @girlhaq and for some reason I am an idiot and can’t find the link to my RT??!? Doh

    Jan 23 4:39 pm

  35. I try to teach my children that beauty is on the inside so they are my inspiration for expressing my inner beauty. Kindness, care, acceptance, love and positive attitudes are far more beautiful than what the eye can see.

    Jan 23 5:01 pm

  36. Mary M.

    Helping other out at work and at home, it makes me smile.

    Jan 24 11:28 am

  37. eko

    I express my inner beauty by attempting to live for others and not just talk about it…

    That is one of the hardest things my aging self has dealt with – the hairs – ugh, and yeah – getting caught unwaxed/plucked finds me much more self-conscious than I care to be.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    Jan 24 4:53 pm

  38. jill ed

    Trying to be authentic and happy is what inspires me to show my inner beauty. A smile can be far more attractive than a face full of makeup.

    Jan 25 9:36 pm

  39. Janice Cooper

    God, smiling, being nice to others and positivity is how I express my my inner beauty

    Jan 26 5:50 pm