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lunch nap

This is what happens when you wake up every hour or two through the night, and then wake for the day at 6:15am, and then play outside on a chilly day for an hour, and then try to eat lunch.

lunch nap

lunch nap

Consider yourself advised.

lunch nap


  1. Ack she is so cute.

    Nov 20 5:23 pm

  2. That is adorable. My kids have never fallen asleep at a meal. Although Will has been close.

    Nov 20 10:39 pm

  3. oh my goodness! that never happens around here, but sometimes i sure wish it would! ;)

    Nov 21 9:20 am

    • Jen

      See above reply to comment :) Apparently our girls like to fall asleep while they’re eating. HA

      Nov 21 9:46 am

  4. Haha so cute! Logan falls asleep anywhere and everywhere. Especially in his highchair!

    Nov 21 10:24 am

  5. Andrew did this once when he was giving up his morning nap. A cute age. It’s all such a short time! Sigh.

    Nov 21 2:15 pm

  6. K

    Oh, Jen! She is starting to more and more like a little girl than a baby.


    Nov 21 3:39 pm

  7. Oh! So sweet!

    Nov 22 3:42 pm

  8. It’s true, that’s exactly what happened the last time I did all those things.

    Nov 22 7:58 pm