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I had a baby this fall. (Duh.) And I gained 35-40 pounds while pregnant (I’m not exactly sure how much because I quit weighing myself and paying attention at the doctor at the end because seriously, I didn’t need to be reminded of how gigantic I was. I COULD FEEL IT. I didn’t need a number to tell me. ha)

I lost 20 pounds or so in the first month after delivery- that part is always easy. Water weight, your body no longer housing a human being, etc- that all helps. But after that early honeymoon period of time, at least for me, the rest of the weight is STUBBORN and WILL. NOT. BUDGE.

Even breastfeeding wasn’t helping. All of you who have stories about the weight just melting off! and then some! and you’re back to your pre-pregnancy weight by the time your baby turns 4 weeks old! All because of breastfeeding! I’M JEALOUS. SHOOSH, YOU. All breastfeeding did for me was make me ravenously hungry all the time and I couldn’t quit eating. Not so much helping with the weightloss. I even had a baby who breastfed every hour on the hour for like 5 weeks! DIDN’T HELP. NO FAIR.

After things settled down, I tried for a few weeks to watch what I was eating. I have done Weight Watchers (online) twice in the past with great success, and it taught me a lot about paying attention to what I shove in my face. And this time I figured I could do it on my own.

It… didn’t work very well. I lost maybe 2 pounds. Then I gained 2 back. Then lost another one. Then gained 2 back. Then lost 2 again… rinse, repeat.

At the beginning of December, I finally decided I needed a real plan, so I signed up for Weight Watchers online again. I’m lucky enough not to really need a special diet (low-carb, low-fat, whatever) but I do need the accountability of recording my food each day. I’m motivated enough to record things, so it’s a system that really works for me. When I go to eat something, I think… hm… how will this make me feel later today when I have to write down that I ate ten cookies? MAYBE I’LL PUT NINE OF THEM BACK.

Now, I started WW again right before Christmas. Which is like SUPER PARTY SEASON. Meaning tons of really good (tasting) food. So I didn’t have high hopes for losing a lot of weight. But I thought if I could just get through the holidays without gaining a ton, that would be good enough.

And it was. After Christmas and New Years, I had lost 3 pounds (I had lost 5, but I gained 2 back during Christmas/New Years Week. Also known as the Week Of The Fussy Reflux Baby. So it was… kind of stressful and I may have eaten my feelings a little bit. heh) But thanks to paying attention a little bit, I came out 3 pounds down.


Then Jennie announced she was holding a contest: Biggest Blogging Loser. Nearly 100 bloggers, $20 each in the pot, and the winner gets the money (or rather, the biggest loser gets most of the money and the runner-up gets a share, as well) It’s all based on percentage, so whether you have 15 pounds or 50 pounds you want to lose, the playing field is even.


The contest started last Monday, and this Monday I got on the scale: I had lost another three pounds. YAY!

But losing those extra pounds isn’t my only goal with this contest (although, obviously I have no chance of winning if the numbers on the scale don’t move). I have some other goals:

1. Exercise more. I do not particularly like to exercise. I get bored easily so I don’t like running- especially on a treadmill, and I haaaate the exercise bike. And I’m not very athletic, so group sports-type stuff is just not my thing. I used to attend some yoga classes at a gym and I LOVED those- being in a class really keeps me interested and motivated (don’t want to be the Class Slacker!) but with two kids and a business to run, finding a class that fits my schedule is tough. (Which I’m bummed about. I miss my hot yoga!) But! We recently got a Kinect for our XBox360 and along with that, a fitness game (this one) I really love it. It’s fun and game-like so most of the time I forget that I’m working out, because I’m too busy trying to get the high score. So far since Christmas, I’ve managed 2 or 3 good workouts each week- which is a HUGE accomplishment for me.

I can already feel the effects. I’ve been sore a lot, but I also feel my muscles tightening up- all those muscles that, while you’re pregnant, you kind of forget to use. Like your abs. Or your hamstrings. Or basically any muscle other than the Whining Because I’m Huge And Uncomfortable Muscle. My body is already feeling stronger and I’m loving it.

2. Eat more fruits and veggies. I’m not a big veggie fan. I mean- I love carrots and green beans and asparagus, and I eat a lot of onions and bell peppers. But other than that, I’ve never been into vegetables. They just… kind of get in the way of the carbs, you know? But I’m going to make an effort to try a new vegetable now and then. Same with fruit- I’ve already tried a few varieties of pears and apples to see which ones I like the best (oh honeycrisp, you are so delicious!) And the best part is that under the new Weight Watchers points plan? Vegetables and fruit are ZERO! So I can have a whole bushel of apples and it doesn’t count! (Although, I shouldn’t do that. Probably.)

3. Drink more water. This isn’t a huge challenge for me, just something I need to remember to do. I’ve always chosen water as a beverage over pop (soda) or other stuff, but because I’m breastfeeding it’s even more important. Plus when you’re trying to lose weight, the easiest way to feel full and not like you’re starving yourself is to fill your belly with water. I have a 24oz water bottle that I fill up several times a day. My goal is to fill and empty it four times each day. I’m doing pretty well so far (I’m also spending a LOT of time peeing. HA.)

4. Be patient. It’s SO TOUGH to remember that it took nine months to gain all that weight. Since last January, my body has been through a lot and has done SO much! I also need to remember that by this point after Maggie was born, I hadn’t even started THINKING about losing the weight. So I’m already ahead of the game! And it’s unrealistic (for me) to expect that I’m going to fit into my old jeans before Audrey is 4 months old (which is, um, TOMORROW.) But: my goal is to zip those bad boys up by the time she’s 6 months old.

I only have 15 pounds to go. Someone get me an apple!


  1. Melissa

    January 13, 2011 10:01 pm

    Yay! You are off to a great start, 2-3 workouts a week is awesome!

    As you already know, I’m no baby-weight-melter either: PCOS, low thyroid, crappy metabolism. I eat low-carb, low-fat, AND I gave up dairy the past 6 weeks (dear Lord, I miss cheese)… scale hasn’t budged in over a month. Last spring I tried running 2-3 miles 5 days/week for 8 weeks, which didn’t work, so since then I’m back to doing pilates 4-5 days/week… now Andrew is 14 months old (*cry*) and I STILL can’t get these last 5 lb off. (This is exactly why I didn’t sign up for the contest–I might as well just set a $20 on fire! lol.) So compared to all THAT nonsense? This should be no sweat for you. ;)

    Good luck in reaching your goal! Get those old jeans washed up and ready to go! :)

  2. Melissa

    January 13, 2011 10:09 pm

    Oh, and this is totally unrelated, but I was reading InStyle magazine during lunch at work earlier this week, and there was an article where it mentioned Faith Hill–she has three daughters, GRACIE (like your former cat), MAGGIE, and AUDREY! Thought it was a random/funny coincidence. :)

    • Jen

      January 13, 2011 10:26 pm

      WHOA!!!! I knew about Gracie and Maggie- always thought that was funny once I realized. But I did NOT KNOW they had a third girl and named her Audrey. ?!??!? FREAKY. (and I hope people don’t think I copied. heh.)

      • Melissa

        January 14, 2011 10:15 am

        So I checked, and it turns out Faith Hill’s real first name is Audrey! (Faith is her middle name.) So that must be where they got her daughter Audrey’s name. But their middle names are different from your girls: Maggie Elizabeth and Audrey Caroline. I’m sure 99% of people don’t even know her daughters’ names so no one would think you copied. They’re just cute names that happen to sound great together for little sisters. :)

        • Jen

          January 14, 2011 10:24 am

          huh didn’t know that was her first name! I love that you’re becoming my inside source for Faith Hill news ;) LOL

          Seriously though. Seems like Audrey is becoming a popular name all of a sudden! You said you knew a few babies, and someone else recently told me that as well. Here I was, thinking we were being unique without being weird! ha

  3. Laura

    January 13, 2011 10:39 pm

    I think that “losing weight because of BFing” thing is bogus. It never worked that way for me, either.

    • Jen

      January 13, 2011 10:42 pm

      Some people swear by it, but it’s possible that they would lose the weight fast anyway, right? Like I said, all it has really done for me is make me SUPER FREAKING HUNGRY. heh Mostly in the beginning though, that has calmed down a little bit.

      I did think that breastfeeding helped my belly shrink faster in those first days though. I was amazed at how much smaller it was (not FLAT by any means, ha) after just a week. I remember it taking weeks with Maggie, I think because even though I was breastfeeding, it wasn’t as often or as good (she had a horrible latch)

      • Melissa

        January 14, 2011 10:01 am

        One of my coworkers (who is 5’7″ and about 125lb to begin with) gained 50lb with her first, 40lb with her second, didn’t breastfeed at all–and BOTH times she was back to pre-baby weight and wearing her old clothes in 2-3 weeks. Oh, and she can eat whatever she wants, and doesn’t have to exercise. So yeah, I love her but I totally wanted to punch her! lol

  4. Jane

    January 14, 2011 8:45 am

    I love the new WW program. I was totally stalled on the old program in November. Probably the biggest change up I did was started eating protein (egg beaters) in the morning, instead of my oatmeal or bowl of cereal.

    Clementines are awesome this time of year too. Someone in my at work meeting yesterday said Honey Bell Oranges, but she had to order them online. She said they are like candy. Totally checking that out.

    I also love love love my popcorn at night when we are vegging out in front of the TV. Good luck! Great challenge for motivation!

    Oh, and you’re doing great with only 15 to go 4 months in. I am a firm believer that sleep deprivation is a big part of not losing weight.

    • Jen

      January 14, 2011 10:05 am

      I’m loving it too! I think it’s a huge improvement, because it really does encourage you to eat BETTER, not just LESS. Which- eating less is good, but when a cheeseburger was the same as a bowl of fruit, something’s not quite right about that ;) So it’s holding me even more accountable and motivating me to eat healthier in general, which I needed anyway.

      And AGREED on the sleep deprivation. It’s so hard to even CARE when you’re exhausted. Now that Audrey is sleeping better (most of the time) at night, only waking once usually, I feel more human during the day and care a little bit more. More energy to exercise, too! All good things :)

  5. amy

    January 18, 2011 1:39 pm

    oh man…I’m so with you…I’ve had three kiddos and NEED to get the weight off PRONTO. I am so tired of carrying around the extra weight I put on while preggers…

    I found your blog through bloggy moms :)

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