Gracie girl

Over the weekend, we visited Dan’s uncle at his new house (which is now just a few miles away from where we live!) It was great visiting with Dan’s side of the family, but one of the highlights of the night- for me, anyway- was seeing Gracie again.


If you’ve been reading my blog for a few years, you may remember Gracie (and Scotty). They were our cats for 4 years, up until we made the difficult decision to give them away. There were about a million reasons for doing what we did, and I agonized for months before we actually went through with it. But eventually, it was obvious: we had to find new homes for them. We were miserable, and so were the kitties. Nobody was happy.

Scotty went to my sister’s in-laws’ house (and then wormed his way into their neighbor’s house instead. THAT’S JUST HOW SCOTTY IS, YOU GUYS. heh) And Gracie was taken in by Dan’s uncle, who also had another cat. And now Gracie has a total of three kitty friends to keep her company! Three kitties friends who DON’T try to eat her on a daily basis! (LOOKING AT YOU, SCOTTY.)

On Saturday at the party, we couldn’t find Gracie, so Maggie and I went hunting for her. I don’t think Maggie really remembers them- she was only about 15 months old when they left. But she sees pictures of the kitties so she knew who we were looking for. I had a hunch that she was hiding under a bed somewhere- that’s where she was almost all the time in our house, hiding from Scotty because he liked to torture her. And sure enough, there she was.


I didn’t really get to pet her because she’s pretty timid (always was), but she did come toward me and sniff my finger. I’m sure she doesn’t remember me, but that doesn’t matter. I’m glad I got to see her happy in her new place. It makes me even more confident we made the right choice, for all of us.

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  1. janet

    December 13, 2010 11:19 am

    Oh man, as someone who has also been through that horrible process, I can understand how good it feels to know your kitty is in a better home. Thank goodness for the kind souls who take them in, in sometimes desperate times.

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