Maggie snippets

We’ve been dealing with some listening issues lately with Maggie (if you’ll recall the Listening Chart. It’s… going. Not well, not terribly. It’s a process, apparently.) The other night, Dan was giving her a bath and was washing her ears.

‘OW!’ she said. ‘That hurts!’

‘Your ear hurts? Like, inside?’

‘Yeah! That’s why I can’t hear you.’

And then she looked at him and GRINNED.

If she eats a good dinner, Maggie’s allowed to choose a treat from the candy bowl (a mixture of Halloween candy and other random stuff we’ve collected) One night, she said she wanted two Hershey kisses, but Dan told her she could only have one. Dan picked one out of the bowl and handed it to her, but she said she wanted to pick it out herself.

Dan held out the bowl and told her to put that one back and pick another one. She moved her hand over the bowl like she was putting the first one back and grabbed the second one with the other hand.

She still had the first one hidden in her hand. Dan had no idea until he looked at her and saw her sly little smile.

He let her keep both, because DAMN. She earned it.

Her big thing lately is drawing. Mostly on my printer paper. She had been stealing it from my printer for a while until one day, I went to print something and there was nothing left. So I bought a new package a week or so ago, and I gave her a stack about a half-inch thick. I told her that was her paper to draw and color on however she wanted, but if she ran out, she needed to ask me first and I’d give her another stack. No more stealing from my printer!

Yesterday, she came running to Dan. I was standing right there, but she made a point of only speaking to him). She was holding a stack of clean white paper and said ‘Daddy! My paper in there [pointing toward her playroom] is all wrinkled! I need to draw on this paper!’

‘Okay, that’s fine. Where did you get that paper in your hand?’

‘…Mommy’s printer.’

Cracks me up how she had to explain away her theft because she knew she’d totally be busted.

It’s not often lately that I put her to bed- usually I’m busy nursing Audrey so Dan takes over bedtime for Maggie. But last night the timing worked out, so Maggie and I were cuddling in her bed after finishing a book. I sang ‘You Are My Sunshine’ (per her request) and she sang along with me. When the song was over, I gave her a big hug and she gave me one back. It was such a nice, tender, parenting moment as we lay there quietly, snuggling together (a rarity these days, unfortunately).

I looked down at her sweet face. ‘I love you, sweetie pie,’ I said.

She was quiet for a moment, and then: ‘I farted.’

She is SO her father’s daughter.


  1. OverMom

    November 29, 2010 9:36 pm

    So glad my child is not the only one that ruins cute moments with talk of bodily functions ;)
    The kiss story is my favorite! She def deserved an extra one for the mind work that went into figuring out how to outsmart Dad!

  2. Laura

    November 29, 2010 11:04 pm

    “I farted” is a phrase that I hear at least 5 times a day here. I’m not even exaggerating.

  3. Korinna

    November 30, 2010 10:31 am

    Oh my gosh. That last one made me laugh out loud at work.

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