babies need stuff.

Okay everyone! Holiday weekend is over! Back to work! *clap clap*


With another baby coming, we have a lot of stuff to buy. You might say, ‘But Jen, you already HAVE a kid. She’s only three! And you’re having another girl! Can’t you just re-use everything from Maggie?‘ And you’re mostly right. We have a good stroller and infant carseat/travel system that we love, a swing, a bouncy seat, exersaucer, tons of toys and books, a crib and bedroom furniture… all the main stuff. But there are still some big ticket items (and small ticket, but no less important!) that we need to make decisions on and purchase.

And for advice and recommendations, I turn to you! Because I know a lot of you are moms (and dads!) and I find there’s no better way to find awesome stuff than word of mouth from parents.

1. Bassinet. I borrowed one from my lovely cousin when Maggie was a newborn, and it worked out great. For 8 weeks or so, Maggie was right next to my side of the bed, and I could reach over and get her to feed her at night (we moved her to her crib around 8 weeks when I gave up on nursing, and I had to get up anyway to warm a bottle in the kitchen.) But I don’t think I’ll be borrowing that bassinet this time, because my other cousin (the lovely cousin’s sister!) just had a baby and I think she’s borrowing it this time. (which: TOTALLY COOL, OBVIOUSLY!) So! We’re in the market for… something. A bassinet, a co-sleeper-type thing, I don’t know. I’d rather not spend a ton of money on it, because there’s a good chance This Is The Last Baby (whooo-boy is that another post altogether) and we really wouldn’t get a crazy amount of use out of it. But still, it’s needed, I think. So do you have something you loved?

2. Infant carrier. I used a Bjorn carrier with Maggie and it was… okay. I didn’t love it, but it did the job. Until Maggie hit about 15 pounds or so and then OMG MY BACK! And I honestly really missed being able to strap her to my front for a walk or a trip into the grocery store. And with a three year old running around, it will be extra-nice to have both hands free while carrying the baby. I’m not looking for a wrap, really- I’d like something more substantial with straps and things I can easily adjust. Something comfy with a decent (realistic) weight limit.

3. Bottles. I used Dr. Brown’s with Maggie and I’m not opposed to using them again. I do think they helped keep Maggie relatively gas-free with the air filtration thingy-ma-bob (technical term!) But they were kind of a pain in the behind to wash (ALL THOSE PARTS. GAH.) So I’m 100% open to new suggestions. The other wrinkle here is that the whole BPA thing was not, well… a THING when Maggie was a baby. So BPA-free bottles are on my list as well. But no glass bottles, please- we have wood floors and I can just SEE Maggie (or the baby!) flinging the bottle down and SMASH. What bottles did you use? Did you love them? Hate them? Would you use them again?

4. Breastpump. Oh, breastfeeding. How I hope you go better this time around. And how I hope that means I’ll need a breastpump! Now, I won’t necessarily need a fancy-pants travel pump, since I work mostly at home and don’t have to worry about pumping at an office every day (THANK GOD.) But, if nursing goes well, I do anticipate wanting to pump quite a bit and get a stockpile in the freezer so Dan (and others!) can help out with feedings and I can, you know, have a LIFE at some point. And I’ll be honest: I know next to NOTHING about breastpumps, as I only nursed Maggie for about 6 weeks and pumping was only one of the many things on the list that went wrong. That time around, I used a borrowed Medela Pump-In-Style and while it was super fancy and nice, it’s definitely overkill for what I need. Though- I think I’d prefer to stay away from manual pumps. Just a nice, smaller, electric pump for not a ridiculous amount of money. Any suggestions?

5. Nursing bras. Along the same line of thinking as a breastpump: BRAS. I failed miserably at this the first time as well- I bought cheap, flimsy ones and if you’ve ever had a baby, you know that the one thing you NEED is support for the boobs during that time (sorry for the TMI, any boy readers out there!) I’d prefer to be able to try them on in the store, but I also know that I probably won’t actually buy a lot of bras until I a) see how nursing goes and b) see what size I’ll need. So online ordering is okay too, because after baby arrives I’m pretty sure my time for browsing the bra section at the mall will be ZERO. heh. Do you have a nursing bra you loved? Please share!

6. Diaper bag. For the first year or so of Maggie’s life, I used her diaper bag as my purse (like most moms do!) It was boring and black, but I loved it (it’s an older, simpler version of this) One thing I loved about it was how it strapped to the stroller handles so easily. Maggie still uses it for school, so I’d like to get a new bag- either one just like it, or something new. I’m open to fun suggestions here!

7. High chair. This isn’t something we need to actually get until winter when the baby is 4-6 months old and ready for solids. But I’d still like to get some ideas! We didn’t buy a full-sized high chair with Maggie because we didn’t have the room in our old house to store it. Instead we got one that strapped to the dining room chairs. It worked, but I hated giving up that seating, especially when we had parties and guests. But now we have the room to store a full-sized chair (yay!) so I’d really like to get one! Requirements: easy to clean, looks nice. That’s basically it (I mean, there’s really not much to high chairs, right?)

Okay! Let the mayhem begin! :)


  1. Jennifer Beck

    July 6, 2010 7:44 am

    What a great list! We have four, and I always wished for new things. :)
    On the bassinet, I would recommend either a Pack & Play with a bassinet you can take out when she gets too big, or a travel/folding bassinet (Kohlcraft’s looks nice, has lace & music; it’s nicer than what we have). Either of those would likely be less expensive than a co-sleeper bassinet, and store well. You could sell either of these things on craigslist when you are through!

    For nursing bras, I absolutely could not do without the ones that snap right at the middle in the front. It was much easier to be discreet with one hand in that area than to try and work the shoulder strap ones, especially while holding a squirming, crying, hungry newborn! It looks like has a good selection of center snap styles.

    Feel good!

  2. Heather

    July 6, 2010 8:05 am

    Babyhawk is a great carrier!

  3. jesser

    July 6, 2010 8:55 am

    1. we used a pack ‘n’ play with bassinet insert both times … worked great
    2. bjorn with the first (meh.) and Beco with the second (much better and will work on the back too), also Sherpani for hiking
    3. cheapo BPA free from Target or Walmart or wherever, they do fine … still gotta wash the buggers
    4. used Medella pump in style (yea right), it’s a fine pump, but it’s still pumping … they have a new “hands free” one – I sold mine to a coworker’s wife, so you might want to check around with trusted friends and see about buying one on the cheap
    5. did NOT love any nursing bra
    6. we have a LeSportsac diaperbag which has been great for 3 years – just finally starting to see wear
    7. HATED our full sized high chair with a passion … sucker was ridiculously hard to clean, now we have a very simple one from IKEA, though I wish we had the tray still so we could have it in the kitchen while we’re cooking dinner, etc. instead of just at the table

    GOOD LUCK! And have fun shopping. ;)

  4. Allison

    July 6, 2010 8:59 am

    I didn’t use some items (um, why I didn’t is beyond me…apparently I totally roughed it with Alex, ha!) but as far a sling goes: Ergo. I used a BUNCH of different slings, and that was by far my favorite. It has a special newborn/infant addition to it, as well, though I didn’t start using it with Alex until he had neck control at a month or two. Before then, I used one of those Moby wraps. The moby wrap was also wonderful! Especially for nursing discreetly! And if you would like to borrow either, you are more than welcome to use mine :)

    Target had reasonable nursing bras, for what it’s worth.

  5. Twinmamateb

    July 6, 2010 9:27 am

    I second Target for nursing bras.

    And I have the same diaper bag, in a different color. Loved it.

    For bottles we also used the cheapie Target ones. We apparently got lucky with non-gassy babies that didn’t need the fancy ones. Worked out well when I had to change nipples for flow rate 2x in their lifetime (x 15 bottles) b/c that gets expensive!

  6. Jaime

    July 6, 2010 9:37 am

    My only advice is on the pump. I worked with my first baby and used a pump in style. I agree with you that it’s overkill if you work from home (which I now do). I use a Medela Harmony hand pump now for my second girl now and it’s great for just pumping once a day or whatever. It’s also just like $30 or something. I hope breastfeeding goes better for you this time too. Good luck!

  7. ann

    July 6, 2010 10:56 am

    I agree with everyone who suggested the pack & play instead of the bassinet or co-sleeper. We live in a two story home and I was lucky to have a borrowed bassinet to keep up in our room. I kept the pack & play in the family room with the bassinet and changer attachments and it worked out wonderfully. I have used the pack & play countless times as a travel bed and it may be my favorite piece of equipment. The guy at Babies R Us told us that Graco has the most user friendly pack & plays.

    Bottles. I registered for the pricey Avents and they leaked horribly. I ended up buying the cheap Gerber three packs for $2.99 on sale at Target and was very pleased.

    I had the same problems with the Baby Bjorn. Can’t help you out there.

    I had room for a full-sized high chair, but I love my Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster with the tray. So easy to clean and a lot less expensive. Yes, it takes up a seat at the table, but when the baby is out of the high chair, you’ll lose a seat anyway. We ended up buying a table with six chairs earlier than we thought we would, to have enough room for visitors.

    I have found with diaper bags, if you’ve found something that works for you, stick with it. So many poorly made bags on the market.

    Good luck and have fun shopping!!!

    Oh, you look great, too!

  8. Athena

    July 6, 2010 10:57 am

    i have a bassinet you can use. please use it. and sheets, etc.

    i have the medela pump. i think you’d have to get new tubing, etc but you can use that too if you want.

    and i like the babytrend brand in high chairs. it’s got 3 or 4 different full-seat recline positions, 6 height positions, tray storage on the back, ours has toy storage net under it – i love it, large and sturdy wheels with brakes, folds up if you want to put it away, easy clean up, and it’s under $100!! and jpma approved. and it lasted through 2 very, very, very tall and strong 40+ lb 2 yr old boys. we have 2 now – i wanted a new one for deianira but the old is still usable. highly recommended!

    i got nothing on bottles, carriers, bras or diaper bags though. :)

  9. Jane

    July 6, 2010 10:59 am

    Infant Carrier – I just bought an Ergo… you have to buy a special insert for them when they are real strong, but Charlie’s chiropractor said it’s so much better for baby’s and your back than a baby bjorn. They can go in the front or back and my friend carried her daughter until she was 2 on her back with it. I had Charlie in it on the 4th and he’s 18+ lbs and it was so comfortable!

    Diaper bag. I bought the JJ Cole System diaper bag a few months ago. And LOVE IT.

  10. Jennnifer

    July 6, 2010 11:28 am

    1 – no help here, all of my babies slept in their cribs from day 1.
    2 – tried several carriers and never found one I was happy with – especially disapointed when I had two to lug around.
    4 – I had the big Medela pump and style and gave it to a friend who was expecting a few months ago. Good luck! Juliana wouldn’t nurse at all, but Ruslan was a champ nurser for 8 months so there is real hope it will be different this time
    5 – I LOVED the Medela nursing bras – purchased at BabysRUs – very supportive and comfortable. They also have a sleep bra that was so comfy to wear at night. Everything else I tried was too flimsy.
    7 – high chairs – we use the F-P ones that strap to the chair. How often do you think you will fold up a full-size chair and put it away? We remove our portable ones and take them places and it is a minute to remove if you need the chair.

  11. Candace

    July 6, 2010 11:35 am

    1.) Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper!! It is the best one out there.. You can get the “regular” sized one (I have the Mini) and it also turns into a pack n play. This thing was AMAZING. It sits right up next to your bed and one side folds down.. This way you can easily reach your baby to pick her up in the night to breastfeed or change diapers or wahtever. It was SO nice being able to turn over and see her sleeping, put a paci back in her mouth, pat her back, etc. from where I was laying! (They sell these on Amazon and sometimes in BRU) It has a zippable storage comparmtent under it to store your boppy and other things. Mine has pockets on the side that I could keep diapers/cream/wipes in too. Loveddddddd it!!

    2.) LOVED my Baby Hawk!! Check out their site! They are pricey but totally awesome and easy on the back. I have the Mai Tai style where oyu have to wrap and tie it but they have an Oh Snap! version that has snaps and it looks amazing! Very cute fabric choices too!

    3.) I used Dr. Browns in the beginning but wish I had the Tommee Tippee bottles later on. I’ll be getting some Tommee Tippee ones for this baby! :-) Tommee Tippee had sent me one to try and review for a review site I was working for and I LOVED it.. It was easy to hold and Zoey loved it too.

    4.) I had the Pump In Style and I exclusively pumped for 6 weeks because Zoey would never latch (later found out it was due to a tongue tie). I loved it but yes it is pretty pricey! Not sure what other pumps are good?

    5.) No advice on the bra! Sorry.

    6.) I personally found through MANY trials and error that the best diaper bag is a back pack style diaper bag! When trying to carry an infant carrier, hold a toddler or juggle anything else, it is so much easier to be able to slap a bag on your back and have BOTH hands free and not worry about something slipping off of your shoulder. Personally, I am just using a regular kids backpack from Pottery Barn Kids as my diaper bag right now. I REALLY really love the JuJuBe diaper bags!! They are so cute.. but sooo expensive! Booooo.

    7.) We have the Precious Planet high chair (Fisher Price). The cover and straps slip off easily and I have washed them at LEAST 50 times and they aren’t faded or anything. It washes up VERY well in the washing machine and looks brand new! I’ve taken the base outside and just hosed it off a couple of times. It’s nice!

  12. Andrea

    July 6, 2010 12:05 pm

    1. Got a cheap bassinet for Spenc b/c we borrowed for B. It worked great for a long time! We used the bassinet/changing table upstairs and the pack-n-play downstairs for napping & diaper changing- it’s such a pain to go up and down stairs to change diapers/napping- especially for you on the days when it’ll be just you and babe at home… (Something you’ll have to think about now, that you didn’t have to worry about w/ Maggie!)

    2. Don’t rule out wraps too soon. I have a Moby one- Spenc rides in it just like B did in the Sniggie, but the wrap spreads his weight over my entire shoulders so it’s SO MUCH better on my back!!! :)

    3. Used Dr Browns for B too. Spenc refuses bottle all together. (Grrrr…)

    4. No advice here too… I rented the super duty Medela one for the first month with B, and since then have used the free Medela hand pump that gave me at the hospital. But I do agree- you’ll want more than a hand pump for when you’re working!

    5. I haven’t found a nursing bra I like (sad, I know) but I absolutely LOVE the Glamour Mom long tanks! I have three and wear them whenever they are clean- and especially when I’m going to need to breastfeed while out and about!!! :) They are fabulous for support, cover the tummy well, have a high enough neck line that I feel comfortable that I’m not showing too much cleavage, and very discreet for bf-ing in public. I wore them all winter under a cardigan, and now wearing them all summer! :)

    6. I like- not love- my diaper bag. Nothing to write home about. Although, with two kids, I kind of wish I had the backpack kind.

    7. The one thing I don’t like about my high chair is that there is a small tray under the removable tray that is permanent. It sucks when they get older b/c they use that little tray to push off and resist getting into the high chair!!! Totally agree that they are hard to clean! I’m actually thinking about getting one like what you had for Maggie… :) Although, I didn’t think about the fact that it means I’m giving up seating.

  13. Ashley

    July 6, 2010 12:58 pm

    I, too, had a terrible time breastfeeding with this first child. Mainly due to the fact that she has reflux, and breastmilk just wasn’t helping matters. I tried everything, and several pumps.

    Eventually I caved and spent the money to get a Medela Pump In Style. It is expensive, but oh my goodness Jen- it is SO WORTH the money. It is hands down the best investment I had made. It has a “let down” option for when you initially get the pump started, it goes fast and even for 2 minutes to trigger the let down (like your baby would sucking) and then slows down and draws more milk out. For somebody that didn’t make a lot of milk off of the get go, it was amazing to see how working with this pump in combination with regular breastfeeding helped with my supply.

    ALSO, Medela has these wonderful “steam” bags for the microwave for you to throw all the parts in to sanitize. LIFE SAVER.

    As I said, it is expensive, but it was so worth it and I can’t wait to use it with baby #2 (hopefully s/he won’t have a lot of problems like my DD).

  14. Erika

    July 6, 2010 2:22 pm

    I agree with a lot of the Pack ‘N’ Play opinions. We have the Precious Planet one by Fisher Price. It’s awesome as both a crib and changing table when traveling, and we actually keep it up in the living room for the changing table instead of going all the way to the nursery for every wet diaper change. Anya is too big for the higher portion of the main area so now we just use it as a play pen unless we are traveling, but she used to nap in it during the day…until she got really particular about only napping in certain places. That being absolutely nowhere but her crib unless you trick her into it with the swing or the car.

    As for bottles, we use the Dr. Brown’s which worked magic for Anya’s reflux. As for washing them, aside from the occasional by hand sterilization, I bought dishwasher baskets for the pieces. I didn’t buy the Dr. Brown’s baskets because they don’t fit that many bottles in them; I think I have the munchkin brand, and I manage to fit all the bottles pieces for the day in them. It just took a time or two to figure out the best way to arrange them. Now I put the pieces in as the dirty bottles hit the kitchen so that all I have to do at the end of the day is run the dishwasher which I do everyday for our other dishes anyway, and I have always unloaded the dishwasher first thing in the morning so I just put the bottle pieces back together before moving them to a drying rack so I can make up some bottles ahead of time after breakfast to use throughout the day. I think the decrease in air bubbles for baby is worth a little extra work for me.

  15. Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

    July 6, 2010 2:24 pm

    Will you remind me to look at the comments to this post in a couple months when I will be looking for the same kinds of recommendations?!?!? Our good friends used a pack n play instead of a bassinet. I think theirs had an adjustable height for the bottom, so you could raise it for a newborn. Anyway, I think their daughter slept in that for a good 8 months or so (they lived in a 1-bedroom and were in a holding pattern until they could sell their condo). I think we’ll plan on doing the same … mostly because we can then reuse the pack n play as the baby gets older.

  16. Clarabella

    July 6, 2010 2:27 pm

    Two things: wow, do I hear you on the breastfeeding thing. I lasted about 6 weeks with my son, but then I pumped for 3 months. I had a Lansinoh pump that I LOVED. I would still be saving it for my next baby if it hadn’t been passed on to TWO other new mommies (so it’s got a good life span). I know I got it 3 years ago, but it was affordable & compact & worked just fine. I have had friends with bigger and better and more expensive pumps that didn’t seem to work any *better* than mine. Plus, it makes sense that the maker of the best lanolin nipple cream would make a user-friendly breastpump, right? Check it out.
    Also, we have an adorable Chicco high chair, that folds up a bit for storage, that we have loved. It has wheels, so you can move it around & then you just pop it into compact mode to put it away. It’s great.
    (Here’s some links if they work in the comments:
    Lansinoh Double Electric Breastpump:|B001TUZOBA&CPNG=baby&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001
    Chicco highchair:

  17. Claudia

    July 6, 2010 3:06 pm

    Baby carrier: ergo baby. Tested one out and loved it for my 20lb child who can writhe as long as the day goes.

    Bottles: I use glass bottles and they can actually withstand quite a bit. They’ve been dropped on the car, on the street, on the sidewalk, the deck, lino, carpet, coffee table…all over really and I haven’t even had so much as a chip out of any of mine.

    Breast pump: Medela Swing. Best $$ spent.

    Bras: I went to Thyme maternity and tried on 29348 after my kidlet was born because I had no idea what size I was any more. I have had them for over a year and they are still in utterly amazing shape – no sagging, bunching, twisting etc. My favourite one is this one: ( I don’t shop there any more so I don’t know if they still carry it, but it’s super comfortable and easy to use.

    Baby bed: we co-slept for quite a while until we transitioned to the crib and that worked just fine for us. I was worried that hubs would squish the baby (heck, I was worried I would squish the baby!) but that never happened and holy moly convenient!

  18. Katie

    July 6, 2010 5:24 pm

    I highly recommend researching baby wearing and making a couple inexpensive wraps/slings. You don’t even need to hardly sew to do it! And lots of wraps can be made without rings or straps. My first wrap cost $6.00, I got the fabric for $2/yard at Walmart. I discovered babywearing late (with child #5) but it was fantastic — carried him around like that until he was over 2 y.o., hiking, in creeks, on moss covered rocks — everywhere. I’d get the wrap out and he would run and dance around waiting to be tucked into it. We would have used it past age 2 but there wasn’t much need. Infant carriers always killed my back, but you can use different methods and wraps that will help avoid that.

    And, since #5 had a tongue/nerve issue I had to pump and bottle feed. I loved the Medela pumps, the ones in a soft-side carrying case with a built-in cooler. And we used glass bottles, since I was fuh-reaking out about everything with him. I think you’ll be surprised at how durable they are. We only broke 2 of the 18 and he used them till he was 18 months old. The first I broke because I boiled water in the microwave then tried to cool it down by running cool water over the bottle. Super smart! The second, he threw and it hit a curb or concrete corner of something. They’re pretty durable, he tossed them OFTEN and only broke 1. Not a bad record!

  19. the ambitious mrs

    July 6, 2010 5:38 pm

    Wow – so much to think about here!

    1. On the bassinet we just used our Pack and Play – for four months! And it worked totally fine!
    2. I would really recommend getting a GOOD baby carrier like an Ergo or Beco. I know they are pricey but I have bought so many mid-priced ones that aren’t good and now I wish I would have just spent the money to get one good one. And I totally agree that a good carrier is pretty essential with Baby #2.
    3. Can’t help with bottles, my kids won’t take them (argh!!!!)
    4. I would really recomend waiting on the pump to see how it goes this time. You can always rent one form the hospital if you need one short term and then if you end up needing one in the long run you can get one.
    5. Are there any stores in you area that specifically just sell nursing bras? There is one here and that is where my favorite nursing bra is from for sure. For nursing tanks (a must for me) my favs are from Target!
    6. I absolutely LOVE my Storksak diaper bag. Pricey but so worth it for something you use every day. I’m to Vegas this weekend sans kids and I think I am still going to take this bag because it has all the best pockets!
    7. I am the opposite of you – we used a full sized high chair the first time and hated it and are now using a little booster seat the second time and like it better. All I can say is that I DO NOT recommend a Chico high chair!

  20. Megan

    July 6, 2010 6:26 pm

    Jen –

    I highly advise the Avent products for bottles, binkys, etc. I used them with both of my kids and loved them. The BPA thing wasn’t in style during Katie’s infancy either, but I know they now sell a new BPA version. You can get them anywhere. Also, a lot of hospital’s lactation departments RENT breast pumps – I think they typically standardize on the Medela. And you buy the apparatus (tubes,etc) that actually touches the milk, so you are really only renting the engine. A very cheap way to get a $300+ breast pump. Kristina has some type of Moby wrap for Lucy, it looks super cute and comfy. Both my kids were way to chubby – they grew out of the front carrier before I used it a half-dozen times. My current diaper bag is a messenger bag I purchased at Target. I felt the diaper bags were way overpriced and never held up! I probably have gone through 4-6 bags before I found this one. It is black with white stripes, so Justin carries it too. You can shorten the straps for over the shoulder (apparetly more manly) but I tend to wear it over my shoulder/chest. Then I can change a diaper without laying the bag on the floor and everything is available at hip level! We also had an Evenflo high chair, no complaints and it didn’t break the bank. Good luck!!

  21. Jenn

    July 6, 2010 7:21 pm

    I made my own wrap which worked okay for a little bit but I hated wrapping 5 yards of fabric around me and soon she was too big for the type of fabric I had gotten. I was lucky and got an ergo baby carrier on for almost half off. They have had them on there twice so far. and are two sites I watch everyday and notice they often have some awesome looking diaper bags on there.

    I bought a lansinoh double electric breast pump for $150 and it works well enough. I only pump maybe once a day at most, more in the beginning. If I was having to pump several times a day I would want a medela I think. Also buy spare parts! Extra breastshields, bottles, etc. . because it is a pain to have to wash each part before the next pumping session.

    I have an Elle MacPherson nursing bra that is very supportive and I love a lot but it does suck trying to hook the bra in the back and often hubby has to even things out back there. I do love my nursing tanks from target a lot! So much easier to wear.

  22. Lea

    July 6, 2010 7:49 pm

    This is my absolute fave diaper bag:|B001LF3X66&CPNG=baby&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001

  23. tehamy

    July 6, 2010 9:38 pm

    We didn’t have a bassinet with Jack. Our room was too small, so he went straight to the crib. Worked OK for us, for the most part. Our PNP has a bassinet feature on it, so now that we have the space in our room, we will use that if we find we need to keep the baby in our room.

    Infant Carrier – I didn’t use one with Jack, but I’m thinking about some kind of carrier/wrap this time. I imagine it will make life easier with a newborn and a 2 year old =)

    We used Avent bottles and liked them. Some people complain about the nipples leaking, but we never had an issue.

    I had a used Ameda Purely Yours that I used. It died just as Jack weaned, but I’m seriously considering buying a new one as opposed to a Medela. It’s cheaper than the PIS and it’s a closed system (no chance for milk to get in the motor) so you would likely have an easier time selling it once you are done with it.

    I LOVED my Bravado nursing bras. When I was nursing I was an H cup and these bras kept the girls under control. They can be pricey (think 40ish bucks), but they were the best thing I had. They almost always have a sale or a promo code out there. And most lactation centers sell them. I went to the LC center at West Penn and the LC watched Jack while I tried on bras. And they helped me make sure that they fit correctly. Jack nursed for 9 months and they held up great. I don’t think I’ll need to replace them. Oh, and I had one of their nursing tanks too. LOVED!!

    I have several (thanks to my SIL!) Ju Ju Be bags. When Jack was younger, I carried the Be All. Loved it!

    We have an Eddie Bauer wooden high chair. Not a huge fan since it’s a pain to clean, but I was convinced that I wanted a wood high chair. We’ll use it again since it’s what we have.

  24. Melissa

    July 6, 2010 9:45 pm

    Bravado nursing bras. Amen.

    I bought two of these:, and one of another style (also Bravado). Comfy but VERY supportive, easy to use, and worth every penny. I even wore them at the end of my 2nd pregnancy, because once the belly got ginormous, underwire was basically a medieval torture device.

    You know I’m well endowed too so I would not lead you astray. And don’t forget to bring them to the hospital with you and start wearing them right away to prevent engorgement. SAVE YOUR BOOBS! This is the best gift I can give to you, my friend. :D

  25. Carmen

    July 7, 2010 12:25 am

    1) I bought a pack n’ play with a bassinet, so that’s what my kids used.
    2) I had a hand-me-down Bjorn, an OLD one, but I loved it. I used it until both kids started walking, so I’m not a good one to ask about that.
    3) & 4) Both of my kids REFUSED a bottle and no amount of coaxing ever worked. Good thing, because while I nursed them both and clearly had enough milk for them to grow, I certainly couldn’t extract it from my breasts. I never ever got more than 2 oz out. So I’m also no help there.
    5) I bought Goddess bras from (free shipping, 10% off – online is good!) and loved them although one was annoying as the thing to hook the cup back onto the main bra part was an actual hook & eye, like the back clasp of a bra. It was not possible to do one-handed and so I couldn’t use that bra when out & about.
    6) With my second kid, I didn’t use a diaper bag at all. I stashed diapers & wipes & clothes in the car and just took Lexi with me. I was never so far from the car in those early blowout days that I couldn’t just go back there to change her clothes if needed (I used a comfy changing pad in the trunk). I carried only a diaper with me, if anything.
    7) As soon as Lexi could reliably sit up unassisted & was really eating table food, we got rid of our big clunky high chair and just starting using our Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat, but without the trays. She’s been sitting up at the big table with us since she was about 8 months old. We have the space for a big chair, but for us it was a bigger hassle than the booster seat.

    Okay, so, to recap: longest comment ever with NO helpful suggestions at all. I rock.

  26. Elisabeth

    July 7, 2010 7:12 am

    Baby carrier – We have an Ergo. Expensive but LOVE. My baby is 12 months and 20lbs, and it is a breeze. I imagine we will be using it for quite a while longer. (

    Breast pump – A Medela Swing is a nice middle ground between manual and a Pump-In-Style.

    Nursing bras – Anita underwire all the way, baby. Again, expensive but LOVE. (

    Congratulations, Jen. :)

  27. bessie.viola

    July 7, 2010 10:07 am

    For sleep… I have no idea. My girl slept in her bucket carseat next to my bed for the first 3 months of her life. We had a crib, a bassinet, a Pack & Play, and that was the only place she’d sleep. So, yeah. But the Pack & Play seemed like a good idea, and I know lots of people love it.

    As for the pump – I worked outside the home after 7 weeks, so I had the Medela Pump in Style and I LOVED IT. I still do, sort of, but I’m unreasonably attached after pumping exclusively for 10 months. It’s in the closet, waiting for next time.

    Second a previous commenter on Avent bottles: HATE. HATE WITH ALL THE RAGE IN THE WORLD. Like I said, I pumped, and those things LEAK. So in the beginning I’d pump for 20 minutes and fill a bottle and then it would just LEAK… oh the hate. We used the Playtex Drop-Ins (sorry, Mother Earth, but I planted you some trees as penance) and those were great. Cheap, BPA-free, and great.

    Diaper bags… Um, I got mine on clearance at BRU. It’s black, very basic. Nothing special. But have you looked at Etsy? They have some really gorgeous diaper bags, very reasonably priced. Something about having a custom-made diaper bag seems very fancy, especially if you’ll be carrying it every day.

    As for the high chair – my best friend has a very plain wooden one, Eddie Bauer brand I think? It’s very easy to clean, with a plastic tray that can be dropped in the dishwasher. Go with something like that. I got the padded Graco monstrosity and it was a BITCH to clean.

    So exciting that you’re getting close! How’s the naming going?

  28. Danielle

    July 7, 2010 1:20 pm

    1. We got a co-sleeper this time, which was probably overkill for the third (and maybe last) baby, but I really like it. We put the first two in bed with us. But now, with the first two still climbing in our bed at 5am, it’s nice that the baby has his own space next to us. I also have visions of handing it down to a very grateful daughter-in-law one day. I’m sure new mom’s love to get rickety old things from their husbands’ mothers 30 years later… :)

    2. I picked up a Hot Slings and K’tan from Zulily ( Hot Slings is okay, but makes me a little nervous. Still waiting for the K’tan to arrive. Will keep you posted.

    3. We’ve used Playtex Drop-ins with all three. Love them!!

    4. Pump in style. I bought it with my first in 2004. It has been round-robin-ed for 6 years with all my friends and in constant use. This is the first time I’ve actually been able to breast feed/pump though, and it still works great for me.

    5. Again, first time I’ve been able to breast feed, but I started with one from Target- a sleep one with no underwires. In two weeks I’ve gone back three times to get other sizes because my boobs keep changing sizes. It’s nice because they are only $17 and I can keep up without investing a ton into bras I’m only wearing for a little while, and they are pretty comfortable, I guess. I’m finding that my boobs are sort of constantly uncomfortable and itchy because, well, they just are. Adjusting, I guess?

    6. I picked up a Lands End Pool bag, and grabbed it randomly for the baby’s first doctor appt. LOVE IT!! It’s staying a diaper bag for sure. There are a pockets all the way around on the inside. So I have diapers in one, feeding stuff in one, etc. I can quickly grab whatever I need from the bag, and it doesn’t look to diaper baggy.

    7. No help. Again, using the one we used 6 years ago (Eddie Bauer wooden). It’s okay, but not fancy. It is nice that it sort of fits in with our kitchen without being a big bright plastic thing, and it’s easy to clean. There are so many more choices now that I have no idea what I would pick if I got to pick again.

    Good luck!! So fun to get new things!!

  29. Jenn

    July 7, 2010 3:02 pm

    Bassinet-can’t help you there…we use one that is VERY old and has been passed down for 3 or 4 generations now! And even before my babies quit the middle of the night feeding, they’re in their room b/c a)our bedroom is tiny and b)I wake at EVERY single squeak they make!
    Bottles-I used the Playtex drop-in liner ones. You can actually wash the liners and get more $ out of them, but even if you don’t, the Parent’s Choice brand is cheap. It really helps keep the air out and eliminate gas, too.
    Good luck! I’m only 8 weeks behind you…GAH!! We’ve got to figure out where we’re going to put everyone in this tiny house!! :)

  30. Sarah

    July 7, 2010 4:01 pm

    Playtex Drop in liners. No washing=more time. Not very earth friendly but when a newborn is involved time is more important to me than the earth!

    Bravado nursing bras. Also, make sure you invest in a Hooter Hider for public nursing. Could not have lived without that thing! Plus…it has a cool name!

  31. sparkyd

    July 7, 2010 6:36 pm

    I didn’t have time to read the other comments so I may be repeating…

    1. If your bed is big enough you could consider the First Years Close and Secure Sleeper ( It goes right in the middle of the bed but it has stiff sides so there is no way you are going to roll over the baby or any such thing. Not very expensive. You could also consider actually putting the crib in your room for awhile.

    2. Ergo. Ergo. Ergo. So easy to use. No tying required. Super quick and easy to adjust if being used by different size people. Can carry a kid up to 40 lbs (I had my 35 lb 3 year old in it not long ago – not that you would want to do that a lot, but it can come in handy). Plus they make “accessories” for the Ergo that you definitely don’t have to have, but depending on what you use it for they can be very handy (e.g. I have the little pouch you can attach to the belt in front for your wallet and keys when you are carrying kiddo on your back).

    3. We use the Born Free plastic and glass bottles. And sippy cups. They do have multiple parts – not sure how they compare to what you’ve used before. I find them easy enough to clean though. Used a sterilizer with baby #1, now they just get put in the dishwasher with the smaller pieces in one of those basket thingies. Advance word of warning, the sippy spouts are not leak-proof – except the slowest 6 month one.

    4. I used the Medela Mini-Electric pump, which looks like this one (I’m guessing they changed the name) It worked fine, but I despised pumping with a passion. I’m not sure how much of that had to do with the pump. The people I know that have used fancier (expensive) double pumps don’t seem to have the same hatred for pumping as I did. Actually, a friend of mine forgot her pump on a trip away from the baby and had to quickly learn to hand-express to keep from exploding and she swears now that it is easier to do than pumping. She never got much milk from the pump (that was my problem too after the first 3 months or so) but swears she got way more hand-expressing. And it doesn’t make that horrid noise. ;)

    5. I have two Bravado ( nursing bras. I’m not sure what model I have, exactly, but there are no under wires and I swear they are hands-down the most comfortable bras I have ever worn. Expensive, but worth it.

    6. No specific suggestions here. I use a knapsack kind so I’m always balanced and hands-free. It’s not very chic, but it works for me.

    7. I highly recommend the Anitlop high chair from IKEA. We have a bigger, fancier (more expensive) high chair and I HATE it. It is a pain in the butt to keep clean. You think you just have to wipe it clean, but there are all kinds of nooks and crannies that catch things and no matter how hard you try there will always be food hidden somewhere. I got the blue Antilop for baby #2 and I love it. It is a stand-alone chair, but it still doesn’t take up a lot of room and is really truly a snap to clean. And it also happens to be cute in a minimalist kind of way.

    Have fun shopping!

  32. Elisabeth

    July 7, 2010 9:42 pm

    Ergos are the bomb. Period.

  33. Nichole

    July 9, 2010 12:36 am

    how exciting!!

    I like Motherhood nursing bras, I got them at the store at Grove City outlets. as for carriers, I have many different ones, my favorite for when they are infants and I still use it as a hip carriers is a ring sling, for a back/front carrier I LOVE Beco and Ergo’s, I have a babyhawk type carrier you are welcome to have It didnt fit me quite right.

  34. Carley

    July 9, 2010 1:52 pm

    Chiming in late, but for baby carrier…

    I used a Moby Wrap sling b/c I had a friend who used one. IT WAS A LIFE SAVER. Seriously, best invention ever. you can do about a million different holds. You can nurse and be covered so you are with people and no one is the wiser. I’m not kidding you. When I first saw my friend using it, I didn’t even know she was nursing. Plus it’s so lightweight. It’s like wearing nothing. It takes a few uses to get used to wrapping it around yourself, but literally, I could do it in a few seconds. you can cradle hold, nursing hold, front facing, rear facing, on your back, twins. I got mine from Amazon. :)

  35. Pocklock

    July 9, 2010 2:44 pm

    Okay. I’ll admit that I’m not reading the above comments first because, well, I’m super lazy.

    Two, I’m in the SAME BOAT. And I will ALSO admit that I created a registry at Babies R Us for the stuff I wanted just in case someone asked. Also? Even if NO ONE asks, we get that 10% off coupon around the due date so how could I honestly go wrong? I loves me a sale.

    Three – my suggestions to your above list:

    1) We have a real fancy shmancy bassinet that my mom insisted on having for Lyla. It’s much smaller than the pack ‘n’ play which was what I had intended on using so it actually worked out well for the bedroom. Also, since we have a three story townhouse, I was able to set up the PnP in the family room to have both a changing station as well as a napping station. Don’t tell my Mom she was right though. ;-)

    2) When Lyla was little, the MobyWrap SAVED MY LIFE. I am not even remotely kidding. I had a refluxy, miserable kid that needed to be held, upright, 24-7. It was paralyzing. I was able to secure her nice and tight in the Moby and she slept and I was able to get some things done. Saved. My. Life. When she got older, I loved the Ergo. Hated the Bjorn and not a big fan of the Mai-tei. There’s my $.02.

    3) Bottles: We used them ALL and then eventually settled on the Born Free. BPA Free and fewer parts than Dr. Browns. But it also happened to be the only nipple she seemed content with so… yeah. If I could’ve had my way, I would’ve pushed the Playtex drop ins, but man, my baby was bossy!

    4) My pump was a Medela pump ‘n’ style. It came highly recommended so I didn’t even research this.

    5) Nursing bras are the debil. I liked nursing tank-tops and I wore them ALL winter as a primary layer.

    6) Diaper Bag. I have about 12 of these too. Well, maybe not twelve, but I had mine, my husband has his “man-bag” and then I had one that I sent to daycare. Now we use a very simple LL Bean one for Lyla, but it’s monogrammed with her initials so we won’t be reusing it for this baby. I’m looking at a Very Bradley one, but now that you mention the hooking on the stroller feature… hmmm.

    7) High Chair: I love my Fisher Price Rainforest one. It came highly recommended from the Baby Bargains people and I was actually able to put it together myself! Lyla still loves the little toy on the tray. Everything goes in the dishwasher and it height adjusts to any table. It’s not the prettiest, but I absolutely love it.

    I have a similar post brewing myself! Good luck, Lady!

  36. Chelsea

    July 9, 2010 6:25 pm

    Looks like you got a whole bunch of answers to your 7 questions. So.. I’ll add some other thoughts. Do you have a Bumbo? I didn’t have one w/ my first and did w/ my second and it was a lifesaver. So handy for keeping new baby out of reach of big “baby”. Showering, cooking, cleaning, etc. was so much easier and it was nice for second baby to get a “birds eye view” of the world in the bumbo. I highly recommend one.
    Next. I’m pretty sure we never covered this subject while you were designing my website, but I’m a lactation counselor! and I teach breastfeeding ed in childbirth classes. who knew, right? So… I don’t know the details with Maggie and it looks like you have a lot of resourceful friends, but I’d totally love to help you out if and when you ever need it. So please take advantage and use me! I have helpful hints w/ pumping, too. Seriously, please let me know if you need anything in the lactating department before or after babe arrives!

  37. Rachel

    July 14, 2010 10:43 pm

    The only advise I have to give is on the breast pump. With Abby (my first child) I had problems nursing. She just was not a good nurser and the original nurse I had at the hospital messed it all up with a nipple shield. Don’t ever use one of these. Once the baby has used it, it is nearly impossible to get them to nurse without it and it messes with your supply. I had gotten a small electric single pump made by Medela (can’t remember the name) that would be good for casual pumping. It was not good for anything more then maybe once or day or less. We did finally end up getting a hospital grade Medela pump, but by then it was already too late to ramp back up. Abby ended up on formula.

    Now with Zach it was a totally different experience. He was a great nurser, but after 8 weeks I had to go back to work. I unfortunately do not work from home. I used my hospital grade pump (double pump) every day about ever 2.5-3 hrs for 8 months and had quite the supply. Zach did not have any formula until May and he was born in July.I would strongly recommend that if you do have trouble nursing and still want to give your little one breast milk to either buy a hospital grade pump (ebay) or rent one from the hospital. It is well worth it and it will keep your supply up. Also, FYI the attachments you get for the hospital grade pump can be used for manual pumping as well and they work better then other manual pumps.

    Hope this was helpful.

  38. Kelly

    July 16, 2010 6:30 am

    Not sure about most of the items because we’re still making up the rules as we go along (and he’s 2, you’d think I’d have half of a clue by now) but one of the choices we made before he came along that I was happiest with was Playtex dropin bottles. I got the Playtex pump, too, and everything fit together and pump, store, fit in a bottle, feed with no bubbles, magic! Great for formula, too. The lids and nipples are a little annoying to wash but that’s only because we don’t have a dishwasher. Good luck!

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