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You Capture: America

I purposely didn’t post any Fourth of July pictures yet because I knew this week’s You Capture was coming up. The theme: America. I kept it in mind on Sunday at my parents’ house, at the parade, during the fireworks. I took a lot of pictures that day, and I got some good ones (I think so, anyway!) I certainly had fun with the editing!

Fourth of July

Fourth of July

Fourth of July

Fourth of July

Fourth of July

happy birthday America

Fourth of July


  1. Awesome! I need to post mine to Flickr, still… Maybe today.

    I think we need to find a parade to attend next year – didn’t even think about it this year.

    Love those shots, especially with the “rustic” feel you give them during editing.

    Jul 8 9:18 am

  2. Bec

    Wow- your perspectives kept these from looking the same as everyone elses this week- great job!

    Jul 8 10:44 am

  3. yes, you did get some fantastic photos!

    Jul 8 12:02 pm

  4. Great photos! I love the processing!

    Jul 8 1:46 pm

  5. These are my fave parade pics so far what cool cars and great editing!

    Jul 8 2:35 pm

  6. These really are great pics! Even though I saw the parade in person, you captured a feeling about them. Love how it really shows the small town feel of our town!

    Jul 8 6:39 pm