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You Capture: get down low

You Capture theme for this week? “Get down low!” So I did. (And it’s kind of tough at almost 7 months pregnant!)

get down low

get down low

get down low

get down low

get down low

get down low

get down low

get down low

Amazing what you find on your floor when there is a three-year-old in the house.


  1. Beautiful shots! I especially love the fourth one.

    Jun 24 7:34 pm

  2. oh, this is like a journal of daily life — stray socks, trinkets, toys, and the pitter-patter of little feet. love the ground-level view. fast forward to the teenage years and you can picture my house — bigger socks, bigger feet, and hands with landscaper’s dirt and fingernail polish. great photos!

    Jun 24 7:44 pm

    • Jen

      Basically, having kids of any age in the house is dangerous to your toes! Stepping on all that stuff HURTS! LOL

      Jun 24 10:42 pm

  3. These are wonderful – I just sense childhood through your eyes.

    Jun 24 8:53 pm

  4. I am headed to my playroom tomorrow to see what I can find!!!

    Jun 25 1:52 am

  5. These are beautiful! I love the little toes and fingers. And that collection of toys on the floor… oh I know it well.

    Jun 25 9:40 am

  6. I love the tootsies and the hands!

    I’ve stepped on those necklaces before- OUCH. And what toys are those? They look awesome!

    Jun 25 5:06 pm