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You Capture: Give me your BEST shot

This week’s You Capture is ‘Give me your BEST shot’- just one shot, my favorite from the week.

My choice isn’t an absolutely mind-blowing picture as far as aesthetics go, and I didn’t go nuts with the editing. But it’s a great shot: Dan with his sister Kate, who has been in Iraq since January for her second tour. She’s home for two weeks and gets to come to the beach with us! It was great seeing her- home, safe- on Monday, Memorial Day.

Dan & Kate


  1. Bec

    So glad she could come home if only for a quick visit.
    .-= Bec’s last blog post: You Capture: One Shot =-.

    Jun 3 11:09 am

  2. This picture makes my heart ache! With happiness! I love the way he is looking at his sis, and her smile. I’d give anything to have my husband back from Iraq right now…but we only have two months to go!

    .-= Kayla’s last blog post: You Capture: Your Best Shot =-.

    Jun 3 11:18 am

  3. Very nice! I’m glad she’s home safe!
    .-= Jen Higgins’s last blog post: You Capture: Your Best Shot =-.

    Jun 3 1:24 pm

  4. Glad she’s home safe and please thank her for her service from me.
    .-= juliannah’s last blog post: Making Money With Your iphone =-.

    Jun 3 3:35 pm

  5. Love the picture!!! :) And when she stands next to Dan, I always think how TINY she is! :)
    .-= Andrea’s last blog post: Figuring things out =-.

    Jun 3 9:45 pm