Maggie snippets

We went to my in-laws’ house on Sunday and they have a cat and a dog, both of which (both of who? both of whom? I have no idea. I’m a science and computer geek, not a writer.) terrify my kid. She’s suddenly very afraid of cats and dogs and I have no idea why. Anyway. We were trying to get her to warm up to their (very old, very gentle) cat. His name is Snugs.

After about 10 minutes of us (Dan’s mom, sister, and myself) coaxing her and saying ‘This is Snugs! Say hi Snugs!’ and Maggie waving from 5 feet away and saying ‘Hi Snugs!’, Dan wandered into the dining room to see what we were up to. We wanted to demonstrate her new skill of Learning The Cat’s Name, so someone (can’t remember who) said “Maggie, what’s the kitty’s name?”

She turned to Dan and said: “FRED!”

Over the weekend, I walked into the living room and saw purple crayon scribbles all over the (very light-colored) carpet.

And a suspiciously quiet toddler sitting nearby.

I gave her a pretty stern talking-to, telling her that I KNOW she understands she’s not supposed to draw on anything except for the paper, and why did you do that? That’s not nice, Mommy and Daddy work very hard for the things we have, and it’s not nice of you to make messes on them. And if you can’t be a Big Girlw ith your crayons, we’re going to have to take them away like we did with your Dora cards and your Candy Land.

Of course, she knows all this and immediately said she was sorry. I let her watch me while I scrubbed the spots with carpet cleaner and rag (mostly came out, just a *very* faint purple haze left) She sat quietly while I did it, staring at the floor with her lip in a pout, and when I was finished, I went off on a final Lecture About How To Play With Crayons Correctly, and she looked directly at me and said, quietly but with emphasis: “Stop talking to me about this.”

Maggie was telling us about her day at school and the new animals they have. She kept saying ‘Skinny pigs! I see da skinny pigs!’

It took us a while to figure out she meant ‘guinea pigs’.

One of Maggie’s favorite games recently is Go Fish. And honestly, I’ve been surprised at how much she gets it. She has known her numbers by sight for nearly a year now, but the fact that she understands how they play into the card game kind of blows my mind. But even more than that- she REMEMBERS what cards I have. I asked her for a 3, she said Go Fish! I picked up a Three from the Go Fish Pile so I put my match down beside me. A few turns later, she picked up a Three from the Go Fish Pile as well- and immediately gave it to me to put on my matches pile. She didn’t even look to see if I had it, she just leaned over and said ‘Here you go! You got a match!’ and laid it on my Threes.

Now granted- that’s totally not the point of the game. But I’m in awe of her mind, so she can totally make up her own rules if she wants.

Typically in the car, we listen to Maggie’s Music: Disney, Old McDonald On The Farm, etc. But lately, I’ve been able to get Maggie to give in and let me listen to MY music (isn’t she just SO NICE to her mama?) And there’s been an exciting development: a few times, she’s actually requested my music instead.

‘I want CRAZY GIRL!’

Meaning: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Miranda Lambert)

I am so proud.

(Completely unrelated to my weird and adorable kid, but I wanted to update you all: I made good on my promise to donate all of October’s ad revenue to Susan G. Komen For The Cure. The total came to just under $80, so I rounded up. Thanks to everyone for click click clicking all month long! And if you’re thinking about it, please say some prayers for Dan’s aunt who is still fighting hard.)


  1. C @ Kid Things

    November 24, 2009 11:41 pm

    Jayden likes to tell me “stop talking to me about that”. Usually, it only happens when he’s kind of embarrassed about something.
    .-= C @ Kid Things’s last blog post: The Greatest Story Never Told =-.

  2. tqa123

    November 25, 2009 10:33 am

    Hi ,
    I just want to tell you…I love reading your blog..I actually went back and read all the archives…I can soo relate to all the things that you talk about. I have a 20 month son..who’s tantrums and other day to day snippets are like Maggies. I really look forward to reading your blogs everyday….

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