favortweets, round #11

It’s that time again! You all are seriously awesome. You make me laugh every day, and I thank you for that.

Sundry (blog) I don’t really see the problem, son. You ASKED for a “boy horse” and frankly, I did the best I could do. http://yfrog.com/5ie8bj 7:01 PM Nov 15th

ModernMatriarch (blog) When I change my password for my work computer, I make it really awesome like SAMLJACKSONEMEFFER, so in case I die its not like “lovebunny4” 11:12 AM Nov 16th

jonniker (blog) My kid woke up too early today and had to go back to bed by 7:15. I’d like to use this as a teachable moment, but she doesn’t speak English. 9:02 AM Nov 17th

Soulfulleoness (blog) My husband just IMed me :do u think people would be offend if i named my Christmas beer Liquid Jesus? 2:06 PM Nov 17th

ajh_rigs (blog) At Spencer’s appt today- Pediatrician: Do you think your milk has come in? Me: Yes, otherwise I morfed into a porn star overnight….. 1:39 PM Nov 19th

mooshinindy (blog) the moosh ended her prayer today with dot com. As in “In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Dot Com.” 9:13 PM Nov 19th

MommyToDexter (blog) I swear, from now on when my kids annoy me, I’m going to shuffle across the floor and zap them with static electricity. 7:39 AM Nov 20th

loveisblonde (blog) If I designed tampon wrappers I’d draw skulls and frowny faces on them instead of butterflies and flowers and pretty swirly ribbons 1:48 PM Nov 20th

dasbecca (blog) The way I used to feel about the Delia*s catalog in 9th grade is now how I feel about the Lowe’s weekly ad. 9:11 AM Nov 21st

mamaspohr (blog) you know you’re lazy when you think, “they really should just sell butter already melted.” 3:04 PM Nov 21st

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