favortweets, round #10

It’s the Tenth Edition of Favortweets! What anniversary is that? Tin or something?

Sundry (blog) Apparently delivering a sarcastic rendition of “Everybody Hurts” to a tantruming toddler doesn’t help matters. Parenting is SO unintuitive. 10:34 PM Nov 4th

notthatyouasked (blog) The children! Are still sleeping! I am visiting the zoo EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF NOVEMBER. It’s NaZooVisMo. 3:31 PM Nov 6th

Torrie (blog) My cat just shomited. She wins. 10:29 PM Nov 6th

Sundry (blog) The thing I like about the premium ice cream brands is how pure their ingredients are. I mean right there at the top of the list: REGRET. 1:36 AM Nov 7th

metalia (blog) I think I have a fever. An actual one, sadly, which is likely impervious to cowbell. 9:37 AM Nov 9th

melissity (blog) I need a bumper sticker for my breast pump that says “I’d rather be napping.” 4:57 PM Nov 9th

Sundry (blog) My 4YO locked me out of the bathroom tonight “for privacy”. Privacy boy then had to hobble to the door from the toilet for a butt-wipe. 11:19 PM Nov 9th

wishcake (blog) Watching 17 Again. Hello, there, Zac Efron. Where were you when I was a teenager? Oh, that’s right…you were a fetus. 1:40 AM Nov 10th

jamesbainbridge I’d rather eat a bowl of boogers than sit in a meeting. 9:18 AM Nov 10th

AllisonB (blog) People look very normal on the bus this morning. Or maybe my blurry vision from sleep deprivation is making everyone appear mulletless. 6:32 AM Nov 12th

dooce (blog) Leta to the both of us: “It’s just that, the thing is, I mean, you guys give me such a bad headache.” 10:22 AM Nov 12th

samanthajcampen (blog) Why did it become illegal to thwack students across the face with a yardstick again? 4:06 PM Nov 12th

ohhkatrina (blog) my mixer doesn’t have a low setting. just an omg-flour-everywhere-setting. 9:13 PM Nov 14th

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