change of plans! let’s take pictures instead!

We spent today playing the Is My Kid Sick? or Is My Kid Not Sick? game. Raise your hand if you’ve played that one. Raise your hand if you think it’s fun.

Yeah. Me neither.

She had a rash on her neck that looked a lot like the one last spring when she had Fifth Disease. She was slightly warm, but I never did get a decent temperature reading because she’s not interested in having a thermometer stuck in her bum (can’t blame her) and our ear thermometer has a dead battery. And on top of the rash and the fever, she was SUPER CRANKY MISERABLE TODDLER GIRL. Not only did she not even want to eat her yogurt at breakfast- and trust me, she ALWAYS wants to eat her yogurt- she had an epic fit about it.

I took her to the doctor this afternoon, but of course by then her rash had faded a little bit and she had taken a nap so her attitude was better.

(Seriously: why does that ALWAYS happen? When you schedule the appointment, the kid is droopy on the couch, so miserable and sick and then by the time you get to the doctor’s office, the kid is chipper and silly and giggling about playing with the train. WTH.)

The doctor said it was nothing to be worried about, possibly a reaction to something on her clothes or a new product. Which… I don’t know. I can’t think of a single new thing she’s been exposed to that would cause something like a rash plus a fever. And she’s never had very sensitive skin, even as a baby. But doctor says. Plus, even if it is Fifth Disease again, there’s nothing we can actually do about it. So as long as she’s sleeping okay and not bothered by the rash, then I guess we’re good. We’ll see how she does tonight and tomorrow morning.

Due to the drama of the day, our morning plans of grocery shopping were blown out the window (hey, WE HAD PLANS, YO.) So instead, we lounged in our jammies and Maggie took some pictures with my point-and-shoot.

Presenting Maggie’s debut exhibition as a photographer.

MY PUMPKIN! (sorta)
Taken By Maggie

Taken By Maggie

Taken By Maggie

Taken By Maggie

Taken By Maggie

Taken By Maggie

Taken By Maggie

Taken By Maggie

Taken By Maggie

Taken By Maggie

Taken By Maggie

She just better keep her chubby little hands off my Rebel, is all I’m saying.


  1. James Bainbridge

    November 5, 2009 9:53 pm

    I love that you can see her feet in some of the shots. Good stuff!

  2. C @ Kid Things

    November 5, 2009 11:18 pm

    Man, I love footie pajamas.
    .-= C @ Kid Things’s last blog post: Brothers and Sisters =-.

  3. Sarah Wells

    November 6, 2009 8:00 am

    oh my, that happened to me last week. eve had a fever of 102 for like 24 hours and jimmy had been exposed to H1N1 the week before at work. eve had gotten the first shot (of two) of the H1N1 vaccine 7 days prior, so it was too late to be a fever rxn and too early for her to have protective antibodies yet. so i took her to pediatrician so we could get a flu test (that way if she had it i wouldn’t have to give her second shot and she could take tamiflu). Yeah, well, we get there and her temp was suddently 98. Hmmm. You know, it’s even more embarrasing when you, the mom, ARE a doctor. my friend the pediatrician got a good laugh out of it. the flu test was negative duh.

    so anyways, i think maggie has a little photo talent. I meant that abstract? awesome!

    • Jen

      November 6, 2009 9:23 am

      oh geez! ha yes I’d imagine I’d feel even sillier if I was a doctor ;) But really, when you’re a Mom, that worry trumps everything. I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry, and if I have to spend $20 to find out for sure, I’m okay with that. But still… feel like a total dork when the diagnosis reads: RASH.

      Glad it wasn’t H1N1 for little Eve!

  4. Karen

    November 6, 2009 7:05 pm

    I love seeing what kids take pictures of. And the perspective from their view. She’s a budding little photographer there.
    .-= Karen’s last blog post: Hospital 101 =-.

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