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Things Maggie Says

Randomly, to my sister: “I haffa get married!”

As the plane was taking off last week to come home: *GIGGLE GIGGLE GIGGLE* *puts hands up in the air* “WHEEEEEEE!”

Reciting the months: “Jan-yoo-ary! Mawch! Ape-wil! May! June! Ju-wy! August! Sep-temmer! DE-SEMMER!” (She skips a couple. heh)

To the colored pencils which had the audacity to keep rolling off the table: “DON’T ROLL, I SAID. DON’T ROLL!!!!”

At Giant Eagle, EVERY SINGLE TIME we pass the Eagle’s Nest (the child play area): “I haffa be FREEEE! *holds up three fingers*”

Last night as she was coming up the steps after playing outside with Dan: (I was inside making dinner)

Maggie: “Where’s Mommy go?”

Dan: “Probably inside making dinner.”

Maggie: “No, probb-lee layin on da cowch.”

(I get no respect.)


  1. HAHA I love these posts!!
    .-= Candace’s last blog post: Thanks Giving #1 =-.

    Nov 2 5:13 pm

  2. I will be sad the day our kids start pronouncing things correctly. And with less enthusiasm.

    As to that last: girl’s got your number. You have to teach her about secrets from daddy!

    .-= red pen mama’s last blog post: Meatless Monday: Consolation Prize =-.

    Nov 2 5:38 pm

  3. The last one cracks me up!
    .-= Stefanie’s last blog post: Jumping on the bandwagon. =-.

    Nov 2 8:06 pm

  4. So cute!

    Emily did the same thing the first time we flew.
    .-= Gina’s last blog post: A Halloween Tip =-.

    Nov 2 8:27 pm

  5. LOL! :)
    .-= Jane’s last blog post: Halloween 2009 =-.

    Nov 2 9:50 pm