this one time, at PodCamp…

Dan and I woke up bright & early this morning to go to PodCamp Pittsburgh (6am! On a Saturday! VOLUNTARILY! We are Hard Core Nerds.) Maggie spent the day with Grandma- who, I just realized, unloaded my dishwasher and cleaned up my kitchen. Mom, you are the best! *mwah*

PodCamp was a lot of fun. I didn’t “meet” or say hi to as many people as I had planned to (and I didn’t hand out a SINGLE one of my cards I printed the other day) because I’m a chicken and feel like a huge dork when it comes to meeting new people. Even though half of them I know from Twitter. GAH. I suck. But, I still had a great time. (Day 2 is tomorrow but we’re not making that- one day was apparently enough excitement for us!)

BurghBaby gave one of my favorite sessions of the day about keeping your blog going and finding blog fodder on a daily basis. This is something I struggle with all the time, and apparently it’s a hot topic because the room was packed, people sitting on the floor and standing against the walls. She must have felt oh-so-powerful and important! ;) The girl posts EVERY SINGLE DAY and I am just in awe of that. She really had some solid, practical advice about finding your blog voice and knowing your purpose. (She also pointed out, rather astutely, that if you’re blogging SOLELY to make money on ads? You should just quit right now. Because it ain’t gonna happen for you.) Her best advice is to ask yourself this question: How was today different than any other day? Good or bad. And turn that into a story. It sure sounds simple, doesn’t it? (She makes it look so easy. heh)

The last session of the day was Ginny Montanez (of PittGirl fame) and Mike Woycheck. Those of you who aren’t from Pittsburgh probably don’t know her story- but basically, Ginny blogged for 3 years under the name PittGirl, all about local celebrities and politicians, news, whatever. If it was related to Pittsburgh, she wrote about it. And she wrote it well. She was anonymous to protect her job, but last fall someone discovered her identity so she pulled the plug on the blog before she was outed. Then this summer, she came back to blogging and revealed her identity- and promptly got fired from her job. So she’s kind of a local hero/blogging celebrity, and OMG YOU GUYS, she said hi to me BY NAME in the bathroom. She’s a sweetheart! And the session she presented with Mike Woycheck was really incredible- just a laid-back and honest account of what all “went down” and how she feels about it all and how blogging as herself is different after being anonymous for so long. It was quite fascinating.

I really hope she comes to some BurghMom events. I have a feeling she’s a lot of fun (even if we can’t find any Zima for her.)

After the conference, we headed to dinner with some PodCampers. I ate way too much fried zucchini and had a pink martini (which was not unlike drinking My Little Pony. NAME THAT SHOW!) By 6:30, I was crashing with exhaustion (helloooo, 6am wakeup after staying up way too late last night for no reason at all!) so we came home.

And then Maggie screamed through her bath because I made her give me the necklace she brought home from Grandma’s house because it was so long it was dragging in the toilet when she went potty.

So, life is back to normal! Screaming toddler and all! Thank goodness for THAT.

(PS: Don’t forget about Pink For October! Click through the archives, leave me a comment, check out the ‘More Posts Like This’- anything to get those page views up so there’s more to give at the end of the month!)


  1. Amanda

    October 10, 2009 10:09 pm

    Gotta love a post with a Gilmore Girls reference. My sister and I actually made Rory’s once. They are delicious, but lethal.

  2. Melissa

    October 10, 2009 11:23 pm

    Sounds like fun! I think I’d handle something that ‘size’ better than I would handle BlogHer.

    I am also living vicariously through your pink martini (Rory!)… I could have SO used one today.
    .-= Melissa’s last blog post: this is the point at which it gets real =-.

  3. Mar

    October 11, 2009 1:53 pm

    That sounds like tons of fun. Geek conferences in general just sound amazing, I’m super jealous.
    .-= Mar’s last blog post: Sickly =-.

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