love & hate Friday

love: Halloween candy. Possibly a little bit too much. What? That’s not chocolate on my cheek, it’s a new makeup I’m trying out. Shush, you.

hate: that candy has calories. So annoying.

love: that I’ve got lots of work coming my way through my business and through my blog service. It has been a phenomenal year.

hate: the overwhelming feeling when I look at my To Do List. Also: my lack of attention span this afternoon (hence a blog post when I should be WORKING.)

love: that it’s Friday!

hate: the weather forecast for the weekend. SNOW. WTF. It’s October, dudes. We wanted to go to a pumpkin patch this weekend. boo

love: hugs from my kid. She gives them quite freely lately!

hate: that she’s catching on to the whole ‘I can be cute and tell my Daddy and Mommy I love them, and they’ll probably give me whatever I want’ thing.


hate: that I’m not a millionaire and I need to be “responsible” with my furniture and home purchases. What the hell kind of fun is that?

love: working in my fuzzy slippers.

hate: that it’s already cold enough for slippers. WHERE ARE MY FLIP FLOPS.

love: thinking about paint colors for our new house.

hate: not being able to make a fracking decision on paint colors for our new house. And I don’t have a dog, so I can’t just pick a color that won’t clash with him.

love: that my friend BurghBaby was nominated for a Local Mommy Blog award at – go and vote for her, you can vote as much as you want! (And the other blog in the lead hasn’t been updated in over a month. What is UP WITH THAT?)

What are you loving and hating this week?

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  1. Jim Bainbridge

    October 16, 2009 2:33 pm

    LOVE: Posts like this.

    HATE: That every Saturday between now and mid-Nov is full of stuff.

    LOVE: That I’m wearing Teva’s with socks and am okay with that.

    HATE: Those f*ers from the TSA in that post that went around today. That chaps my a**.

    LOVE: That I remembered to be rated ‘G’ with my language since this is your “house” and all.

    LOVE: That we live in Pittsburgh, it’s FRIDAY and there is hockey tomorrow and STEELERS on Sunday. That’s a championship sports weekend and that’s okay with me!

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