my husband is cooler than yours

Today was kind of a cranky day in our house. Everything was nice for about an hour during breakfast, then Maggie fell off of her princess chair and split her lip (GOOD MORNING, BLOOD!) and it was pretty much downhill from there. Four straight hours of whining and not listening and HITTING AND PINCHING (not by me, of course.) By the time naptime rolled around, I was so exhausted that *I* wanted to take a nap. But alas, that pesky work thing got in the way of my grand plans for some snoozing.

She woke up in a bit of a better mood (THANK GOODNESS) so we headed outside. But I was still dragging. Blame the stressful morning, blame hormones (Aunt Flo, you suck.), whatever. Dan finally got home from work, I made a quick pizza for dinner and I was DONE.

And because my husband is The Most Awesome Husband Ever To Husband, he took Maggie outside and I had an entire hour to myself inside the house. Usually when this happens, I spend the time catching up on the endless stream of emails in my inbox, cleaning up the kitchen, or doing some other mundane chore. But instead, tonight, I plopped my butt on the couch with a piece of chocolate, watched Gilmore Girls, and painted my toenails.

It. Was. Fabulous.

Even just an hour of decompression time was enough (although, I wouldn’t complain about a whole WEEK of it! ha) I felt my energy coming back, so while the house was empty, I swept our crunchy floors (Are 2-year olds MADE OUT OF CRUMBS? Seriously. So gross.) Then I headed outside to find Maggie and Dan, and we spent the rest of the evening playing in the driveway.

So thank you, my dear husband. Not just for tonight, but for doing bathtime nearly every night without complaint. For being such a great Dad. For always being willing to take over, for seeming to just SENSE when I NEED you to take over, even. Being a Mommy is great, but sometimes? I just need a breather. Thank you so much for being willing to pick up the slack.

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  1. gia

    September 4, 2009 2:18 am

    That is very sweet. :) Every mom deserves some me time. :)

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