getting ready for the pink house

Our house is getting very, very close to being very, very packed.

Maggie spent the day at my parents’ house while Dan and I filled boxes, took apart our huge L-shaped desk in the basement, organized some of the boxes that had already been packed, wrapped about a bajillion knick-knacks and picture frames and candles (GOOD LORD, I HAVE A LOT OF CANDLES.) and oh yeah, packed some more boxes. We went through almost 2 whole large rolls of packing tape. That might not seem like a lot of packing tape, but my hands and my arms and my legs and my feet SAY OTHERWISE.

My kitchen is empty. Depressingly, it doesn’t even look like we did that much today if you glance in there- the counter tops are cleared off and so are the walls, and also the shelf above the microwave that held my cookbooks and recipes. But other than that, it doesn’t look that different- until you open the cabinets. Nothing is left except for a skillet, a saucepan, some sippy cups, and some snacks. Oh and some paper plates and plastic utensils. We WILL need to eat for another week and a half in this house. I have strategically planned meals using either the grill outside, one pan and wooden spoon, or the microwave. As a Planner, I was MADE FOR THIS.

You may ask why we did such a drastic clear-out when we don’t move out for another 11 days (OMG ELEVEN DAYS. I think I just peed a little.) Dan’s extended family is coming into town this coming weekend, which means time for packing will be scarce, plus to be honest, I’d MUCH rather be hanging out with family on his dad’s boat or out to dinner eating some yummy food than packing anyway. It works out rather well, because next Tuesday is Dan’s 30th birthday, and the poor guy gets to spend it doing last-minute shoving of things into bags and boxes with me at 10pm before the movers come at 8am the following morning. So at least we’ll get to have some fun the weekend before!

It’s also good for me too, I think. It gives me something else to think about besides the fact that we’re moving out of our first house, our home with our baby girl, the place I’ve lived in my life for the longest besides my childhood home with my parents and sister. Yeah don’t need to think about that too much right now, or I might get a little emotional. (Also: GREAT NEWS! Moving coincides with That Hormonal Time Of The Month! I love Mother Nature’s sense of humor. Really, I do.)

I’m also ignoring the fact that our walls are bare- BARE NAKED!- and the clocks are gone and yes I keep looking over my shoulder to where the living room clock USED to be and getting annoyed that I can’t see what time it is without getting up and going into the kitchen to look on the oven (unless I have my computer on my lap, which- let’s face it- is usually the case. But that doesn’t change the fact that My Walls, They Are Nekkid!)

There are still some areas left to pack up- the hall linen closet, the bathroom vanity, Maggie’s toys- but those are all small potatoes compared to the massive undertaking of the kitchen & garage/basement, which has been our focus the past few weeks. I can probably even get Maggie to help me with some of that packing. The kid is kind of weird and likes to put stuff in the boxes.

Speaking of Maggie, we’ve been doing a lot of talking with her about The New House, making it seem like a Really Fun Exciting Thing (which it totally is, of course) so that she’s not completely freaked out by the move. I can’t imagine what it must be like as a 2 year old to leave the only world you’ve ever really known and go to live in a new place. I mean, I’m THIRTY and I made the DECISION to buy a new house and I’m having occasional moments of Freak Out!

So we talk about how we’ve packed up her pictures from her walls in her room, and some of her clothes and toys and blankets and put them in boxes to take to her new house. And she’s going to have an awesome new room there- it’s PINK!– and she’ll have a nice big yard to play in every day. I’m pretty sure she’s mostly getting the idea, because she talks about the house back to us and has pointed out things that are missing and said ‘Gone to the new house!’

And apparently yesterday at daycare, my aunt asked Maggie about it and said that she drove past it and saw it and what do you think about your new house? and Maggie smiled and said ‘PINK HOUSE!’

So… she kind of gets it. I just hope she’s not disappointed when we pull up and the siding isn’t painted pink.


  1. the ambitious mrs

    August 2, 2009 12:31 pm

    The empty kitchen always makes it more real!

    I’ve been meaning to ask, what’s with all the mentions of Maggie barfing at the new house? That stinks!
    .-= the ambitious mrs’s last blog post: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions =-.

    • Jen

      August 2, 2009 2:48 pm

      ha :) Well, the first time we looked at the house, she spit up a little bit on her shirt. I’m still not sure why- I think she may have been growing at the time because around then she did it at my mom’s when she was giggling really hard (remember when they’re babies, the drs say as they’re growing, their stomach valves aren’t quite caught up yet? something like that, I think)

      The other time was when we met one of the inspectors there, she just barfed all over the sidewalk- strawberries and milk, yum! This time was real barf. She wasn’t sick, I actually think it was because she had found a day-old sippy cup of milk and took a couple swigs in the morning before I noticed (Mother of The Year! woo) so her stomach was a little upset.

      So yeah… very random that the only two times in the last 6 months that she’s puked have been at our new house. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again next week when we move in! :)

  2. Burgh Baby

    August 3, 2009 9:28 am

    Is it OK to laugh, given that I’m on the other side of the fence now? Heh.
    .-= Burgh Baby’s last blog post: When Milkshakes Grow Wings and Fly =-.

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