favortweets: round #5

Alternate title: Favortweets, Version OMG it’s been a long time since I’ve done this, there are soooo many to post!

kerrianne (blog) About to punch one of my co-workers in the face. Thankfully he lives in China, so by the time it gets there, it probably won’t hurt. 1:23 PM Aug 5th

notthatyouasked (blog) It continues to amaze me that Asher is terrified of the music on the Jumperoo but will let a REAL LIVE GIANT OSTRICH eat from his hand. 1:32 PM Aug 5th

CranberryPerson Driving my minivan alone. Need bumper sticker that reads “my other car doesn’t make me question what in God’s name my life has become.“ 5:59 PM Aug 5th

Sarcomical (blog) i just paused the Golden Girls in my office while i left someone a message. then i realized. I PAUSED THE GOLDEN GIRLS. 9:21 AM Aug 7th

jamesbainbridge (blog) I need your password to the laptop. A-s-s-c-h-e-e-k-s… Asscheeks? Your password is asscheeks? Seriously? Sigh. Let’s go home Jeeves. 5:01 PM Aug 7th

ajh_rigs (blog) you know what’s really good? An Oreo with a big strawberry slice in the middle!!! Not that I’ve ever had one…. or five. 9:39 PM Aug 7th

Sundry (blog) What is this, some kind of 18-month sleep regression? If Dylan were a Facebook update I would NOT like this item. 11:33 PM Aug 8th

CranberryPerson Frustrated because the kids have been staying up late and we don’t like to do “adult stuff” when they can overhear. Like discuss our budget. 8:52 AM Aug 11th

jonniker (blog) I just made Adam do a blind feel test on Huggies wipes to prove they’ve dropped in quality. He accurately determined that I need a life. 7:59 PM Aug 11th

JanePitt (blog) I would give my left boob for just like three more hours in a day. 10:02 PM Aug 12th

aPSUmama (blog) Sign you might work in an office full of guys: every ice cube tray in the freezer has 1 cube left. Yes, I filled them. 1:02 PM Aug 13th

AllisonB (blog) Sometimes I look at a total stranger and I can’t help but wonder if they are on Twitter. 5:10 PM Aug 13th

burghbaby (blog) When I open the dictionary to the word “contrary,” I’d rather not see a picture of my kid. Freakin’ quit arguing with me, you little monster 8:45 AM Aug 14th

kerrianne (blog) Considering a new vm message: “If you can’t reach me please call repeatedly until you appear so creepy someone is bound to call the police.” 11:38 AM Aug 14th

Sundry (blog) Having the kind of morning where I think to myself, if the babysitter cancels tonight, I will drive to her house and SHIT ON HER WINDSHIELD. 11:56 AM Aug 15th

alimartell (blog) Am overloaded by stimulation at chuck e. cheese. And by “stimulation” I mean wild and obnoxious children. 3:45 PM Aug 15th

pocklock (blog) I wish I were a witch. Some people just deserve to have spells casted up on them. 4:26 PM Aug 17th

burghbaby (blog) A Snickers bar just tried to attack me. As punishment, I shall chew it extra fast. 2:53 PM Aug 18th

pgha (blog) I need to break up with my internal clock. 6:26 AM Aug 19th

samanthajcampen (blog) Just had co-worker walk through office announcing “the tornadoes are coming!” Kinda like Paul Revere, but not at all really like that. 3:40 PM Aug 19th

Sundry (blog) There is something maybe a little inappropriate happening between me and this here caramel Frappuccino right now. *closes door softly* 5:35 PM Aug 19th

BackpackingDad (blog) I have no shame about using my daughter’s Lightning McQueen icepack on my owie. She would want me to. 6:04 PM Aug 19th


  1. samantha jo campen

    August 19, 2009 11:40 pm

    Whee! I’ve missed your favortweets :-) Glad I made the cut–I was getting a little nervous.

    Twitter rulez.
    .-= samantha jo campen’s last blog post: Pick me up =-.

  2. Caity

    August 20, 2009 5:58 pm

    Haha another great set of Favortweets! I always get a kick out of these!
    .-= Caity’s last blog post: New Blogs That Deserve More Visitors! =-.

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