bits of everything, all over the damn place, including MY BRAINS, OMG.

OH THIS WEEK. This week has nearly beaten me. I have never had to make so many phone calls and appointments or fill out so many papers or have such an incredible amount of work to do in such a short time. My house is in shambles, there is clean and dirty laundry everywhere and I had an entire dishwasher load worth of dirty dishes on the counters and sink today that I could put into the dishwasher yet because it was full of clean dishes from 3 days ago and by 9pm every night, my brain is just DONE. This whole work/moving/toddler/wife/family thing? IS EXHAUSTING.

ENOUGH WHINING! We finally finished up our home inspection today. Regular inspection, pest inspection, radon test- all passed. w00t! Just a few minor things that we’re taking back to the sellers to see if they’re willing to fix, but nothing that would be a deal-breaker for us.

We also applied for our mortgage last Saturday. We locked in our crappy rate, which really in the grand scheme of things isn’t that crappy but compared to a month ago when we first found the new house, it SUUUCKS. We could have ‘floated’ it (which just sounds GROSS to me, because I’m a 12 year old boy) and locked it in later if it dropped, but we were afraid if we did that, rates would just keep climbing. So now that we’re locked in, I’m sure in a couple of weeks, rates will be like 0.000001% or some crap. Lowest Rates In History! Too Bad You Missed It! BLARGH.

BUT! We’re all set for the move (pending the inspection on our current house, of course!) and we killed lots of trees with all the papers we had to sign. Go us. August 14, here we come.

Maggie escaped from our house last night. Dan and I were in our room changing clothes after we got home from work, and she wandered down the hall. I thought I heard her go down the stairs but I didn’t think much of it- she does that a lot and she’s usually fine for a few minutes- she likes to climb on the couches down there. Then I realized the squealing giggles I was hearing were coming from OUTSIDE. I ran down the steps and out into the driveway and sure enough, there she was- running and giggling and thinking it was such a fun game to watch Mommy chase after her in no shoes and her gym shorts and her dress shirt. (I looked Hawt.)

Turns out that the door leading from the house into the garage wasn’t latched all the way so she just pushed her way through, and the garage door for the car was still open from us getting home. HOWEVER. We witnessed tonight that she is able to open our front door on her down. So far she can’t reach the lock… but it’s only a matter of time.

I’m considering Invisible Fence.

WORK. IS. KICKING. MY. BUTT. I am *thisclose* to finally wrapping up a huge ecommerce site I built- the main site launched tonight (woo!) and I just have a few things to finish in the next week or so. Combine that with still catching up from vacation, a couple of other sites that are mid-way through, PLUS 3 new jobs (!!) I just landed in the last 2 weeks and a new client meeting tomorrow- I’m a busy busy girl. Which is obviously great given the Giganto Mortgage we just applied for and will be taking on a mere 7 weeks. But still. WHHHAAA!

This is the first real computer time I’ve had in over a week that involves doing something fun. Or at least non-work related. I’ve snuck a few minutes here and there to check in on my Google Reader and read some of your lovely blog posts, but I’ve been having trouble keeping up and commenting. I love you all though! I’m reading along! I promise! I miss my bloggie friends.

We have a few moving companies coming to give us estimates in the next week or so- I honestly have no idea how much it will be. $500? $200? $3000? (*GULP*) We’ll be doing all the packing and can move a lot of the little stuff, but we need (want) a professional company to move our furniture. Mainly our flat screen tv because DUDE, they have insurance and if they break it, they buy us a new one. If we try to move it and break it? No more HD Steeler football for us and that is no good. This will be interesting. I’m sure my eyeballs will fall out tomorrow when I get the first quote.

Maggie is a constant source of frustration and overwhelming awesomeness. One minute she’s driving me up the wall with her Not Listening (Seriously. She totally ignores everything I say until it involves anything remotely close to the word ‘candy’ or ‘dammit’ or ‘YOU SUCK’, then suddenly she’s ALL EARS.) and her sudden decision that she hates blueberries, even though she has been eating and begging for them every day for like A YEAR, and then the next minute, she’s giving me kisses and asking me to ‘play wif me, Mommy!’ And how can I resist?

This evening while I was cooking dinner, she was watching Cinderella. Then she was playing PlayDoh on the dining room table. She knows that the rule is PlayDoh Stays On The Table. I peeked into the living room and saw a big blue blob of PlayDoh by the tv and she was standing next to it. I asked her, “Are you allowed to have PlayDoh in the living room?” She whipped her head around to stare at me, then slllooooowwwly shook her head back and forth, with her big green eyes wide open. I asked her to take it back into the dining room, but she ignored me (SHOCKING!). So I paused Cinderella and told her that until she took it back to the table, Cinderella was staying off. She looked at me. Then the tv. Then the PlayDoh. Then back at me. Then she sighed, grabbed the PlayDoh and walked to the table.

SHE SIGHED. And I think she may have rolled her eyes a bit. My two-year-old is suddenly 13.

I’m such a mean mom.


  1. Candace

    June 25, 2009 10:18 pm

    Take it easy Jen! Don’t give yourself a heart attack. Or worse, an early midlife crisis ;)

    Your new house is BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to see pictures after you are all moved in.

  2. samantha jo campen

    June 25, 2009 10:57 pm

    I love Maggie’s response. That is classic. And also a bit scary.

    Good luck!


  3. Crystal

    June 25, 2009 11:41 pm

    Wow, you’ve been busy!

  4. Jenn

    June 26, 2009 2:14 am

    HA! The Invisible Fence. My husband suggested we get one for our son–who isn’t even 2 yet, but has no fear whatsoever. My 4 yr. old still scrambles to the porch when she hears a loud car. My boy? He runs TO THE SOUND! Not good. Luckily we live in a tiny town and not a busy street! Soon we’ll be installing those chain locks that go at the top of the door b/c seriously? When that boy figures out how to open the doors? It’s all over.
    Have fun with all the papers and work and kid and life and moving… :D Don’t forget to breathe!

  5. Kelly

    June 26, 2009 8:42 am

    Is it wrong that I am sort-of happy to see that it isn’t just me? The toddler in our house actually goes so far as to LAUGH AT US as he refuses to follow our directions. The little stinker…
    I hope the Summer Of Moving BurghMoms finishes well for you!

    • Jen

      June 26, 2009 12:51 pm

      ha no not wrong at all- I’m glad it’s not just us!!! These toddlers, who do they think they are, not listening to their parents??!??!! sheesh!

  6. Allison

    June 26, 2009 9:44 am

    It is sad that rates are climbing again…I hope that when (and if!) we end up buying a place that aren’t too bad.

    And OMG she got outside?! That’s scary.

    It cost us 1000 to move last time, using South Hills Movers (who I HIGHLY recommend…the only movers I’ve used that I can say that about.)

  7. Allison

    June 26, 2009 9:45 am

    OH! Also: I tagged you in a meme. Feel free to participate, or not :)

  8. Melissa

    June 26, 2009 2:22 pm

    Busy is good, though! Busy means more paychecks and that awesome new house! :)

    Oliver listens most of the time, but sometimes he can really get an attitude. Isn’t it scary how early the teenager training begins??

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