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recipe update

This morning while I was making my breakfast egg burrito, I realized I completely spaced on the amount of eggs to use. I said 1/4 cup when I really meant 1/2 cup. Whoops! I updated the recipe but wasn’t sure if feeds would be refreshed or whatever, so I thought I’d post a note here. I wouldn’t want anyone going around eating a half-full egg burrito! What a travesty!

This is what happens when you blog at night after a long day with a Very Independent Toddler and then work until 8pm. So… don’t ever do that. It’s dangerous. Someone could get hurt.

In other news, we woke up to this today.

After April 1 this stops being pretty. on Twitpic

Mother Nature is a Cranky One, isn’t she?


  1. That’s what we woke up to on Sunday.

    Janes last blog post: Flickr

    Apr 7 8:49 am

  2. The egg burrito looks delish! I am going to start back up on my diet when the baby is born and I’ll start using egg substitute again. Have you seen I love it! I get her daily e-mail newsletter with recipe swaps and low-cal findings and stuff.

    Apr 7 8:54 am

  3. Yes, Mother Nature’s last hurrah. I’ve been informally tracking the April snow since I moved to this area about 14 years ago and it happens every time around the 9th! I only know that because my first year here I had a big presentation to give on April 9th and I was late because of a freakin’ SNOW STORM. Go figure.

    Susans last blog post: Irreverant Gratitude

    Apr 7 10:05 am

  4. It’s like mother nature is a toddler!

    samantha jo campens last blog post: Bring it!

    Apr 8 4:45 pm