how is it Friday already? SRSLY.

Wow so I’ve totally sucked as a blogger this week. Blame that thing called work. Stupid, crazy, busy work. But being busy right now is a very very good thing, considering the state of our economy and also the fact that I’m about to kick my price-shopping and final-lens-decision-making for my birthday present into high gear. (The big 3-0 is only 2 months away!) I need cash and work gets me cash. It also makes me crazy at times and a little stabby and sporky (thx, BurghBaby), but I love it most days.

This week was a little crazy. I am such a routine-freak so when something new or out of the ordinary happens, it kind of throws me. I’ve gotten A LOT better with this since being with Dan and also having a kid, but sometimes I still have issues. This week was all good stuff though- Dan had his last day of work at his old job on Tuesday and then was home Wednesday, Thursday, and today (his new job starts Monday). Wednesday I worked an in-office contract job, so he took Maggie to daycare for me (hooray for not having to rush around the house at 7:30am, looking for socks and shoes and sippy cups!) and then he spent the day at home alone. I can’t tell you the last time he had the house to himself- he totally deserved it and I was only mildly jealous when he admitted he played XBox for 3 hours that afternoon while I WAS AT WORK. In his defense, he did install the new light in the basement first- the one that we’ve had sitting in the laundry room for, oh, 4 months or so. So at least he got SOMETHING accomplished besides killing monsters or whatever.

Yesterday we all stayed home which was great. For me, especially, since it meant I had a babysitter at home so I could Get Work Done with only slight interruptions of a little person doing airplane in my face or grabbing my hand and saying ‘KWAN, KWAN!’ (translation: Come on! Come on!) And since The Work Load suddenly took on epic proportions and 3 of my clients had Panic Issues yesterday, it was great timing. I put out a few fires, did some coding, crossed things off my list. One of the best parts of the day was when my college suitemate (who lives an hour away) stopped by for lunch after her meeting that just happened to be a few miles from our house. SCORE! She brought ChickfilA too, so Double Score. I wish she lived closer, I love her to bits.

Today was more work for me, and Dan took Maggie to daycare again. We debated earlier in the week about sending her on her usual Wednesday-Friday days, because we knew Dan would be here at home. Part of me felt a little weird about it at first- I mean, I’m at home working, sure, but Dan wasn’t doing anything particularly pressing. But then we realized a) we pay for the day whether she goes or not, and DANGIT I’m getting my $40 worth and b) she loves it there. Dan said when he dropped her off this morning, she was thrilled that all the kids were in the back room so she had the train table all to herself and barely even looked up when he tried to give her a kiss good bye. Before being a parent, I thought that things like that would make me sad, but really, I’m glad she’s like that. She’s (mostly) very confident around most people, even new people, and she loves going to school and playing with her ‘kids’. She also gets excited and squeal-y and dances around in a circle when we get there to pick her up. Which: *MELT*

Tomorrow I’ll be doing such exciting things as Taxes and Paying Bills. I know. When did my life get so exciting? We are going to my parents’ house for a get-together later though so that will be some fun. I am trying to ignore the fact that there is no football this weekend. This Sunday will seem empty. Guess I’ll just have to keep looking at pictures like these. That should fill the void.


  1. Athena

    February 8, 2009 8:57 pm

    not sure how it works, but maybe check out circuit city since they are supposed to have “going out of business” sale prices… not sure what you would do if you have a problem though…. might save some money though. just a thought.

  2. trannyhead

    February 10, 2009 11:48 pm

    I feel tired just thinking about shuffling the kid off to daycare. In my nanny share days, I had to get my baby, the pump, the freezer bag, and all the other diaper stuff ready to go and it was just totally exhausting by the time I actually got out the door.

    As for X-Box? I would LOVE 3 hours of uninterrupted X-Box time. I’m hella jealous.

    trannyheads last blog post: We Go Together Like Sunday Mornings and Beer

  3. Jen

    February 11, 2009 9:34 am

    @trannyhead: Yeah the daycare shuffle thing sucks. I’m just glad I only have to do it twice a week, and usually I’m just coming back home to work so the time-crunch thing doesn’t really matter. I’m the boss, so yay :)

    I played XBox for 2 hours on Sunday afternoon and Lordy, it was heaven. We try to give each other time for that now and then, but of course it’s very rare. It’s just so nice to take time to do something completely pointless for a while, you know?

  4. Kris

    February 11, 2009 11:08 am

    I hate the rush-rush-rush of trying to get myself and my child out the door in the morning. Makes me seriously mental. And I always feel like I am forgetting stuff. I love it when my husband is able to take charge of NatNat in the morning… so much easier. (and I half think that since I’ve been doing this for almost 18 months I should be more organized, guess not).

  5. Jen

    February 11, 2009 11:52 am

    @Kris: haha I know- I always think ‘oh I’ll just pack everything the night before so morning goes smoothly’ and then it’s 11pm and I’m too tired to make her lunch and pack the diaper bag so I end up rushing to do it in the morning. heh And now that she’s running around, I end up chasing her through the house, trying to get on her shoes and socks and coat and hat… was a lot easier when I could just plop her in the infant carrier and she couldn’t move while I gathered everything together!

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