Still have time left in the day for some Friday 5!

1. How often do you get paid? When my clients send me checks! heh Being a freelancer comes with the joy of irregular payments. Which is okay with me, really, because at least The Husband gets paid regularly. And it makes getting the mail a little more fun and exciting!

2. Do you tend to splurge a little on (or shortly after) pay day? Not normally, no. I’m a saver. If there’s something big I have my eye on, (like at the moment) it certainly feels like a splurge, even though it’s a purchase that’s being planned and plotted for months.

3. What are the few days leading up to pay day like for you? Since I don’t normally know exactly when payments are coming, I can’t really say. I do know when I have open invoices I’m waiting for, so I do tend to check the mail more anxiously and hope there’s an envelope in there for me.

4. If you had the option, would you like to be paid daily for each day’s work? Hm, I think I’d rather have a bigger check. Getting paid each day in smaller amounts would make it easier to spend the money on little stupid stuff, rather than saving it for the necessary (and boring) things, like bills. Plus, I love seeing the big fat numbers!

5. When did you get your first paycheck and what was it for? My first paycheck ever was probably for a babysitting job, or for my first ‘real’ job at an ice cream shop when I was 16. I remember my first paycheck for my business very clearly. I never ever thought anyone would PAY ME to play on the computer. I came home and proudly showed it to Dan. That was pretty darn exciting.

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