shrinking jeans report #4

So. It’s been about a month since I decided ‘Hey, let’s re-up that Weight Watchers Online membership from last year THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING.‘ And you all looked at me like I was nuts. (well, okay, maybe I was just a little bit nuts.)

Since then, I have lost 8.6 pounds. I’m calling it 8 because I don’t want to be accused of cheating or anything. But yeah. This morning I weighed 122.4. ONE TWENTY-TWO! I haven’t seen that number on the scale since 2005, just after my sister got married. I had just switched jobs/careers to one where I was sitting in a cubicle and very quickly I gained 10 pounds or so, and then I got knocked up and… well, here we are.

I am absolutely thrilled and amazed that I’ve lost so much so quickly. I was even able to get into my ‘skinny’ jeans earlier this week (not as in skinny jeans, but my jeans I can only wear when I’m skinny. just wanted to clarify.)

When I first decided to join in The Challenge, I wasn’t sure what my goal was. basically I figured even if I didn’t lose much or any at all by the end of the month, at least I would hopefully not have quite as much work to do after the holidays. I knew I wanted to lose at least 5, possibly 10 pounds. Which isn’t much compared to the 20 I lost last year or the 25 I lost a few years earlier, but that last 5-10 is the hardest, right?

And for some reason, this time, it’s even more exciting. I think it’s because after you have a kid, everything about you changes- mentally and physically. My body is so very different now. I have stretch marks I didn’t used to have, my hips are permanently wider (the bones MOVED and I could feel it while pregnant and LORDY DID IT HURT.)

The other night Maggie climbed up on the couch next to me while I was on the computer and asked to see ‘the baby’. She likes when I go through baby pictures of her on the computer and let her look at them- she likes to point out ‘Gramma!’ and ‘Shell!’ and ‘Michael!’ and ‘PapPap!’. So I went all the way back to the first day and first week of her life. While we were going through the pictures, I was remembering how awful I felt during those days. I was so happy and elated and in love with my baby, but physically and mentally I was a mess. I hated the way I felt and looked (and I STILL cringe when I see pictures of my puffy-self in those first days after she was born- those are the ones I have never shared on Flickr, heh) I just knew I would never, ever feel normal again.

But here I am, feeling normal. Actually, BETTER than normal. I am, dare I say it, happy with my body again. That’s something I doubted would ever happen again. Sure, I still have those stretch marks on my belly and my legs, but I’m fine with those. They are reminders of my beautiful baby girl.

And plus, jeans cover those up. SKINNY JEANS, even.


  1. mel

    December 24, 2008 1:24 pm


    I can’t wait until that’s me, lol!

  2. Nicole

    December 24, 2008 3:20 pm

    Way to go! That’s quite an accomplishment – especially during this time of year.

    Nicoles last blog post: Jesse’s Graduation

  3. Caity

    December 26, 2008 12:41 am

    Wow, to be able to do that around the holidays is absolutely amazing. What incredibly determination! Keep up the amazing work!

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