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Wow so the last 4 days just kind of got away from me. Filled with work and drama and a sick kid and a party at my house and more sick kid and laying around the house in our pajamas yesterday… quite a busy schedule, ya know? So instead of trying to plan and write a cohesive post, here’s just a list of things I want to talk about. mmkay?

  • Work drama. Wow. Not going into it too much here, because you never know who’s reading. BUT. Let’s just say that I’m fairly certain I’m not being taken seriously in certain people’s (read: MEN’S) minds, and it just plain pisses me off. Not paying your bill for 4 months does not give you the right to call me names in an email, nor does it permit you to make vague threats. Okay? Okay. Glad we got that settled.
  • You can see evidence of how ‘helpful’ Maggie was in my big drawing for the blog design. Otherwise known as: Not Very Helpful At All. But she is cute, so I guess that counts for something.
  • I hosted a cookie swap at my house on Saturday (yes, Burgh Moms, I had ANOTHER ONE! gah! SO MANY COOKIES!) It was a lot of fun, even if it was a little bit crazy. We had 10 adult women in the house, plus 9 babies/kids… and 2 of the women were pregnant. So technically you could say we were outnumbered, at least until Dan got home from Christmas shopping. There sure were lots of yummy cookies.

    Cookie Ocean

    A couple of them may have made their way into my mouth today while I was divvying them up for freezing. Maybe.

  • Maggie has been sick since Friday, complete with a croaky, squeaky voice. It’s actually quite adorable, except for at 3am when she’s crying, and then it’s heartbreaking. Thankfully we didn’t hear that heartbreaking cry last night and she slept 13.5 hours. We all needed that desperately.
  • I started receiving Christmas cards today. I’m thinking that means I should get moving on mine. You all are cramping my procrastination style, you know that?
  • I went to yoga for the 2nd time tonight- this time it was Power Yoga. All I have to say about that is DANG, IT’S HOT IN THAT ROOM.
  • Instead of addressing my Christmas cards, I Elfed my kid. Way more fun than licking envelopes.


  1. Natalia Burleson

    December 8, 2008 9:59 pm

    Hi There found you on wwtweets. That cookie swap thing looks like fun. So I’m guessing everyone bakes a bunch of cookies and then you exchange? What fun. But I don’t think I could handle having the cookies around right now. Maybe next year!!! :)

    Natalia Burlesons last blog post: My son said…..

  2. Laura

    December 9, 2008 1:22 am

    So glad you posted that Elf link, I’d just been thinking about that the other day. :D

    Lauras last blog post: the biggest holiday loser

  3. Jen

    December 9, 2008 8:43 am

    @Natalia Burleson: Yeah we made 6 cookies for each person attending, and then you get 6 back from everyone, all different kinds. It’s a nice way of getting a variety of cookies without having to make them all yourself :) But yes, it’s definitely been interesting having all these cookies around!! I’m letting myself eat some (if I cut myself off, then I just binge even more later!) but I froze some and send some to work with my husband. Share the wealth, right?!

  4. Rachie

    December 9, 2008 5:22 pm

    This is tots off subject but how much would it cost me for you to code a wordpress theme for me? I already have the images and everything.

    Rachies last blog post: All I want for Christmas is… a lot of expensive stuff.

  5. Mel

    December 9, 2008 10:44 pm

    Lol…Sorry to make you feel like a procrastinator. From the looks of twitter, you still haven’t gotten them done. Ha. :)

    Mels last blog post: Time is Up!

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